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Through the Forbidden Doors [Ginza, or Invite][No-Kill]

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Temaki knew she was a bit paranoid when it came to Blast, her ninken. But, considering the poor pup had been the runt of the litter, born a bit ill and a bit too early, she had good reason to be. The fact that Blast was her best friend only heightened this paranoia more, as did the fact that the two had just finished up some fairly hardcore training. With her father still handling some political stuff in Iwagakure there were a select few people left in the village that she honestly trusted enough to check Blast over: Aunt Amaya Uchiha being one of them. Aunt Amaya had checked the pup over before they had ventured out to train but Temaki felt it was better safe than sorry to have her checked over again.

She had checked Aunt Amaya’s house first but had found it devoid of anyone at all: not exactly strange considering the time of day. So, she figured she would check the next place her Aunt tended to frequent when not at home: the hospital. Temaki didn’t quite enjoy the smell - it stung her nose quite a bit like a smell of too much lemons would most people - and neither did Blast who was happily running along next to her as she walked in through the front doors and up to the receptionist desk.

Temaki paused by the desk, noticing it was quite empty, and glanced down at the red and orange colored ball of fur next to her. Blast looked back up at her and barked once to which Temaki shrugged in response. ”I don’t know where everyone is… “ she commented as if answering some question the pup had asked her. ”Let’s go see if we can find Aunt Amaya! Come on, Blast!” Chances were her Aunt was busy somewhere, and with Temaki’s gifted nose she hoped that her and Blast could sniff her out somewhere. So, door marked ‘Restricted Personnel Only’? Was pushed open as Temaki and Blast passed through. However, unlike most children of a Kage this wasn’t done with a kind of arrogant confidence that screamed ‘I’m the Kage’s kid, I’ll do what I want!’ but rather a kind or urgency of ‘I need to find who I’m looking for ‘cause I need some help!’. The thought that she might get in trouble as she began to make her way down the hallway with the ball of colorful fluff at her side didn’t even cross her mind..

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The day had started easily enough for Ginza. It was a routine now when he wasn’t on night shifts, getting up at the crack of dawn, taking a shower, tossing down some breakfast and coffee, and then heading on his way to the Konohagakure Hospital. It was a decent walk from his apartment, but with his speed, he closed the gap between his home and the Hospital quite quickly, using it as a sprint in an effort to get some exercise before his long shift at the hospital began. Sure, he’d go from place to place in the hospital and be on his feet for hours, but that didn’t really count very much as proper shinobi training in his books. Soon enough he was going to need to take some time out just to train.

But for now, it was just another normal day, and a normal shift at the hospital for the twenty-four year old medic. And for the most part, it was things as usual, taking various patients and doing what he could to heal them. There didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary what-so-ever, and he found himself easily falling into the rhythm of the day, going from room to room, or going where he was needed. And, for once Ginza actually found himself able to take real breaks from his work. Currently he was on his way back to work from one of the very nice breaks where he had sat for half an hour and had another cup of coffee while reading another book on the theory of Taijutsu.

Ginza opened the door to the break room and paused at the sight of a child wandering down the hallway with a dog, doing a double take. Surprisingly the hall was surprisingly bare of people, and he found himself simply staring at the girl for a moment in shock. Patients, and most certainly children, were not supposed to be in this back area. Yes, it held the staff break room, but it also held the offices were doctors could meet to discuss their most troubling cases, or rooms were x-rays were being developed, and other such things. This most certainly was not the place for a child that looked as young and small as she did compared to the man who stood six foot five inches.

Once more, Ginza glanced around the hall, just in case the child had been brought into the back that clearly stated ‘Restricted Personnel Only’ by someone who had the right to. When again he found no one he sighed and stepped into the hallway, moving after the girl. Getting back to work would have to be put on hold until he found out what this child was doing back here. “Excuse me,” He hummed after clearing his throat. “Can I help you with something back here, miss?”

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Through the Forbidden Doors [Ginza, or Invite][No-Kill] Ginza_10

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“Excuse me, can I help you with something back here, miss?” A voice! Not the voice she was hoping she would hear, nor the one she expected to hear, but a voice none the less. Both human and canine turned to face the direction the voice had come from in time to see a young looking man looking toward both of them. Busted. They were busted. Or rather, that’s what Temaki would have been thinking had she been worried about being in a restricted area without some kind of escort. Nope, still hadn’t crossed her mind yet.

Hi there! Can you tell Blast and I where Aunt--- where Doctor Amaya Uchiha is? I wanted her to look Blast over since we got done training for the first time… he’s been kind of sickly, and only recently got cleared medically...” She paused a bit, looking down at the happy red and orange puppy whose tail was wagging so hard her butt was bouncing a bit. ”I guess I’m a bit paranoid when it comes to her...” she admitted.

She looked up from Blast and back toward the individual who had stumbled across them: still completely oblivious to the whole ‘you’re somewhere you’re not supposed to be’ thing. The pair blinked innocently at Ginza, awaiting to see if he knew where Aunt Doctor Amaya Uchiha happened to be.


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