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1 Avarice - Act I [S Rank | Non-repeatable] on Sat Nov 12, 2016 1:47 am



Mission name: Avarice – Act I
Mission rank: S
Objective: To uncover the truth of the illegal fight and gambling ring that also has rumours of illegal medical research taking place.
Location: Mizu no Kuni
Reward: 900 ryo
Mission description: Kirigakure administration as caught wind of some illegal dealings in a small, impoverished town just south of the main village. From the gathered intel, there is an illegal fight ring established, with large sums of dirty money flowing in and out.
Mission details: The main objective of the mission to the discover information on the ring. As it has developed at an alarming rate over the past five years and still managed to escape detection until recently, there is huge concern that there may be much more going on than a simple gambling ring. This mission is best tailored towards small teams or a single individual for intel-gathering, and will take place for at least three days to gain the most accurate information. It is recommended that the mission taker go undercover. The illegal medical research will also come into play and require the mission-taker to have extensive knowledge of medicine in order to accurately report back.  There is a security detail of at least 15 B-rank individuals, all specializing in Taijutsu with no notable elements. Higher-ups involved in the ring may be of greater abilities, but the first part of the mission should not put the mission taker into direct contact with these individuals.

-tbe with pt 2-


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