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Mission name: Woaaaaah!
Mission rank: C-rank.
Objective: Train some academy students in martial combat.
Location: Konoha Shinobi Academy.
Reward: 200 Ryo.
Mission description: The academy is running extra credit courses this semester and wants aspiring Genin and Chuunin to run martial arts lessons with the students who need to catch up.
Mission Details: You'll get given a group of young academy students and be expected to teach them martial arts. They don't fight fair and they're not really very respectful.

The sun was nowhere to be seen in the sky above Konohagakure no Sato on an absolutely dreadful morning. The pitter patter of rain could be heard on the roofs of the houses, occasionally accompanied by the low rolling crash of thunder and a flash of lightning that would illuminate the sky for a split second before vanishing back into the clouds. The sun that would normally be invading peoples windows at this point and assaulting their senses by pouring into their closed eyelids, but that was not the case as the dark clouds made it impossible for the sun to peek through. This was the ideal sort of morning for Yuki Inuzuka, as it was the only kind of morning where she was actually able to sleep in, as she was extremely sensitive to light. She woke on her own accord, feeling her ninken Akai asleep on her chest as she did. She didn't want to stir and wake him, so instead she just laid there and closed her eyes wasn't like there was anything important she had to do today anyway...or was there?


She snapped up out of bed, Akai being thrown off of her as he jumped down onto the floor, landing on the ground on his paws and barking up at her as she quickly jumped out of bed. "I'm sorry boy, but I'm really late right now! I'm supposed to be teaching kids at the academy!" She couldn't believe that she had almost missed it, and as she looked at her alarm clock she noticed that, while she wasn't late, she certainly wouldn't have the time to go through her normal morning routine. She threw on some loose fitting clothing and grabbed her spear off of the wall and ran out through the kitchen, where she made a quick trip to the fridge. It didn't matter how late she was, if she didn't have anything to eat she wouldn't be any use to the kids she was supposed to be teaching, so she decided that she would risk being a little late and make herself a sandwich, also grabbing a snack for Akai before the two of them ran out into the rain, Yuki having forgotten to grab a coat.


She ran as quickly as she could towards the academy, Akai chasing behind her and even matching her speed most of the way as she went along. She could feel the water soaking right through her clothing and it was as if it was trying to become one with her, seeping into her skin and chilling her right down to the bones. She hoped that she wouldn't get sick from this, water running down her face and in her eyes as she had no time to stop running. By the time she pulled the doors to the academy and stepped inside, she could hear the insanity that was the class of children laughing and yelling and crying and playing and...well it was all really grating on her nerves. She was absolutely soaked, doing all that she could to get here on time, and when she stepped into the room they didn't even acknowledge her or shut up and listen? She wasn't having that.

Yuki took the spear into her right hand, holding it near the center though a little closer to the head as she pulled her arm back towards her shoulder. She took a large step lunge forward and hurled the spear, sticking it into the chalkboard with a loud bang as every child in the class shut up and took their seats. She imagined that would get their attention, and honestly had it not she probably would have started yelling or something, so she was glad that it did.

"Okay kids, listen up. I'm Yuki Inuzuka, and I'm here to teach you guys a thing or two about hand to hand combat, hence the spear." She could hear some of them whispering, a few of them saying the name Kenta, who of course was the Hokage and also happened to be her father. "Yeah, yeah, Kenta is my dad. So hopefully you realize that if you guys don't listen to me you're gonna have to deal with him, and he's not quite as nice as I am." The threat was empty but it didn't matter, as the thought of having the Hokage coming to yell at a bunch of children was enough to make Yuki chuckle and all of the kids slightly more terrified.

She took the spear out of the wall and most of the kids grabbed themselves staves to train with as she showed them a couple of really simple moves, since using a spear in martial arts was essentially the same as using a staff, except that they had different classifications, which Yuki assumed was because the spear had a tip. She taught them some simple spins and strikes, watching closely to ensure that none of the students were hurting one another. It only took one little boy to try to strike her with his staff for none of the other students to want to do it, as she caught it in her off hand, pulled it out of his hand and hit him over the head with it, teaching him that it wasn't wise to mess with an Inuzuka. Akai enjoyed having the children to play with, and when they weren't training they were mostly keeping him company as Yuki worked with some of the other ones. It was a fairly rewarding job, and Yuki was glad she had decided to do it, as somebody had to teach the future shinobi of the village, and who better to do it than the family of the Hokage?

When she was finished training them, she said her goodbyes, bringing Akai along with her as the two of them left the academy together and their regular teacher took over again. It was fairly unfortunate, however, that she had forgotten that it was still poring. At least when she got home she would be able to make some tea and a bowl of ramen and relax...

{Exit Thread}

Mission WC 1058/1000 complete!

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