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Mission name: Setting up Camp.
Mission rank: D-Rank.
Objective: Help the soldiers set up perimeter camps.
Location: Konohagakure wilderness.
Reward: 100 Ryo.
Mission description: Soldiers of the Land of Fire are setting up camps at various locations throughout the vast forests of the nation, these camps are for signalling and testing of communications equipment and they would greatly appreciate any eager young ninja's help with setting up any of the equipment.
Mission Details: You're helping to carry encampment supplies to a desired location and helping to set them up. You'll surely be recanted with many war stories from the soldiers who will be working with you.

Yuki Inuzuka and her ninken Akai had a busy day ahead of them, and they wanted to set out to take care of it as soon as possible. She had been able to have her usual morning altercation with the sun, which she had lost this time but she knew that one day she would defeat it and take it's smug shining ass out of the sky so that she wouldn't have to constantly be woken up by such bullshit. She had managed not to destroy a window this time due to the window having been left opened from the night before, as it had been a beautiful evening and she wanted to feel the cool breeze in her room while she was sleeping. When she had hurled her spear out of her window it therefore didn't destroy the glass and she had no issue retrieving the spear either, although it did travel farther than it usually did when it hit the glass. Her breakfast was satisfactory and her shower didn't try to assassinate her this time, and when she was leaving the house she felt completely prepared for...what was she supposed to do again? OH YEAH! Helping old people move stuff! How exciting...

She met up with the other shinobi who she was supposed to be lending a hand too, most of whom seemed to be elderly and didn't actually look much like shinobi anymore, and they all smiled and greeted her fondly, instructing her to take some of the supplies with her as they began their walk. She carried a pack on her back as well as some lumber, and Akai carried a small bag on his back as well, proudly doing so as he was happy to help. The men were speaking about how they remembered the first time that her father was the Hokage and how the reign had gone, and how they were wondering why he had left the village. They then went down the list of Hokage, such as Takao, who had vanished, Tatsumaru, who was killed by the missing nin Tame while also destroying half of the village and murdering quite the score of Konoha ninja, Takeshi who was known for having to rebuild the village, though he didn't quite make it through that before he too went missing, Mitsuhide who would do a fairly good job before once again going Missing, Mitsuo Sarutobi, who was known as the Sword Saint and was the first Hokage in a long time to actually step down and pass the hat onto someone else, and had a relatively peaceful reign. He passed the hat to Sousetsu Senju, who again would go missing, starting the chain again, and now we had Kenta again.

None of them seemed to know how much his disappearance had bothered his children, but she decided that it wouldn't be right to pipe in on it, and instead she simply sat there and listened to their discussion about the different Kage. She hated hearing about all of the ones who had vanished, only two having actually stepped down in recent history, the first being Sebasu Hyuuga and the second being Mitsuo Sarutobi, both individuals were people that Yuki had great respect for, since they hadn't simply abandoned the village and left them without a Hokage. When she finally got to her destination she unloaded the supplies that she had been carrying, smiling at the men whom she had been helping out and taking the payment that she had been promised. She wasn't overly upset about the mission, since work was work and honestly it really didn't matter to her what was said on the job, as long as it was done and she had gotten paid. She was now able to go back home and continue on with her training, since one day she planned on being more powerful than Kenta, and these guys would be speaking fondly of her...

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