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Ashi had been on a roll recently, keeping busy and looking for other things to do when not. She'd been pestering for a good while for a few missions to do with a goal in mind, and she'd been given exactly what she'd been asking for: she was to help unload the ship. That seemed easy enough, she'd transported records a while back from one place to another, so this wasn't going to be much harder than that.
Her instructions were to head to the ships captain at the village dock, so without further adue she took off. She'd given Akai the day off to rest and goof off, so as she picked up her pace into a full blown run she was running alone. It was fine, she still enjoyed the feel of the wind in her hair. It took her minutes to reach her location, and just another few on top of that to find the man in charge.
"Hey, I'm Ashi, I'm here to help unload.", she gave a wave for added effect as the man looked in her direction.
"Hello, young lady. Glad to see someone could come help, just watch where you step... don't want you falling overboard." Captain Yusuke nodded in the direction of the nearby crew members that were beginning to start the unloading. "Just stick with them and you'll do fine, I'm sure."
Ashi nodded and took off, jumping from the higher level of the deck to the lower by launching herself right over the railing. She landed, crouched, and stood up tall before walking over to the crew members that were just beginning to push the large crate across the deck to the ramp. She fell in with them, pushing hard against the edge of the crate as it slowly slid its way across the deck. They paused every moment or so to move a rope or other object out of their way. When the crate was at the edge of the ramp they switched positions, two of the five, herself included, staying on the pushing edge while the other three moved to the receiving end to help keep the crate stable and from falling off the edge, or sliding down the ramp and smashing at the bottom of it. This task was slightly harder, given it wasn't just simple push and go. But, after a little bit of maneuvering, some foul language from some of the crew members, and a little twisting and turning here and there they got the first crate down to the dock.
From there it was to a carrier to store the crate in it's proper place, though one of the other crew members took care of that fun by himself, given the tools and machinery he had access to.
Ashi wandered herself back up the ramp slowly, giving the crew time to catch their breath before the next crate had to be shoved down. She glanced the Captain walking past, and snorted when she heard him say "Damage my ship and I'll damage you, mates!"
She glanced behind her to the crew that was wandering back onto the ship now and pushed herself away from the railing, prepared to get back to work. This one was slightly more tricky, given it was shoved in the corner. Quick use of a crowbar though and it was out far enough from the ships walls to then be pushed the same as the first was until it was off the ship and off to its storage location.
This process happened over and over again until finally, sweaty, tired, and feeling a bit sore from all the heavy lifting and pushing, the crew and Ashi were finished.
The Captain came by, inspecting the area they'd been working, obviously looking for any signs of damage done to his ship by the lot of them. After a few moments of this inspection he turned towards his crew, giving a wave of his hand to dismiss them so they could take a well deserved break before the ship set sail. To Ashi he said simply "Good work, and not a scratch on my ship.. maybe next time I'm docked you can help unload again, young lady."
Ashi smiled slightly. "Thanks, I'll be off then." With a parting wave she took off running after a daring leap from the ships railing to the dock below. It took her minutes to reach the check in area, and with a bounding leap she stopped at the desk, grin in place on her face. "Well, I finished that! What's next?!", she asked enthusiastically.

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