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1 Kaia [Thread Tracker | C-Rank/Chuunin] on Sat Nov 19, 2016 5:32 am



Special Jounin
C Rank / Chuunin

Interactions 6/6

Missions 1/1 C-Rank 2/2 B-Rank

Solo Threads

  • Shadow Doppelganger Technique (B-Rank)
  • Fire Style: Great Dragon Flame (B-Rank)
  • Fire Style: Dragon Fire Jutsu (C-Rank)
  • Fire Style: Fire Clone Technique (C-Rank)

  • Kunai x10
  • Shuriken x10
  • Windmill Shuriken x1
  • Konoha Flak Jacket x1
  • Wire x100 Feet


You feel so safe inside the walls you fortified
Supremacy implied. Who dares to overthrow?
Arrogance justified. Self-importance amplified.
It's down you go, when your walls fall like Jericho

Missions Completed
D: 2 | C: 6 | B: 2 | A: 0 | S: 0

Kaia | Sarutobi | Jutsu | Locker | Tracker | Theme Song
Sarutobi Clan Perk 10% Reduction to All Training

Ninjutsu: S | Taijutsu (+2 Speed): A | Medical Ninjutsu: A
Katon: S | Fūton: A

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