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Fuyuki Mori

Fuyuki Mori

Fuyuki, the ever eager child of the Mori family, awoke from his tent that he had set up just outside of the village. He had spent the past week camping out there, trying to train outside the city, and although his clothes over time changed between stuff like baggy trousers and plain shirts, today he decided to wear his normal uniform. This uniform generally involved a mesh shirt and dark blue clothes, it also involved him styling his hair in such a way that he didn't look like he'd been living in the forest. As he put his cooking equipment away and made sure his tent was properly secure for any kind of unexpected weather, he thought about what he was going to buy in the weapon shop today. It wasn't his first time in the village but he doesn't have a home within it, so he's been sleeping just outside with a suitable tent. After packing away the supplies and placing them in an area that he believed were secure, he finished getting ready by putting his satchel on his right leg, he filled it with what ninja equipment he had, his six Senbons and his Kunai. Before leaving he patted lightly at the back of his neck to make sure that source of his torment was still there, in place.

Fuyuki started making his way into the village, he has always marvelled at the stunning architecture of the village, and the work that the current Mizukage has put into preparing the country. He passed through the gates, his mouth opens a little to let out a light yawn as it was still morning and he hasn't done much the past few days. He passed by a man selling vegetables on his cart, screaming about cabbages being on sale at a special offer, but that didn't seem to both Fuyuki as his only goals today were to pick up some food, and get a weapon he might be able to train with, then he planned on returning to his site for the rest of the afternoon. 'Maybe I might find a cheap spear, I could practice my form while fighting with Sojutsu. But then again places are expensive.' He reminded himself as he continued to walk slowly, further into the village. The blue hair at the back of his head moved lightly with the breeze, however it never showed the mark.

Fuyuki had finally arrived at the road which the weapon shop was rumoured to be, although this hadn't been his first time here, he was still new, very new. If he hadn't asked a stranger the day before, he surely would have been lost to the tides of customers. on occasion his mind would wander a little as he walked, looking up to the beautiful architecture of what he believed was not only the strongest but also the greatest nation, after all the recent history of his country was of great interest to him, since he wants to become one of the greatest Ninja to walk the world.

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Another failure...this was the fifth time, the fifth bloody time this week the experiment showed progress, actual progress in their advances to create life, to create a living being, one that would do their every deed regardless of intent. They were feeling like they could not control anything lately, that they had no control over their life. Thoughts of a recent trail was sprung back to memory making them wince and their stomach churn. If only, just only they had the right parts, the permission to do whatever, if only they could do anything, to make it work. They would give anything, anything to have that chance. Thoughts of horrific deeds they have committed to get this far in life haunted them but also strengthened their resolved. But the more they thought of it, the more anger they felt. Just white, hot anger at the world for it were such a cruel one. Only when they felt the glass of the vial crack and break into pieces, cutting into their hand, did they break out of their stupor.

They always get this way near the day of his death

Once they have finished disposing of the failed experiment so it could not lead to a bacterial outbreak, Yasuo cleaned themselves off in a shower with a sanitary solution and changed into a different pair of clothes. They walked around the house in an oversize sweater and shorts with matching compression stockings and slip on shoes; all in black feeling nice and cozy as the weather lately had grown colder seeing as the frigid winter season was coming about. They put their glasses on and grabbed their supplies, a medical scroll, six sebon and a kunai and went on their way. They needed to get more supplies for the experiments, fresher samples, and so they planned to head out for the smaller, more remote villages in Kiri's power. They did not want to get caught after. Being caught by that Yukki Burittsu was embarrassing enough.




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