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1So this is Konohagakure? [p/Ginza] Empty So this is Konohagakure? [p/Ginza] on Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:35 am



Walking in from the gates of this village, he looks around. It was a seemingly simple place, inhabited by people that paid no real attention to anything outside of here; the most of their concerns lied in the day to day things that happened inside of there walls. Rumors, what was the latest trend having to do with leaves, that's what Daiko assumed was here. He remembered those he met in Kirigakure. They seemed like they could be more hostile, but he would not want to press his luck in this village with anyone. He decided that he would walk around and look for someone that shared his kind of talent. Walking around the village, he puts his hands in his pockets. He kept his eye out for notable things around him.

Yawning, he was getting a bit tired of walking around and decided to sit down on a bench. Leaning back, he sighs. It didn't look like there were many ninja around, but he could be wrong. Assuming his more serious posture, he waits to see if anyone worth his time comes along.


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For the twenty-four year old shinobi it had been a relatively long six hour shift as a Gatekeeper with his friend Kubo. Not long in a horrific way though, but because it had been a relatively dull shift, and time had dragged on. The only saving grace that the shift had held was that, surprisingly, Ginza had been able to pair up with the higher ranking shinobi again. And, while he had enjoyed that, there hadn’t been much to hold his interest during the shift.  Of course, that hadn’t exactly been a bad thing. After all, Ginza preferred when things went smoothly compared to being chaotic, much like the time with the circus when they had come into the village. That had been a complete mess. So, having a duller shift had been fairly nice, and when it was over he found himself still with energy to spend before he’d eventually wander home and have a nice sleep before his next round of shinobi duties began; whether it was at the hospital or doing some other mission for the upkeep of the village and country.

Giving a wave to Kubo, Ginza ventured into the village, following the path that most who entered the village followed. It was nice, sometimes to see the sights and leisurely wander through the village rather than race towards one’s goal constantly, which was what Ginza often found himself doing with the list of duties that kept him busy. And, particularly now, when the Hokage was out of the village meeting with the Tsuchikage. The list of duties were long, and everyone was doing their best to keep everything running smoothly in his absence. Though, Ginza had to admit, he did miss the man, and he partially wished that he had travelled with him to Iwagakure as well. But here he was, holding down the fort with the many other shinobi that remained in the village.

Ginza’s eyes wandered a bit as he walked, taking in the sights, the trees, the many people that flowed around the village. It was just after he’d lifted a hand to his mouth to stifle a yawn that he found himself a little surprised to find one of the people that he had signed into the village during his shift sitting on a bench. It was rare, if ever, that Ginza happened to see people from shifts, with how much visiting traffic they got. But the fact that he did, managed to make Ginza curious enough to approach the teen that was somewhat shorter than him, prepared to offer the other a polite amount of help if he needed anything involving the Konohagakure. “I think I saw you during my shift as Gatekeeper, do you need any help getting around the village?”

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The village hidden in trees... Daiko had never really seen forests like this, as he had spent most of his life in Kirigakure. He understood why it was called the Hidden Leaf Village, as he remembered having to travel through the dense forests to make it to here. From where he was sitting it didn't look like there was much to take note at the moment, but he decided that if he waited than perhaps something might come along. He didn't think twice about half of the grown men and women passing him, he could tell the difference between a ninja and some villager.

Sighing, Daiko rubs his eyes. This village had a very serene, simplistic feel to it and it's people were quite active. He saw group of children passing by, throwing sticks and whatnot. He had also seen older looking people going to their shops and doing random stuff around the village. He had been sitting here for nearly and hour now, and nobody that looked like they would be able to help him with his dilemma came along. He contemplated running up a wall and doing a back flip and land on the ground and do some trick, but he really didn't feel like it. Before he had the willpower to break his current spell of laziness, someone came out of nowhere and started talking to him.

The man was of good health and had golden hair that was tied back into a ponytail, and was dressed differently than most of the people around here. Rather than looking like an average civilian he seemed more in shape and fit to do difficult tasks; the fact that he worked as a gatekeeper already had Daiko's mind made up that he was one of the ninja of Konohagakure.  It looked like he had finally found someone worth speaking to.

"Hmm.. Perhaps." Daiko stands up and looks upwards, noting the stature of this man. He had to be at least half a foot taller than himself. "This is my first time in this village... It would be nice to know where places to rest and places to get food would be. It's pretty uncomfortable sleeping in trees."


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Daiko was still sitting there on the bench and it looked like the person that was in front of him was busy, or something like that. So, decided it would be best for him to leave. He waves his hand in front of the guys face for a second, and he doesn't seem to respond. Walking away, Daiko goes to see what he can learn about this down on his own. He walks over to a place that seems to be selling stuff. He could guess that this was the market. He walks inside one of the buildings to find that they were selling all differnt kinds of weapons. This looked sort of like the store where he had bought his tanto back in Kirigakure. Walking out of the building, he also sees a variety of different stores that were selling all sorts of things. Anything from bandages to kunai to explosive pieces of paper, it was an amazing place overall. Daiko felt that a dry place like this would be the only sensible place to use a piece of paper that explodes, considering the rain and mist would mess up the paper in Kiri. Or maybe it was made out of some kind of special paper material. Daiko didn't really know, so he passed on. He noticed a place that had a bunch of different resteraunts. He walked into one of the resteraunts and decided that it was about time that he had a meal. He walked into a place that looked like it served sushi and he walked inside. He went ahead and sat down at the sushi bar, and waited for someone to come take his order. Nobody was seeing him, so he was a bit frustriaghted. He sighed and tapped on the glass counter, waiting for someone to notice him. Finally, some guy noticed him and he was quick to take his order. Daiko took one of everything, and was pretty happy about it. The order took a little while to fill, so he was sipping on whatever soft drink he was given here. He relaxes a little bit, preparing his stomach for what is about to happen to it. Finally when the huge tray of sushi comes out, he prepares himself for the feast of a lifetime. He eats all of the sushi in 4 bites total, and then  pours some soy sauce and tosses a wasabi chunk in there too. He chews it all slowly, savoring the taste of each individual sushi though having a bunch of them in his mouth at once. Once all of the food is chewed up he swallows it and then stands up. He pays the bill of whatever the bill was and then walked out of the place. He patted his stomach. It was time to look what else there was. 

Daiko walked around, and noticed that there was a place to take missions. That would probably be helpful if he ever wanted to make money somehow. He shrugs it of and then continues on his merry way. He notices that there was a huge building that seemed to have the Kage of the village housed inside. He would plan to meet with them someday, but once he actually was more powerful or even had so much as a slight name for himself. For now he wanted to stick to the shadows, not really becoming too aquanted with too many strong figures in his life, as it is less loose ends. As he is thinking about this, he notices that he made it to a place that looks an awful lot like training fields. He keeps on walking up the path, and takes a look around. There were wooden posts sticking out of the ground, probably used for training of some sort. There were all kinds of them around, some that looked like they were meant for kunai, and others that look like it would be meant for punching and kicking. Daiko thought it was all interesting, but he didn't really feel like practicing his punches and kicks right now. He stretches out and looks around him to see if there is anything else of note around here. Other than a small lake that was in the landscape, there didn't seem to be much else. With his newfound knowledge of his surroundings, he sets back down the path to go see what is going on around the village. he didn't see many more people, or really have anyone come up to him and talk to him. He didn't mind this. He decided that he would just try to do his work on his own from now on, rather than have to wait. He was an impatent person to say the least, but he hoped that would be something that he would grow out of.

Making it to a place that he could rest, Daiko sits down. It had been a long day so far, and he had been looking forward to just getting some rest. He didn't think that he was going to be able to be so lucky. He heard a loud screech coming far down in the forest. He decides that he may as well check it out. He runs out to the forest and doesn't see anything for a little bit, but hears the scream again. He goes in the direction of the scream, also hearing a wolf's howl. He knew what that meant. A wolf was attacking some girl, he found, and he had to do something about it. He ran to the scene and took out his tanto, sliding under the distracted animal and dealing cuts into its fleshy neck. He slowly cuts and saws through the veins and steps on it as it bleeds out. The girl looked at him, but didn't really seem sure whether to be happy that she was safe or worried about this guy who just slit an animal's throat. She was quivering in fear, so Daiko picked her up. He smiled at her, and told her everything was going to be okay. The girl buried her face into Daiko's chest, and he carried her off into the village. He decided that for once he would have to find a proper place to sleep. He found a place that was renting out rooms for a decent fee, and tried to rent out one with two beds. The man said that it was unavailable, and they only had a single room left. Daiko decided that they would get the room and just deal with whatever is going on, so he carried the girl up and opened the door to the room. Upon entry to the room one would notice that there was only one bed, and it was huge. He laid the girl down on it, and she looked around. She asked Daiko where the second bed was, and he said he didn't know. The girl looked offended, and said there was no way she was going to share a bed with a stranger. She went under the blankets of the soft bed and got cozy, spreading across the entire bed. She said that he could sleep at the foot of the bed. Sighing, Daiko decideds that he might as well, as it is better than sleeping on the floor. He curls up and tries to get cozy, but then tries to reach up and get a pillow. She yells at him and tells him that she needs them for comfort, and Daiko was starting to get really irritated. Instead of lash out though, he decieded that he might as well just deal with what is going on with her instead of worrying about every little thing. He lays his head down and still struggles to go to sleep, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen. Finally when he gets to sleep, he begins to dream. He dreams about a huge man that had jagged teeth rippling about his mouth and an overall gruesome composure. He then woke up to something quite different. The girl that had been so eager not to share a bed with him was actually sitting on top of him now, poking his face. She was asking him what he was doing sleeping down there when the bed had so much room. Daiko looked at her for a second, and explained that she told him that he couldn't. She then laughed and said that she was just seeing if he was going to be mean about it, and he laughed. He went up to the bed and curled up in the bed, ready to finally actually get some rest. The girl moved slightly closer to him, and he sighed with relief. This was definitly a lot better than ending up sleeping in a tree or waking up to getting rained on. This was actually pretty cool. All he had to do was kill some random wolf out in the forest, now he has some cute girl to keep him warm through this night. Nice.


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