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1Getting back some jewels. [C-Rank Mission] Empty Getting back some jewels. [C-Rank Mission] on Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:46 pm



Mission name: Recovering the stolen jewels (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C-Rank
Objective: Recover the stolen jewels for the wealthy family
Location: anywhere
Reward: 200 ryo
Mission description: late last night a burglar stole a emerald jewel necklace and some other items from one of the wealthy families of the village, recover the stolen property and bring the culprit to justice.
Getting back some jewels. [C-Rank Mission] 22bd571fadeb9239d068cf83572a2f7d
Mission details: The was a robbery at the homes of one of the wealthiest families in the village, the trail is cold and it will be hard to find the thief, given only the picture of the stolen necklace you must find the it and the other stolen objects before the thief is able to pawn them to a fence. You will interrupt the haggling of the two men when you spot the necklace the fence will run away as soon as he sees you leaving the thief for you to deal with, you must not kill him, doing so will result in a failure. mission is repeatable due to a new thief always looking for a way to make money.

  • Name: Thief
    Age: 42
    General Appearance: ragged man clothes are torn and looks like an underclass citizen
    Personality: blunt and straightforward he doesn't like to be fooled with
    Motivations: providing for his family
    Fears: failing his family
    Abilities: he is trained in hybrid style taijutsu which is C-Rank, and will fight with all his strength when cornered. Strength and Endurance are C-Rank all other stats D-Rank.
    Other: when he is about to be beaten he will plead for his life and tell you about how he was doing it for his family, before trying to run away, stop him without killing him and take him to face justice.



Daiko scratches his back, feeling like it was another day to get working. He hadn't done any missions lately, and he decided that he should help out this country a little bit. Walking through the village, he looks for a building that would have him assigned missions. He finds one, and walks inside. As he reaches the inside, there was some dude holding a black and gold scroll. Daiko spoke up on this one. "Hey! That's a pretty cool looking mission scroll, I'll take it!" The guy looks at Daiko, then shrugs, handing him the scroll. Smiling, he walks out of the building to read the scroll.

It was saying something about how one of the wealthy had their jewels stolen. Sighing, Daiko walks up to the house that is listed on the scroll and knocks on the huge knocker on the door. The man who opened the door looked to be slim and in very good health, and Daiko smiled. He said that he was here about the mission, and the man opened the door. When he got inside though, he realized the difference in size between the now apparent butler who had opened the door versus those he served. They looked like meatballs with legs to say the least, and Daiko himself was a little bit worried of what was to come of them. It was no wonder that they had their jewels stolen from them, they couldn't even defend himself. Smiling, he has an idea. "Hey do you guys have any more jewelery?" The mother stares at Daiko with meaty eyes, and hobbles up her steps. She was gone for what seemed like an eternety and came back with a Yen symbol chain, a snapback lined in gold, and all kinds of body chains made of gold and crystal. Smiling, Daiko put on the clothes. The mother began to cry. "Oooh... You remind me of my boy before he set off on his last mission..." Daiko shrugged and walked out of there. Walking down the street, he realized that this clothes was too big on him. Finding a park bench somewhere in a shady ally, he uses his tranformation technique to turn into a huge fat guy. Now the clothes fit perfectly. Standing up, he shuffles around and looks for anyone that would be the wiser of his current form. He kept sitting in that alley but nobody came. He sighed, thinking that maybe he was seen before he transformed. As he got up to go, he heard a whispering from the alley. "Psst... Hey you..." Daiko turns his fat neck to hear this man, and stands up. "Yo what do you want? I don't have time for you to fool around with me." The man shuffles out of a corner and looks at Daiko's chains, and grins. "How'd you get those chains big boy...? I know you didn't do it from working... you would have dropped a few pounds from this monstrous size if you worked..." The man cackled, and walked closer to Daiko slowly, confident that he couldn't make it away. "This is it for you fatso... Do you wanna have any last words before I take your chains and beat you and leave you in this ally." Daiko's gullet shifted towards the man, and his eyes pierced into his being. "The way I see it... It's on the inside that counts..." Deactivating his transformation technique, He swiftly knees the man in the side of his left leg, the pressure point causing him to deficate in his own pants. Daiko then takes the chain and holds it around his neck, squeezing and bringing him to the ground. When he looked like he was done fighting, Daiko used one of the huge chains to tie around his wrists and drag him through the streets. He had to go look for wherever he was supposed to turn this guy in.

First, he decided to check back with the fat people, and give them back their clothes. He knocked on the door, and it looked like the man of the house opened up, his third chin having a clump of ramen noodles hanging out. "Oh dern, looks like 'aya got the crook." The wife then comes out and starts screaming about how she doesn't want no evildoer by her doorstep, so Daiko just sighs and walks off, the crook screaming and dragging along in the dirt. He kept trying to make a deal with Daiko, saying that all the jewels could be his. Daiko just keeps laughing and dragging the man. The man was starting to stink really bad, and he was getting tired of him. He then decided that it would be in his best interest to take him to the missions office. Once the ninja arrived at the office, all of the occupants' faces turned sour, and looked at the ragged, soiled man being dragged by a Yen Sign chain. The man who he had seen earlier spoke up. "Mm... Yes... You should take him two buildings down from here to be processed by the guards.... I don't handle this stuff, no.. Also.. What's that smell?" Daiko shrugs and leaves the building, taking the guy down a few buildings and tosses him to the guards. It was pretty easy, and then Daiko just had to get his money for it.  Walking back in the direction he came, he held out his hand in front of the person who gave missions, and accepted the ryo. He then left the establishment and decided there was only one logical thing to do. He goes to the market district to try and find some candy to eat. Walking into one of the shops, he notices that they had a kind of strawberry candy. Daiko had never had anything like that, and decided to get a bag. Walking out of the place, he pops one in his mouth. It was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted in candy form. He put a bunch more in his mouth and crunched down on them, the sweet strawberry flavor filling him with happiness. Maybe it was worth doing work in this village after all, they did have some excellent candy to choose from, at least in Daiko's oppinion.


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C-Rank mission Complete

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