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Mission name: There’s a fly in my soup
Mission rank: D [Repeatable]
Objective: Work as a waiter in one of the newest restaurants
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 70 Ryo
Mission description: A new shop’s opening, but we’re low on staff at the moment. Please could someone fill in for a day? Much appreciated.
Mission details: Minimum of 600 words, try not to spill things on people or a fight might break out.

Honestly, Ryuko had always kind of wanted to be a waitress. She had always found waitresses rather pretty and hard working. Now the former of the two statements might be due to her inheritant bias towards members of her own sex, either way it didn't really matter the point still stood. Fortunately enough today was the that Ryuko herself would get to be a waitress. Honestly not something she thought would have been a job for a shinobi in the slightest, but she supposed there were lowing ranking requests that needed to be filled out, and you couldn't necessarily ask a Jounin who skills where far too good to be doing something a low level as waiting on rowdy customers to do so. Especially when there were much higher requests to be handled. So that left jobs like this up to the genin of iwagkaure. Honestly, not the Ryuko was complaining much, work was work and it better than sitting her house and doing nothing all day long. Though she supposed she could be off training, but she could only handle so much training for a given stretch of time before it became boring and repetitive to her and she felt like she wasn't really making any progress what so ever. Not that that was necessarily true either, it's merely how she felt. Furthermore, not only did it give her something to do, but as previously stated, she  had always kinda wanted to try out a waitress job, and here was her chance. So instead of having all of her hair down and messy like she usually did. she had her hair tied back into a ponytail with a cute bow to hold it in place, only leaving her bangs where they were, as she really couldn't part herself with her bangs. She then tied her iwagakure headband in place hanging loosely around her neck before she set off towards the Tea shop with which she had been assigned.

The tea shop was more than a tea shop really. It had been a new shop opened up recently, and while it's primary focus was tea, it also served as more of a small cafe, selling a few baked goods and meals, as well as a few other drinks outside of tea. But it's primary focus was the tea it's self. From what was detailed in the mission, the shop was called "Leaves Cafe" which Ryuko could only assume meant Tea leaves. As for her except job whilst she would be there, she would simply be helping out the owner, a ex-konuichi whom was previously a special jounin. She had given up the life of a shinobi to start her own business, but needed a little help getting off the ground, and so the mission had been given to Ryuko to assist her. Furthermore, from what Ryuko could tell, it was merely going to be her and the owner there for the day. Which Ryuko didn't mind as long as it didn't get too busy or crowded. Which Ryuko imagined it might at around lunch or right after everyone got done with work or something like that.

After leaving her house, it didn't take Ryuko long to get to the little shop. She had been told to get there early, as she would be there all day helping out the owner. Which Ryuko did. Upon meeting the owner, Ryuko knew she was instantly going to appreciate the day. The two girls clicked together rather well, and the day went by fairly smoothly. the two girls chatted about the academy and the tests, and things ryuko might have to face coming up. And the girl talked about the chunin exams and her squad, and she even had pictures of her experience as a Shinobi hanging around the shop. As for the lively hood of the shop, there were a few people that came in and out, but not a whole lot. Just enough to give a place a real sense of home and worth. Ryuko obviously made a few mistakes here and there, but the Owner of the shop who's name was Maya was rather helpful in helping her correct the mistakes, and making she didn't feel terrible about the mistake and knowing that everyone was human. By the time it came time to close up the shop, Ryuko was rather reluctant to leave because she had had such an enjoyable time, but also she was exhausted from a days worth of work. And so she wasn't necessarily going to fight it when she was told that Maya was closing up shop, and after Ryuko helped her close up shop, she would be welcome to go home.  However ryuko knew that if she ever saw the Maya needed help again, she'd pick up that mission in a heart beat. She also would note to let karumo know that if that mission ever came up, that she'd want to be the one to take it.

WC: 849
Mission Complete! 600/600 words
249 words left over.
Percpetion E-1 to E-2 150/150 words
Endurance to E-1: 75/75 words

24 words left over

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