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1 Let's see if this is a good idea.... on Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:50 pm



A proposition for an OOC-type mission that players can take on.

Mission name: C...can I really be the bad guy!?

Mission rank: D-S

Objective: Play the antagonist NPCs in another player's mission!

Location: Dependent on the subject mission.

Reward: Equal to the subject mission's Ryo reward. The subject mission-taker can receive +100 Ryo for letting someone make their life more difficult. You may not cash this mission in for stats or jutsu.

Mission description: Varies upon the subject mission's description.

Mission details: This mission does not count toward a character's two-mission limit.

Play the NPCs that normally are at the whim of each player, and make their life hell to the highest extent of your power. Due to it being a slight inconvenience both IC and OOC to have a live person using one or multiple NPCs to block your objective, the mission pays out more for the person who agreed to this torture.

If you miss a post and the other player(s) is/are forced to skip you after 48 hours, you fail this mission. Don't agree to this sort of thing and then hold up the thread.


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