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As the sun peeked through his curtains, Nayoko did his best to hide his eyes. He did not want to get up this morning. He had stayed up until the middle of the night with Kioko, discussing what being a Genin was really like. It was a nice conversation but Nayoko had begun to worry. Kioko was not cut out to be a shinobi. She was frail, quiet, and lacked the focus to actually train. Sure he would spar with her from time to time just to show her what he could do, but if he actually wanted to, he could beat her to a pulp. She just wasn’t strong enough, or fast enough, or smart enough. At least, that’s how she was in Nayoko’s mind.

Seeing that the sun would not bend to his will Nayoko threw off his covers with a grunt and headed to the shower. The hot water felt amazing. It always did. Nayoko felt at home in the water. Whether he was swimming in a pool, bathing in the hot springs, or standing in the shower, he loved the sensation of it all. After all, he was fairly adept at its manipulation, so it stands to reason that he would feel good around it. If Nayoko was honest with himself, he would say that when he was in the water, he felt powerful; like he had an advantage of some sort.

He knew he had most of the day off, so he stayed in the shower for longer than he needed to, eventually drying off, getting dressed, and heading downstairs. The house was already empty, and glancing at the clock he noticed the had slept in at least a little bit. His sister was probably off at school and his father was at the construction site working hard as always. The day belonged to Nayoko.
After making some tea, he sat down with a book for a while. Nayoko loved reading. Non-fiction was interesting to him, but his true love was with adventure novels. He had begun this one recently, and things were really starting to pick up.

As he made his way to the village gates, he turned back and yelled out to his brother, “Don’t worry bro! I’ll be back soon, but this is what I need to do!”

The words echoed in Nayoko’s mind as he let the book fall to his lap. What I need to do…hmm. Nayoko stood and walked back into the kitchen, washing his cup while thinking to himself. He knew he wanted to be a Chunin, to advance in his station and really make a difference. Maybe then he would be strong enough to travel to the Water Country, to see if he could find out where his mother’s ancestors were from. Sure he could just request permission to travel, but he didn’t want to go has a Genin. He wanted to be able to show the people he met that he means business, and that his mother’s son is a strong man who deserves their respect. He was doing it for her, and there was no better motivation. This is what he needed to do.

With a renewed vigor in his mind, Nayoko ran upstairs and grabbed his jacket and the bandages he always wrapped his hands in. Gotta to train. Gotta get better. The thought repeated in his mind as he ran out the door, going far faster than he needed to. He ran and ran until he finally arrived at the training field. There were a few people around already, but he knew what he wanted to work on this morning. Immediately, he set his sights on the wooden figures used for taijutsu training. He rushed over and began going through his routines. Over and over he punched and kicked the wood. He kept it up for a while until it got fairly repetitive and it became like a second nature to him. He kept going, but one thought started to permeate his training regiment. Is this enough?

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