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Mission name: Mailman
Mission rank: D
Objective: Deliver some letters.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 70 ryo
Mission description: There are three letters that need delivered to three different people across the village; Lee, Yen, and Kei. The letters are in sealed envelopes with the name and address on each one easily readable on the front.
Mission details: Deliver the letters in any order you wish. If you open the letters you will fail the mission; and they will know they've been opened.

Nayoko breathed deep as he stepped out of his house. He had just finished walking Kioko home from the cemetery, and now had the rest of the day to work. He had already had his fill of training as of late, so he decided to head toward the administration office and maybe pick up a quick mission to help out. Walking through the city street wasn't always Nayoko's favorite activity, but today, Nayoko was taking in every piece of sensory information he could. The smalls of ramen wafting through the air, the sounds of children laughing and playing at the nearby park, the beautiful blue sky, completely free of clouds, it was all such a wonderful sight. Nayoko was happy to be alive today.

Upon arriving at the mission board, he perused some of the jobs that he felt he could complete before the day was out. Settling on some letter delivery, he grabbed the satchel and headed back out to the streets. Reaching inside the bag he pulled out the first letter. where could he be. Nayoko knew Lee from his time at the academy. He would often stop by to deliver food to the cafeteria there. Well, it's a start, Nayoko thought to himself, taking to the streets he began to watch for any signs of his "target". He moved fairly quickly, but took the time to check all of the faces he passed. There was no sign of Lee at all until he got close to the academy, just as he expected. He was outside when Nayoko approached, attending to his food cart. Nayoko waved, calling out,"Mr Lee, I have a letter for you!" Lee didn't waste any time, as it seemed he was expecting the letter. Some thank pleasantries were exchanged and then Nayoko was on his way.

The second letter was addressed to Mr. Yen, a construction worker that worked with Nayoko's father. Nayoko smiled at the realization as he turned and headed toward the site. Any excuse to see his dad was a good one. Since his father worked such long hours they didn't get to spend much time together, but Nayoko didn't blame him. Nayoko almost forgot about the letters altogether as he arrived on the site and approached the foreman, asking for his father instead of Mr. Yen. "Nayoko! What are you doing here?" his father exclaimed as he surprised him with an embrace. "I just had to see my dad! Also, I maaaay have some work to do," he joked. The reunion was short and sweet, as was the meeting with Mr. Yen as he dropped off the letter without difficulty. As he waved goodbye to his father, Nayoko could not help but smile. The twenty-two year old ninja was not ashamed of the love he had for his father, and he wanted everyone to know it.

One last letter, he thought as he headed back into the village proper. As he pulled it out he was surprised to see it was addressed to Ms. Kei. He had just bought flowers from her earlier that day for his mother's grave. She was probably on her way to her shop after making deliveries of her own all day, so he headed there to meet her. He seemed to arrive ahead of her, and took the time waiting to admire once again the village around him. He was proud to be a member of the Hidden Leaf, and he loved him some, but taking in the sights today allowed him to really appreciate it more. "Yoohoo, Nayoko? Are you back for more flowers dear?" Ms. Kei, a kindly older woman was approaching him from a distance and had noticed hims standing there. "Not yet," he laughed, "but i promise I'll be back before you know it!" He handed her the letter, smiling at the woman. She thanked him and he turned to head back to the administration building.

The walk back was peaceful as evening was starting to take the streets, and Nayoko returned the satchel to the office. Taking care of the administration didn't take two long, and before the darkness had crept over the city, Nayoko had made it back home to the smell of dinner being cooked.

I should do that more often...

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