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1 The Search for Wind [Mission/Solo] on Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:26 pm



Mission Details:
Mission name: Gathering the Books of the Elements(Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Gather one of the five element books and bring it back to the library
Location: Sunagakure
Reward: 220 ryo
Mission description: Please search for one of the five elemental library books and return it to the nearest library for your reward
Mission details: You must set out to find the book of one of the five elements Katon, Doton, Raiton, Fuuton and Suiton. You must then read a small page from the book to confirm its authenticity.
Along the way you may encounter several possible situations.

Situation 1 : The book is hidden and must be revealed from its hidden location using sensory methods(Sensory jutsu) and seal breaking techniques(Have fuuinjutsu spec)

Situation 2 : The book is held by a nice villager who will give you the book the first time around(This situation is non-repeatable)

Situation 3 : The book is held by several D-Rank Bandits who all possess a single kunai and a smoke bomb to escape if they feel defeated. Their stats are all D and there will be anywhere between 3 to 4 of them

Situation 4 : The book is held by another Genin who can use up to C-Rank of the library matching the element of the book. This genin has D-Rank stats and will use the replacement jutsu at least once. Will give up the book if defeated or scared

This mission has a word count of 1000 in order to complete

The slums were nothing new to Misaki. His house was located there, what with it being the cheapest housing that he could find. The young boy worked odd jobs so that he could take care of his basic needs. He paid rent, stayed up to date with the utilities and shopped for groceries once a week. It wasn't the typical set up for someone of his age, much less for someone who was training to be a shinobi. They were supposed to be heralds of destruction, keepers of the peace, forces to be reckoned with - not orphaned teenagers with financial troubles that worked as waiters part time to keep themselves from going homeless. This was his life now, however. Misaki couldn't complain, given how he used to live, trapped in a cell and deprived of sunlight, food and social interaction. By comparison, he was living the best of lives.

One would think, though, that he would be better off seeing as he came from a wealthy clan. The Karisuma had enjoyed a great social and financial standing not only in Sunagakure but the entire Land of Wind. After their massacre a few years ago, one would also think that their belongings would go to their next of kin, or in this case, any survivors of the tragedy. However, after Misaki arrived and filed the claims, he was told that no such instructions were left in the registry. Specifically, he was told that his name didn't show up in any of the Karisuma Clan's files. In other words, his existence had been entirely erased. Despite having the Karisuma Clan's notable Doujutsu - the Stunning Eye - he was also told that it was not enough proof. So now, he simply had the same legal status as a bastard child and could therefore have no access to the vast wealth of the Karisuma.

Misaki had decided at that moment that it didn't matter. He didn't need aid from the people that had cast him aside and doomed him to a life of misery. He was better than that. He could bring himself up and become something on his own.

In any case, he currently roamed the narrow streets of the slums. He wasn't returning home or visiting someone. Instead, he had been assigned on a mission. His task was to look for a specific book, representing an element. He didn't quite know what was inside it or what was described in it, but he had been told that it was an important relic of the village. He was only told that he would simply know whether or not the book was authentic by just reading from it. He wondered if it had some sort of seal on it, one that immediately transferred knowledge. He had heard of an old woman around the slums that had a book like that. He now had to just set off and find her.


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Misaki started where he knew he would find the most information. There were several brokers around the area, but he had never personally interacted with any of them. They were dangerous people, ones that Misaki would rather stay away from for now. He did know a few children that knew the ups and downs of the slums. They usually knew more than the brokers, seeing as no one ever paid attention to them while they overheard things. Usually, they would tell Misaki what he needed to know in exchange for some candy. He usually played with the children on his off time anyways, so he got along with them just fine. He approached the small and warn out court where they usually played and waved at them.

"Misaki!" One of them approached him excitedly. "You here to play with us? You said you'd be on Takeshi's team next time. He wants to play ninja and says having a real ninja on his team means he wins," the boy rolled his eyes.

Misaki laughed and shook his head. "No can do, buddy," he said, ruffling his hair. "I'm on official shinobi business today," he said, winking at the boy. He looked more interested than before.

"You know that's gonna cost you!" He said happily, flashing a grin with a few missing teeth.

Misaki pulled out a bag full of the boy's favorite candy. He almost took it away from the blue haired boy, but he snatched it away at the last second. The boy rolled his eyes. "Fine, what do you need?" He asked.

"There's a book I'm looking for - it's infused with Wind Chakra. I was told an old lady has it," he explained.

The kid nodded. "That's old lady Miato," the boy answered. Misaki gave him the bag of candy. "She lives a couple of blocks from here, near the Family Mart," he pointed in that direction.

With a wave, Misaki said goodbye and headed towards the woman's house. He knocked on the door. From what he knew, Mitato-baachan rarely left her house.


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The woman opened the door with a kind smile. She didn't know Misaki personally, but she knew of him. Most people did. He was the last known survivor of the Karisuma which on its own was notable. On top of that, he was exceptionally beautiful, particularly his eyes. They seemed to have an added effect on Miato-baasan. That was good, it would make this a lot easier. He knew that looking into his eyes sometimes made other people happy. It was convenient whenever he had to deal with people. It also meant he didn't have to actually activate his Doujutsu, painful as it was. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miato-san," he began, bowing slightly. "My name is Karisuma Misaki, I'm a Genin of the village," he continued.

She nodded politely, still smiling, mesmerized by his eyes, no doubt. "It's a pleasure to meet you, dear boy. Might I ask what brings you here?" She asked.

Misaki nodded. "I was told you might have an old relic - a book, it's infused with wind chakra. The village is currently looking for it. They want to collect all of the component of a series of old elemental tomes and I-" he was interrupted by the old woman.

"Say no more my dear." She disappeared momentarily and when she came back, she handed him the book. He opened the page as he had been instructed to do so and instantly knew that this is what he had been assigned to retrieve. This... had been surprisingly easy.

"I will make sure you are thoroughly compensated by the village for handing over such a treasure." With that, he was gone bid his goodbyes. He had completed the mission with surprising efficiency. He could only hope that the other four tomes would be the same.

[Stength from E-1 to E-2 - 156/150]

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