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1Why are There Snakes?!? (Nishi/Ginza/Yuna/NK) Empty Why are There Snakes?!? (Nishi/Ginza/Yuna/NK) on Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:23 am



There was an oh too familiar sound coming out of Kenta Inuzuka's pack's house after the sun had started to rise. There was the crash of glass, the thud and odd slick noise of a spear hilting itself in the ground, and the angered scream of a teenage girl, which was accompanied by the adorable howl of a small puppy. The sun, unfortunately, wasn't dead and the girl inside was clearly angry about this, throwing things around and losing her mind. She was so sick and tired of the sun interrupting her sleep and making her wake up so super early, flipping out about how the stupid sun could never let her sleep in on days that she wasn't supposed to be training or doing jobs! She was so angry that she was prepared to run outside, grab her spear, climb the tallest mountain in Kumogakure, and hurl the spear as hard as she could into the sun in order to finally end its tyranny. She decided, however, that she shouldn't do that, and instead should go for a walk to clear her head.

She made her way out to the kitchen, grabbing a quick bite of food and feeding Akai as well before the two of them went out the door. She walked over to where her spear was lodged into the ground and pulled it free, noting that it seemed to be stick in deeper than it generally was. As she was walking about she saw some odd white snakes wandering through the grass, and by she saw, Akai noticed and had began to bark. Her barking was adorable as a puppy, not able to hit the depth or volume of some of the others in the pack, but it did the job well. As she watched the snake slither by she decided to follow it, as it was curious to see, Akai keeping close on its trail. Her nose started to act up and she realized something interesting; there was another Inuzuka around, but one who wasn't a part of her pack. There weren't too many who weren't a part of the pack, but this one smelled vaguely familiar. She had met this Inuzuka before, and was curious as to why they were there.

She ran along, going towards where she could smell the scent of the fellow Inuzuka as he made his way through the village market. There were many smells, but this was the one that had caught her attention over any other, and she had to follow her senses, as they had never let her down before...okay there was that one time with the skunk...but other than that, never!




Sleep is like a love hate relationship. It has its upsides and its downside. Sometimes getting a ton of it made you feel great but sometimes a whole lot leaves you restless. Sometimes you get so little you keep buzzed but something you are dead on your feet. For Nishi, they strives to find a purrfect balance  between little to no sleep. Because whilst they loved to use it as an excuse to hide from their family and avoid the trials and tribulations that certainly awaited them. But if they did not sleep, they would actually have time to be productive, and not stay at home wasting their youth away. The very thought of having nothing to do sent chills up their spine because of their circumstances. Asano Inuzuka Nishi was one of those folks who you cannot leave alone to think under any circumstances because one of two things will, not if, but will happen if you are not careful. The first being that Nishi tends to do very stupid jokes and such when they have nothing else to do that is actually important. You could literally play all day long.

The second issue lied within Asano, Nishi themselves was a bit too creative. Despite the dark circles around their eyes and their sickly deposition, they were a bundle of energy. It just depended on whether or not they were in the proper healthy mindset to actually think without putting themselves down enough to feel the earth and like their thoughts and opinions actually matter outside a classroom. Literally this is all a matter of timing of which they have an impeccable timing with. So they tried and tried to find different outlets to get this energy off their chest. But nothing was working. Even an hour later when they cleaned house and kennels squeaky clean did they feel they did something worthwhile. Now if that can be applied for teaching or training that would be great. With a heavy sigh, Nishi looked that the estimated job outlook to determine paths. Perhaps, he signed again, not as bad as other jobs but they will pay the hills should be enough. Oh wow where they kidding, they would kill a student too many times then. Regardless this was not the time to be thinking of that.

They opted to inure it and grab a shopping list, heading out for the marketplace and hopefully go unnoticed though that is impossible to do when you have black purple dyed tip wolf ears instead of human ones and a fluffy wold tail. As they shopped in the midst of a market, someone bumped into them, along with a familiar scent which made them forzen. Kura got the message but decided to star instead of dragging them away "Yuki-sama! Haven't seen you in awhile" the ninken spoke in their oddly femine voice, hiding the scruff of their masculine features. Oh dear lord when Nishi turn they froze and they wanted nothing more to disappear.

What does she want?


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