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1 Hazardous Tea on Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:17 am

Yuna Masamoto


Yuna awoke to the chirping of the birds that came to her home, just outside of Konoha, for their morning meal. Yuna smiled as one of the birds landed on her and nuzzled against her chin. She said, “alright, alright I am getting up.” She went and grabbed the bag of seed and poured some for the now impatient birds. While they were eating, she went to boil some water for tea. Yuna could not go a day without tea. This morning she thought she would try a new blend she had made from the plant in her garden. The blend was sweet with notes of dried blueberry and strawberry and a little bit of floral. The tea also was made to give a little more energy than the average cup of coffee. Once the tea was steeped and her garden was tended to, she headed out the door and onwards to Konoha. There was a rare tea that a merchant was selling in the market district that she had to have, but if she waited to long there wouldn’t be any left.

Yuna felt great, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining; the wind was a light breeze and her new tea blend had her spirits soaring. This was all brought to an end, as she passed her old friend Saki’s house. She used to love him until he had found out about her peculiar seal and ditched her for good. She still remembered the feeling of his warm embrace and gentle lips on hers. Those days were gone now though. She realized she had already reached the market as she was lost in her thoughts. She spotted the stall where the tea merchant was and she rushed over in earnest. She approached the merchant and requested some of the Soaring Dragon tea. The merchant said she was lucky as she would be getting the last of it. She paid the man and he handed her a pouch with the last Soaring Dragon tea in the village. Two men approached her and said, “Thank you for buying us the last of the tea.” “Sorry sir, I am not sure what you mean.” Said Yuna. “You’ll give us the tea or you’ll regret that you didn’t” said the other man. Yuna slowly backed away as they closed in on her. She didn’t know what to do as this tea cost her all of her spare money and she certainly didn’t know how to fight.

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