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1 Ashitaka Clan on Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:00 pm

Nakazo Ashitaka



Ashitaka Clan

Clan Name: Ashitaka

Location: Village Hidden in the Sand

Specialization: Ninjutsu / Taijutsu / Senjutsu

Elements: Fire Release / Wind Release

The Ashitaka Clan traces its descent from a single family that fled Konohagakure from persecution many years ago. Sunagakure sheltered them in the desert, and from that day forward they swore their undying allegiance to Kaze no Kuni and its Kage. This single family thrived in their new environment, and a few generations later was large enough to call itself a clan. While still a small clan by any standard, they were well respected for their dedication to their country, and for their natural ability to use Senjutsu. The Ashitakas felt a sense of belonging to their new home in a way they never had before, and the desert setting unlocked a power inside of them that had laid dormant. The ability to use Senjutsu was cultivated and honed, and passed down through generation after generation. Nature energy flows freely and powerfully through their veins.

Though the ability to use Senjutsu is available to all of this bloodline, gaining its use requires skill and dedication. When an Ashitaka reaches a certain level of chakra control they are deemed ready to begin the sacred right to harness this natural energy inside of them. Alone they must wander out into the desert and survive without any outside interference. During this time they must strengthen their connection with the outside world. While alone they must follow and study a creature of the desert, learning its ways, and using this knowledge to create a link to the natural energy all around. This animal that is studied will be used as the focus point for their Senjutsu, and when they reach mastery of it they will take on its features through the use of Sage Mode.

Along with its Senjutsu prowess, the Ashitaka Clan has a strong and fierce Ninjutsu and Taijutsu tradition. True to their origins in the Hidden Leaf, they have an affinity to the Fire Release Jutsu of their former homeland, and the Wind Release Jutsu of their current residence. They do not believe in the use of Genjutsu, as it is considered dishonorable among their clan. Medical Ninjutsu is thought of as circumventing the laws of nature, and this is likewise disallowed. Medical abilities are also noted to lose effectiveness when administered to an Ashitaka, and this is thought to be because of the nature energy flowing through their veins.


Nagato Ashitaka
Nakazo Ashitaka

Kekkei Genkai Name: Senjutsu Affinity

Kekkei Genkai Description: The Ashitakas have an affinity to Senjutsu. This connection they feel to the natural energy of the world lets them harness and control it through less effort, with the end result being that full mastery makes them a little better with its usage. They are able to learn Senjutsu at C-Rank instead of B-Rank. Sage Mode grants a benefit of a two tier stat increase instead of one. These benefits do not come without a cost, however. The clan does not believe in the usage of Genjutsu or Medical Ninjutsu, and its use is strictly forbidden. Because they do not train in the art of Genjutsu, they are more susceptible to its effects. Any Genjutsu spell has an increased effectiveness of one rank on them. The nature energy flowing through their veins hampers the use of Medical Ninjutsu, lowering its effectiveness by one rank. Because of the focus on nature energy, Ashitakas suffer a 20% increase in word count training on Secondary/Tertiary/Quartary Elemental Specialization.

  • Can learn Senjutsu as a Tertiary Specialization at C-Rank

  • Sage Mode increases stat of choice by two tiers instead of one


  • Unable to use Genjutsu

  • Genjutsu abilities gain a rank in effectiveness when used against an Ashitaka

  • Unable to use Medical Ninjutsu

  • Medical Ninjutsu loses a rank in effectiveness when used to heal an Ashitaka

  • 20% word count increase on Secondary/Tertiary/Quartary Elemental Specialization training

2 Re: Ashitaka Clan on Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:48 am

Nakazo Ashitaka


Clan is finished, just decided to make the symbol black instead of in color. Also added a smaller resized one below for user's profiles, not sure if you guys add them for every clan or anything, but I did it anyways.

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