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The training fields on this day were seemingly empty, the grassy field dotted with different wood logs sticking out of the ground and other things to practice his abilities on. He was stretching, wondering what he should be trying to work on. He wasn't sure if he wanted to train jutsu or his abilities as a ninja. He had been doing a lot of physical excersize lately, so he decided that it would be best if he trained some jutsu. He wanted to figure out how to make an illusion that had the potential to make someone fearful. He didn't really have a good understanding of what chemicals in someone's brain would have to be triggered in order for this to happen, so he decided to try it out with himself and his own chakra. He focuses chakra inside of him, almost trying to make a bubble of invisible to the naked eye chakra. He tries this several times, and gives up after the third attempt of no chakra bubble forming around him. There must have been something that he did wrong. Trying at it again, he focuses intently on keeping the chakra inside of his body, then expelling it in a perfectly spherical shape around him. He was able to make it go a couple meters, and he was happy with himself. He kept repeating what he had been doing, and finally got the hang of it and experimented to see how far he could make the bubble go. He was getting tired of the trigger to this genjutsu, and he wanted to get into the fun part. Making someone scared. He focuses his own chakra inside of him, using his mind's eye to envision what it is like inside of his brain, and how he can disrupt his own chakra to cause a sense of panic or fearfulness. He meditates for a long while, trying to find what it is in the brain that makes one scared. Daiko wonders on this for quite some time, but he eventually figures it out. He began to imagine scary things in his mind, such as monsters in the dark and other creepy things. These images flowed over him metephorically, coating him in what felt like a thick tar-like substance. He brings out the darkest thoughts from within him, pushing it into his own chakra to see what it did to him. He began to taste adreniline in the back of his throat slightly, a growing restlessness coming apon him. He began to feel very uncomfortable with what was going on, getting scared that he would be poisoning himself somehow by putting this malignant chakra into his system. Stopping the technique, he wants to see if he can mix the feeling that he just put on himself with the bubble of chakra around him. Walking up to a random deer, he does a ram hand sign and sees what happens to the animal. The thing freezes for a second, and just kind of looks at Daiko. Hmm. Maybe this only really worked on humans. He would experiment later on, perhaps.

Walking around the training field, he keeps his eyes peeled for anyone that looks like they are a ninja. Daiko was wondering if there was someone that he could train with, as training alone was a bit lonely.


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Nishi growled at nothing, anything, and everything. They were livid. Livid I say with anger. He could not walk two seconds with someone in his blasted family comparing him to his brothers and sisters. If it was not one thing it was that. Why were they not stronger? Why not cuter? Handsomer? More feral. Better tracker. Why a medic and not a ninjutsu specialist. Why did they not try for chuunin. Why stay a genin. Why waste their time at the hospital. Why did they pick the smallest dog alive. Why did they not become stronger faster. What were they waiting for. What good are they. Why did we give birth to him. He is so weak. He is so pathetic. He is so useless. He is not one of us. He isn't an inuzuka. He isn't pack.

And normally, normally this would not bother them. Well it did cause it would hurt anyone if their fucking family basically wished they were dead or never bored and fucking cursed their fucking existence. But that man, that blasted man dared to touch Kura. When Kura, bless his soul, got tired of their family's shit and went off at them, spouting various colorful profanities at them for always hopping on Nishi's dick, words Nishi could never bring themselves to say out loud side from Kura and their father touched them. And no no no, it was not a light touch. No, their fucking father threw Kura across the room into the kitchen wall hard faster than Nishi could react and they saw red. And for once they were actually good their mother stepped in. If she hadn't, Nishi's father could have very well landed him in the hospital which would not look good for someone so high in the police force at all. Of course the woman cared more about his father's career than her own son's health.

Nishi needed to leave after that though not before taking Kura to one of the Inuzuka vets, one who actually liked Nishi and did not give them trouble. Nishi could safely say that he trusted that person enough to leave Kura in her care. For now they needed to get some of that frustration out and what better place than the training grounds. They planned to find a post somewhere private and let it have it.


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Daiko takes his seat once again focusing his chakra. He wanted to have that technique that he was working on perfected before he could be done training, and since nobody was showing up it seemed like it would be a good time to practice. He focused deep into his mind, and pulled out his most malignant thoughts and did what felt like mixing the thoughts with his chakra in a way to create a chakra disruptor that would have someone feel the emotion of fear. He focuses, and has what feels like a bubble expand out from him. It only went a few meters, but all of those thoughts of evil bounced out with the bubble, and it was an interesting feeling. Stretching his back, he stands up and looks around to see if there was anyone else around this training field.

Doing a scan of the area, he noticed someone that looked very angry for no paticular reason, and they were just beating the crap out of anything that was in their way. The cloaked figure punching stuff looked like just the kind of guy that Daiko could test his skills against. He grins, using his transformation technique to turn into what looks like a training dummy. He was made out of wood and it would be quite strange for someone to have seen that.

(Only made out of wood)Training in the Leaves [p] 3_freestyle_throwing_dummy-500x500

Daiko, in his dummy form, shuffles over to where the enraged man was training. Upon closer inspection to the person's figure the ninja noticed that it may in fact be a female. There was no telling for sure, but maybe he would find out later on. He went and crept over to where she was punching some random trees into pulp he throws his dummy body at her and lays down in the dirt for a second, seeing what she'll do. If she didn't just kick him a mile away as soon as he laid there he would, to her surprise, start talking to her.

"I could see you punching stuff from my post, and I decided to come to life and fight you." He then rolls a little out of the way and stands up, about 3 meters away from this angered youth. The dummy stands there and waits to see what the person will do.


-5 Chakra (Activation) and -5 next post, Transformation Technique
145/150 Chakra

Jutsu Used:
Name: Transformation Technique (変化の術 ~ Henge no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: -5 every other post.
Cooldown: Duration +1 post.
Description: Given all the missions ninja are assigned to--battle, intelligence gathering, diversions--this is a priceless ninjutsu. It is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons; however, the object can be no smaller than 1 foot long in at least one dimension. Despite this, this technique has an abundance of uses. The transformation of a master of this technique (which is generally an Academy graduation requirement) makes the user physically and visually the same as the transformed person or object in question, giving the user the exact mass and physical qualities of whatever they transformed into. This is one of the most basic ninjutsu, as such most shinobi know how to perform it. This technique does not give a ninja the abilities or jutsu of a person they transform into, nor can give the user the damaging ability of a weapon (however, this can be used as a bluff). Sensory techniques can easily pick out someone transformed using this jutsu: the user's chakra would be active, as well as the fact that their biological functions and scent are not masked by this jutsu. Costs 5 chakra on activation, and an additional 5 chakra every other post after that.

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Upon becoming a dummy, it seemed like all of the pent up rage that was tormenting all of a sudden died out. He wondered if this was a true rage that she was feeling, or perhaps surpressed feelings of self-doubt manifesting themselves. He honestly didn't really mind. He was learning more about the people of this village. Most of them were either looking for something to add to themselves or good hearted people. He's just glad that there aren't any maniacs here. At least, none that he had met yet. He waddles away in his dummy form, wondering what that person had thought of him. It must have been quite the site to be sure. Some random dummy popping out of nowhere. He was hoping that he would be able to get in some sort of fight, but he had gotten tired of laying on the ground. Once he was well out of view of the training grounds, he ended his transformation technique and dusted himself off. He sighed and continued walking, looking around for something to do. There didn't really seem to be anything that would be peaking his interest out of late, but he was kind of hungry. He decided that it would be in his best interest to go see what he could get at a market somewhere. He walks around and looks about the village, wondering where he would see people haggling about fish and other things like that. He continues to walk around, looking at the huts. Something caught his eye. He saw a somewhat angry man chopping a fish's head off and arguing with his wife. This was perfect. He walks into the shop and the wife instantly seems like she is this nice lady and walks into the back. The man continues violently cutting the heads off of fish, and Daiko asks whats up. The guy just kind of grumbles at him, and Daiko ordered 5 fishies from the man, planning to go cook them on his own. He pays the man and walks out with the de-headed fish, and he was pretty happy about that. The eyes didn't taste that good the last time he had a fish. Daiko continues to walk out into the forest, and procedes to gather sticks together to make a fire. He made sure to make it semi-tightly packed with wood in the center so that it would continuiously burn a good flame. He then breathed a misty flame dance over it, and sparked it up, causing a poof of fire. He takes some other sticks and pierces all of the fish on it, and then attatches it to the sides of the fire pit he made, basically making a spit to roast it on. He turns it slowly and pays attention to the little details of all the fish. The way the skin changed when it cooked. Daiko wanted to someday be able to cook a fish in a better way that would make it taste better. He did always fancy sushi, but he didn't have that option right now. He blew most of his money on his last trip to the sushi store, so he had to get some of his own fish this time. He continues to turn the spit, sighing and waiting for his food to cook. The skins of the fish were starting to get a slight pink look to them, so he was hoping that they would be done soon. He sighs and continues to slowly turn the fish so that it was an even cooking. He noticed that the fish were starting to change their color to more of a shade of brown, and he decided that it would be time to eat them. He pulls the spit off, and holds it up for a little bit and waited for it to cool. As he was holding it, he blew on it gently, and some of the scales flew off and he was pretty happy about that. He took one of his tanto that weren't used for killing things, and scraped all of the scales off to reveal the perfectly cooked flesh of the fish. Daiko then took his time enjoying the fish and picking all of the bones out of his mouth before swallowing. It wasn't too bad actually, these fish were realitivly fresh and they tasted good. When he finished his meal, he got up and sighed. Daiko felt like it would be best for him to find something productive to do with his time. So, he started doing pushups and sit ups, doing reps of twenty and then switching and taking a break for a few minuites. He did this pretty much all day, until his stomach and arms felt like they were ripped and torn from his body. He didn't really feel like he could move em, but he felt a little stronger. He then got up, and decided to do nothing but run for the rest of the day. He sprinted straight into the forest, running as fast as he possibly could. He was jogging along in the forest, but not as fast as maybe he could have been. He was busy enjoying the scenery that he almost missed the villain that was staring at him a tree. It tilted it's gelatinous head towards Daiko, and the very essence of fear shot into the body of the boy. It was a slug. It opened it's huge mouth, and out came a bubble of death. Daiko ran deeper into the woods, hoping that he didn't see any more of them. When he got deeper, he saw what looked like a mini village. He thought it was interesting, so he walked inside the gates. Inside, he saw the back of someone. they were really pale, and pretty obese. He went to get the attention, but then noticed more of them. They were all slugs that were about his size. They were all wearing clothes, and Daiko froze in place. They looked at him, and all opened their huge mouths, then closed them, their stalk eyes gazing deep into the essence of his being. Daiko had never quite felt terror this much in his life, and decided that it would be in his best interest to get the heck out of here. Reaching speeds that he never believed possible, he jets out of that village of slugs going straight back in the direction that he had come from. He ran into that huge monster slug again, and he was terrified. He was getting sick of these slugs, and of these people in this village not responding to him when he comes up with a funny joke. It wasn't really no thing though, because he was sure that he would find someone someday that would be worth taking somewhere. Daiko's muscles ached and he was extremly sore and tired from all that he was doing today, so he decided that he would do what would be best for him and look for a nice comfortable tree for him to sleep in. He goes into a part of the forest that isn't as dense, and where he knows there won't be any slugs to wake him up in the middle of the night. He climbs to the top of one of the tall trees, and notices there is a space where his body would fit and be comfortable. He is pretty happy about this and stretches out on the branch. This definitly beat sleeping on the cold ground, and he had the leaves above him to provide a somewhat good protection from rain. He closed his eyes and hummed softly, waiting until he drifted off into the sweet release of sweet that would allow his sore muscles and tense mind all come to an end, and bring the beginning of a brand new day with a bunch of new stuff to do. He almost rolled over a bit, and realized that he would've fell of the tree. Instead, he just lays there and waits for sleep to take hold of him.



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