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1 Genos, Ryoka [Rank Tracker] on Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:30 pm



D Rank Progress

Interactions 3/6

Missions 1/1 D | 2/2 C 1/1 B

Jutsu Trained

Items Obtained/Created

  • Shinobi Buster -- Left [C Rank]
  • Shinobi Buster -- Right [C Rank]
  • Protoype 01: Lucifer [C Rank]
  • Prototype 02: Ghost [B Rank]
  • Prototype 03: Ruyi Bang [C Rank]
  • Protoype 04: Jingu Bang [C Rank]


"They say that battle changes you. It makes you stronger, more ferocious. A monster in the night. Watching. Learning. Hunting. Each time I enter the pit, I emerge reborn. Put the Devil on the other side, and I will show up. Evolved. Adapted, and prepared to fight."

Ryoka | Clan | Abilities | Locker | Tracker | Personal | Battle

Katon: S Rank | Raiton: C Rank

Bukijutsu: C Rank

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