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The sun was going down and Enma was relieved. The heat and dryness of this place was beyond his belief. He certainly wished that he spent more time researching the environment and the geography to be better dressed. His mainly all black outfit did not help with the heat, he was hoping that the cloak and hood would be able to keep the burning sun away, which it did but the cloak itself also helped in another way. The cloak was able to keep the cool air near his body and that made the trip a little better. His lips kissed his canteen as he pulled his head back to get some liquid into his body. Typically, he would be drinking from his flask but he knew the alcohol would dry him out far quicker.

Reaching into his pocket, he hand would produce a cigarette and a lighter. He gently placed the cig into his mouth and after lighting it, placed the lighter back into the inside pocket of his cloak. After inhaling deeply, he released fumes from his nose. Enma always enjoyed the burn the inside of his nose would feel from expelling such an amount of smoke. A smile appeared on his face as his situation got just a little bit better. And, who knew that something so small could change someone's mood so easily? From grouchy to calm in only a matter of seconds.

Regardless, his body would wander on for only a few minutes before he started to hear shouting from across the mountainous bending trail. With an eyebrow raised, the man quickly made his way around the trail where he would get a better view of the screaming. Being the paranoid man that he was, he was wondering if he was going to have to intervene with his warhawk mentality. Of course, he would not do anything until he got enough out of his cigarette, exhaling once again. From afar and out of the line of their vision, he noticed that three men who appeared to be bandits were surrounding something. Enma could not entirely tell but he knew that the bandits wanted something that probably did not belong to them. Enma slowly started to walk towards the trio without alerting them and maintaining a proper distance. He had no idea what he was getting himself into and no idea why. Enma was about twenty yards away from the trio hiding along a ridge that converged out of the side of a mountain.

This was exactly what Enma did not want. Only because he was not equipped. He had no scrolls so he could not call upon his summonings and he did not have his bow. Maybe if he had an arrow, then he would be able to throw them or something but all he had were a few kunai and he was going to have to make them worth it. Also, with three thugs of unknown power, Enma was only hoping that he was fast enough to prepare an escape. It was not like Enma to be afraid but he certainly knows that this is not an ideal situation. The ronin was prepared for battle though because he knew that if it were not for the person in front of him, it would have been him and it certainly could have been a fatal surprise attack. His right hand reached into his back hip pocket and grabbed three shuriken between his fingers. He has made this shot before and his next move might be crucial. However, he still did not have enough information to intervene. His eyes peered over the ridge to gain more insight, then they flared with rage.

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