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1 Stranger Meetings [Private | Alwen | NoKill] on Fri Dec 02, 2016 1:30 am

Fuyuki Mori


Fuyuki was always the eager child of the Mori family, awoke from a long and comfortable slumber, he was both the oldest of his siblings and the most eager to accept new challenges and tasks that would be assigned to him. The past few weeks he had been sleeping outside the village, in his tent, it was the perfect size for him and it was waterproofed because of the weather of Kiri. He has been using the area outside the village to train his skills with weaponry and Jutsu, and although he was quite tall for his age, he was still a bit of a child at heart. After cleaning up the site he put on some clean clothes, one of the multiples of outfits he brought along with the very few personal effects he had. Over the past few months his clothes had changed between stuff like baggy trousers and plain shirts, today he decided to wear his normal uniform. This uniform generally involved a mesh shirt and dark blue clothes, trousers, jacket, it also involved him styling his hair in such a way that he didn't look like he'd been living in the forest for the past week. He placed his hand lightly over the back of his neck to feel for his unusual birthmark and then he covered it up with his head. He placed his senbons and kunai into his leg pouch and made sure his headband was safely around his waist before he hid away his camping equipment.

Fuyuki started to make his way into the village to look around and see if something might be different. He did need a bit of a break from his constant training in the forests, normally he would only come in to collect supplies and perform the odd mission for the village, there weren't any serious missions available yet but the ones he had access to helped him keep training. He knew that if he wanted to become one of the great Ninja of the world he would have to train a lot and learn a lot of different techniques. He was already theorizing a few ways to take down an enemy who might try to kill him.

Fuyuki had finally made it back to the village after roughly a half an hour walk. He passed through the gates, his mouth opened a little to let out a light yawn as it was still morning and he hasn't done much the past few days beside train. He passed by a man selling vegetables on his cart, screaming about cabbages being on sale at a special offer, before long a small creature ran through his cart and knocked over some of the cabbages which lead to a somewhat entertaining cry of ‘My cabbages!’ from the man, but that didn't seem to bother Fuyuki much, he did however smile a little. He always loved the architecture of the village, the village that he believed was the greatest and most powerful. One of the other reasons he became a Ninja was to deal with those he sees as criminals, as truly evil but that was beside the point, he wouldn't have any chance until he was far more powerful than he is now. While thinking of all of this and the several other thoughts that were going through his head, he was completely unaware of the area around him, he even seemed to be looking aimlessly into the sky.

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Alwen Sangotatsu


One could rarely ever tell the time of day in Kirigakure, the mist that seemed to perpetually cover the land blocking out the sky all around. Today was no different, the hidden mist village living up to its name as everything was merely a vague outline of its actual shape. Visual was restricted to most, the area a thick carpet of grey. People were walking about, going about their day. Some preparing for shopping, others preparing to run shops. Ninja moved about, preparing for missions, other ninja coming back from missions. This was Kirigakure, the village of the bloody mist. Productivity was key, normal. There was also a lack of productivity of course, as it was a village like everywhere else. There were people that also did nothing with their day, people that lazed about or goofed off. And one of those people was none other than Alwen of the Sangotatsu clan.

Clad in purple and blue silks, this odd girl walked with a skip in her step, amber eyes scanning about with both bewilderment and laziness; merely glancing at everything, eyes not stopping for a moment. Her hair, long and messy, had assorted highlights and dyes throughout, most prominent in her fringe with purple and blue. On her right shoulder was a forehead protector for Kirigakure, worn in a rather untraditional manner, more like a shoulder plate than a forehead protector. She wore rather basic shinobi training tights, her feet protected by metal plated boots. Yet perhaps what was most odd of all, is the horns that protruded from her head, sticking out of her hair and seeming almost… Unnatural due to the nature of her appearance. This was Alwen, the sea witch, the dragon child, the gardener, and the generally over all muppet of the mist village.

Today was one of the days she had with nothing in particular to do, so of course, she did nothing but walk around. Her mother didn’t need caring for, so, why not just enjoy the day? Alwen couldn’t see anything wrong with a nice morning stroll. And as always, the girl took a different path to usual, mixing up her route of travel just for the sake of adventure. Although, perhaps a bit too adventurous this time, as, one way or another, the girl found herself walking on a roof. And walking. And walking. And then suddenly, in an almost cartoonish fashion, she found the footing beneath her gone. She couldn’t even remember how she got onto the roof, probably in some stupid fashion, but regardless, she now watched as she plummeted, heading right towards someone who seemed to be conveniently looking up. “Incoming!” she cried out, with a thought she was very used to thinking going through her mind.

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