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Tsuneo had gained an immense power and a scarier reputation in Hell, or so they called the place he was stuck in for the moment. He would fight all spirits of the underworld, not surrendering to a single one of these bastards. He would destroy all that stood in his way not letting a single one slip his grasp. He became revered as some sort of king, specifically the one eyed king. Tsuneo was quite pleased with the throne the defeated spirits had made for him, and the throne was merely the start of it. He gained quite the following, subordinates that obeyed his every order. He became one of the kings of Hell. Tsuneo performed his usual finger crack as he got up from his throne. It was the time to move again. He had taken the scroll that held the quest to annihilate another item but was too busy crushing the demons in Hell.
“Oh One-Eyed King, you’ve another challenger!” Spoke on of Tsuneo’s servants to which Tsuneo replied in his calm quiet tone “Busy.” A single simple word. Tsuneo was indeed their King, not a single one dared to question his will. Tsuneo wore his new outfit along with the coat granted to him by his servants. Tsuneo moved out of his newly established hideout which was mix between a castle and a temple, demons have a strange taste to say the least. Tsuneo walked out of his humble establishment as few of his servants followed him to meet the spirit that introduced him to this world in order to discuss his task. Tsuneo sat down with the spirit as he sipped on his coffee, listening. The spirit spoke introducing the mission “Yer up against the damned Furutsubaki, The Ancient Imbiber. Bastard’s been gooblin’ up souls since existence. Nothing much known ‘bout this one boy. All we know is that its whips pack a real punch. Faster than the eye can catch stronger than boulders falling.”Tsuneo nodded as he got up and threw away his boring cape. It was enough time playing games. It was the time to hunt.
Tsuneo’s target was a plant, or so says the spirit. Not literally, but it may host a plant’s weaknesses as well, fire, lightning, and ice should be terrible elements against it, while water, earth, and wind should be weak against it. Unluckily for the plant two of its most hated enemies are within Tsuneo’s arsenal of powers. Tsuneo prepared himself for another mission. He wasn’t in the mood and planned to end things as fast as possible. Sadly, as fast as possible, was not possible for the beast appeared during certain times and certain days of the week. A pain in the ass, that was the monster’s strongest point. Tsuneo, however, had to deal with another monstrosity. The Jutsu that erupted with the rage of his Chakra.  A destructive godly seal was unleashed and its destruction ran rampart. Everything around Tsuneo was dead. Trees, plants, animals, people, all living beings were dead in an instant. The name was just as terrifying “Judgement Day: Devouring Apocalypse.” The name alone was an ill omen. Where did this dark and grim Jutsu come from? The sinister hatred no longer took control of him, and while it did save him every time, it would cause nothing but death and suffering. Tsuneo lets his alternate personality take over him on many occasions, however, most of the time he could control it, unless he’s in a critical state. Tsuneo realized it.
The monstrosity within, it’s nearly born. The moment he becomes a monster void of emotions or sympathy is neigh. When the monstrosity is fully born, Tsuneo would have to either fight and defeat it, or watch it as he slowly sinks into unconsciousness. Watching it murder his loved ones…. He would never submit to such darkness. Then again, Tsuneo might be wrong. He has been developing a destructive seal, and while he attempted to cast it the formula was corrected. Two possible conclusions to that Jutsu’s existence; the first was the monstrosity, the madness within was devouring Tsuneo. Or the second conclusion, that it was a manifestation of his willpower. His strong desire to live and to fight another day. Whatever it was Tsuneo was no longer the weakling he was. Should it be the monstrosity lurking within, he just has to crush it to the ground and eradicate it existence as he did all those criminals. The criminals whose blood soaked his hands, a part of him, the centipede, enjoyed drowning in blood. His true self, Tsuneo, was burdened by the ocean of blood he drowns in deeper and deeper. However, it was his duty. Tsuneo would keep fighting, drowning, crippled, torn apart, decapitated, no matter what would happen he would fight till the very last breath and the last drop of blood surging through his veins.
Tsuneo would eradicate the trash that dirty this world, Tsuneo would fight for the damned and the cursed, Tsuneo would fight for the innocent and the weak, but more than anything he would fight for what he believes in and the people he loves. Tsuneo in no sense was no saint, and he had no plans on becoming one. He would erase all regret from murder, otherwise, it would disrespect the people he saves and the people killed. He’ll kill pleasurably, wreak havoc, and destroy till he drops dead. Tsuneo while he would fight to save people through murder, that no longer was his main purpose. Tsuneo’s purpose was simple. Tread his path unstoppable. He would fight for the ones he cares for, and destroy everything standing in his path.
“If you get in my way I won’t hesitate to eradicate you.”
Cold, sadistic, calm, quiet, and a sadist when he needs to. While he was in the Aoi Bara, he only ever worked with others once. Tsuneo continuously walks his path with the sole ambition that lurked within him. Revenge. Tsuneo’s story was not one to end without vengeance. He would claim his vengeance even if it tears him apart. The young boy’s dreams were all shattered by his village and by his and his family was shattered by the man that robbed his happiness away. The bitterness of hatred stung his tongue as his eyes sharpened. His addiction to revenge had grown. The desire for vengeance clutched Tsuneo’s heart more than ever.
The target he would kill would deliver powerful whips, it was also noted that these whips contain a massive amount of force and can be very easily lethal along with the destructive speed it launched its whips at. Not much was known about the target aside from that. It’s regeneration powers can be easily nulled by dealing damage faster than it can regeneration, however, Tsuneo had second thought about that strategy. He wasn’t the first to try and kill the damned plant, and so this should be easily thought of as a plan. What if an unknown factor was present and dealing damage faster than it can regenerate was futile? Tsuneo wouldn’t mess around in this fight as he had enough fun from his last hunt. He would obliterate the enemy. However, before anything he had to find the damned beast he’s to slay.
Tsuneo cracked another finger with his thumb as he continued walking clad in black and hidden behind his mask. Tsuneo’s left eye would sift for clues, wandering around the forest as he himself wandered within it. Searching for clues, and for information. His target was without a doubt not a match, but Tsuneo had zero intentions of letting the bastard go easy. He would take it as seriously. The time for fun was over, and aside from that Tsuneo was promised a legendary weapon or item upon clearing a certain amount of missions. Tsuneo’s desire for power never faded, and whatever prize the spirit. it had for the white-haired should be a great addition to his powers. The young man was told of many great things that can be achieved within this world, and everything he works for he earns. Supposedly there was not a single limit to the things one can gain in this world. An amusing set of sentences that made Tsuneo want to work hard till he drops.
Thinking of all the great things he could accomplish and the many things he could gain through simply working hard in this world made him clench fist and grit his teeth. Tsuneo bolted through the forests as he searched for the abomination that wreaked havoc in the forests of the hell. Apparently the bastard devours the souls of all those that combat it. Not many left alive fighting it and not many remained sane from the pain it inflicted. Tsuneo smirked at the part regarding the pain. He had been tortured for thirty-two days and it was no easy torture that he suffered. His fingers were pulled out snatched violently, his finger nails plucked, his eyes ripped out, his body cut up to pieces and the accursed serum would still heal him back into one piece. He wouldn’t die, not from hunger, thirst, or the torture he received. During this whole time a centipede crawled in his ear. Madness was not only assured but existing within as well. However, that madness was transformed into another personality. The cannibalistic, sadistic, and brutal centipede.
Speaking of vengeance, he now has a new target, the Kage of Kumogakure. He was the one to ambush Tsuneo. He would pay the price dearly. Tsuneo would sever his head and carry it across the village of Kumogakure. He would paint his death on every wall of Kumogakure. Either that or an explanation is in order as to why he attacked Tsuneo. A second thought would be Tsuneo’s appearance as he was well disguised. However, this whole farce was for another time. It was time to capture the beast. Tsuneo felt himself grow closer and closer to the dreadful beast. Hidden among the plants within the forest. Tsuneo armed himself against an ambush by preparing a living armor. Thanks to his  Matoryoshika technique, a technique he developed as he fought in the war of Kirigakure, the technique never once failed him and always proved helpful. He completed a series of hand seals; Ox, Bird, Horse, Dragon, Monkey, Dog, and finally Ram. He created a clone and as Tsuneo planted his fingers into his stomach around his bellybutton, sealing symbols merged and took form. Tsuneo entered the seal as he gained full control over the clone as if manipulating a robot from within the void of the seal. The clone’s eyes opened up as Tsuneo manipulated it. Tsuneo rushed at his usual speed searching for the beast. Sensing an enormous Chakra Tsuneo headed to where it came from. Tsuneo teeth began gritting against each other. It has been a while since the Centipede came out to fight, and Tsuneo planned on letting the monster within out, he would let loose to the beast within. After all, to defeat monsters, one must become a monster themselves. Tsuneo’s eye grew darker as the chakra grew denser.
And there it was, a blossom at the center one feet thick tendrils of pale green and a whole meter thick vines. The Giant’s chakra emitted strongly creating pressure in the air, and did it faze Tsuneo? Not in the slightest. Tsuneo smiled as he cracked his index finger pushing it in with his thumb as his Chakra surged within flowing inside Tsuneo with each inch growing stronger and fiercer determined to annihilate the enemy standing before Tsuneo. Tsuneo’s eyes sharpened as he glared death into the beast. The beast waved its tentacles around as it prepared itself to launch an attack at what seemed from its view to be another victim. Little did the monstrosity know, it would become the victim. Tsuneo prepared himself as he channeled his chakra into a nearby log preparing himself for a destructive attack from the plant. He would make sure to teach the bastard a lesson. Corpses gathered around the blossom, drained, thin, and dry. As if all life was sucked dry out of them. Tsuneo still was not fazed not in the slightest, and in fact, he was more excited than ever.
The beast swung its tentacle with speed and force piercing the air, Tsuneo’s eyes never let on a single moment as soon as it swung it tentacle Tsuneo ducked, only to see another tentacle rush his way. He would not let the bastard have their way. He jumped away and as he was midair a third one came rushing at him. Airborne, he was incapable of moving and as tentacles struck his stomach he grinned.  The clone he was within dissipated as Tsuneo unsealed himself away. As the tentacle touched his clone he learned what the source of weakness and why fighters felt tired while combating. The bastard can rob away chakra. A dangerous ability indeed. Tsuneo now above the bastard and as it unleashed another tentacle towards the Tsuneo above it, a massive amount of Chakra formed. Tsuneo gathered and enormous amount of Chakra in his throat, and before a second passes he unleashed a destructive flame that would devour every bit of the plant.        Not a fraction of the beast remained unburned, however, even after being burned to nothingness. Tsuneo slightly put his guard down only to witness a tentacle rushing at him full speed aiming to destroy him. A log, that was all that the tentacle crushed, a mere log. Tsuneo had begun channeling his chakra a long time ago into that wood plank, before his beloved enemy even dissipate his Matoryoshika clone. The enemy was deal a destructive blow, yet still remains. The only conclusion Tsuneo held for the bastard was a hidden real body. Tsuneo burst at his maximum speed around the area looking for the real main body. A tentacle crushed where he was standing, as he faded away with his max speed. Tsuneo rotated and rushed back in front of the blossom’s main body.
As Tsuneo dodged left and right, the fact that it imitated a plant meant only one thing; the beast’s actual weakness might be elsewhere. For example, underground. Tsuneo continued to dodge the bastard’s attacks and moved away forcing the plant to attack the second position that he moved to. However, he then rushes back in front of it in the blink of an eye and as he created a monstrous Rasengan he smashed the ground with it and maintained it crushing the ground fifteen meters down. And there it was, a pod, or the heart of this beast. The beast screamed enraged as tentacles aimed to decimate Tsuneo which evaded more strikes, however, he rushed around and back in to where the pod was.
Tsuneo grinned as the beast shrieked in terror. Tsuneo placed his palm against the pod as he released a lance of lightning that pierced through all and burned all near its brilliance. The beast screamed in pain as the pod exploded into goo and green slim. The beast perished drying into a dead cry corpse-like appearance. Tsuneo was pleased with his victory but not with the goo all over him nor the smell it stuck to him. Tsuneo walked back with the beast’s remnants as proof of his victory a rather easy victory. As if the goo all over him was not proof enough. Tsuneo walked and walked back with his thoughts running around in his head. Each one of those monsters held a lesson. The Aosagibi taught how to rely on your other senses and rationale, the Furutsubaki taught how not everything you see is the whole picture, and the next beast? Only time would tell, and as for Tsuneo he was having tons of fun hunting monsters around in the underworld.
Tsuneo reached the area in which the spirit waited for him. Tsuneo arrived as the spirit made multiple silly remarks about how he smelt, despite the insults, Tsuneo shrugged everything off, and offered a dried petal off the beast. Tsuneo then proceeded to remind the spirit of his reward. Tsuneo was in many moments, humble, however, he wouldn’t bathe in goo for free not once not ever. Whatever essence, points, marks, or whatever the thing he’s gathering was they were definitely a key to the great power Tsuneo would unleash all his power against the monsters and crush them one by one in order to attain the greatness the spirit promises. Tsuneo had no intentions of letting go of such a chance. He would fight till he drops to gain more power. The boy always was greedy when it came to power, and knowing Tsuneo. He would find and kill every single one of these beasts murdering the power out of them and gaining it as his own. Tsuneo had no intentions of letting such power go. The spirit spoke true of its promises, or at least Tsuneo hoped. Ridding the monsters did grant him essence. He would be asked to keep these essences in order to use them when he had gathered enough. They would become the keys to the power of untold limits. The power with no limits, a power Tsuneo thirsted for far more than anything besides revenge. The powers he would gain in the underworld would help him attain greatness far beyond that of any other or so the spirit spoke.
The power he would gain would help him do many of the things he wants, he would be able to protect his friends and loved ones more, decimate all those that stand in his way, and defeat his enemies. It may help him if he wishes, he may be able to finally find the location of the man that had killed his family. The man that robbed Tsuneo of each and every one of his family. Tsuneo did ask the spirit, and the spirit simply assured him; “There is not a single thing the essences combined cannot do. Gather enough and the underworld shalt answer and find you your target.”
Tsuneo’s eyes held the fires of hatred and rage as he slipped into the night….. Smelly and gooey.



Name: Substitution Technique (変わり身の術 ~ Kawarimi no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: One prepared item in the user's clear line of sight.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: 1 post preparation. Infinite postponement, Instant activation.
Cooldown: 6 posts after activation.
Description: The Substitution Technique is an age-old skill which enables the user to evade the effects of an attack by switching with an item in the area. (The item---or substantial clone---used for a Substitute must be as large as the user's torso, and must be prepared at least 1 post in advance by infusing it with 5 chakra.) Activating this jutsu for another 5 chakra, the ninja moves at untraceable speed for just a moment, and the item does so as well to take the user's place; the ninja leaves behind a flickering after-image for a second, which, if damaged, releases the chakra which holds it in place in a small smoke cloud, revealing the nature of the technique and the item they have switched with. Higher-rank ninjas' afterimages are able to show some of the signs of natural impact as if it were an actual human, if only for a very short period, before 'poofing'. The user coming out of the technique creates a similar audio and visual cue with a small cloud of translucent smoke and a 'poofing' sound on appearance in the location of the item they Substituted with. This technique causes the user to move at speeds untraceable to human perception, and therefore even the user cannot coordinate attacks during the Kawarimi, or activate any other jutsu. They, however, can maneuver near someone and then attack them after the fast-movement is finished.

Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Defensive
Range: N/A
Specialty: Ninjutsu+Fuuinjutsu
Duration: maintainable
Cooldown: 5 posts(if usage of jutsu is past 5 posts its added to the cool down)
Description: By creating a clone and sealing himself In It, Tsuneo Is capable of  avoiding any damage from physical or chakra based blows that are B-rank or lower, only  two A-rank techniques can release him and still doesn't deal damage. An S-rank jutsu can release him and deal damage, however, its power Is reduced by 1 rank. Only A-rank and higher techniques can release him from the clone. three b-ranks can release him with no damage dealt. The clone can deal damage and has half the chakra and can use jutsu. The clone can move and act as if they're the user, only difference is, it is a defensive technique. if the clone runs out of chakra it disperses immediately. The user may seal items, and even people in the clone(In order to seal other players, they must be knocked out, or have already given their approval or acceptance.)People sealed inside the clone receive the same exact protection.

Name: Lightning Release: Divine Lance (雷遁・神ランス ~ Raiton: Kami ransu)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Element: Raiton
Range: 60m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 8 posts
Description: The user creates a large (10ft long) ornately shaped spear from highly concentrated, pure raiton chakra above their head before launching it at their target at 40m/s. The lance is capable of piercing straight through flesh, bone, and even non-chakra steel. Once launched, the spear cannot be manipulated, but upon piercing its target will release the concentrated raiton chakra inflicting electrical shocks and minor 3rd degree burns to everything within a 3m radius.

Name: Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb (火遁・火龍炎弾 ~ Katon: Karyū Endan)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Element: Katon
Range: Stream can travel 30 meters.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts, -10 chakra per extra post.
Cooldown: 8 posts, +1 per extra post.
Description: A radically enhanced version of the Dragon-Fire Jutsu. After making the needed hand seals (Ram → Horse → Snake → Dragon → Rat → Ox → Tiger), the user inhales, filling their throat with chakra, noticeably expanding their chest. They then exhale it at a rate of 35m/s in a continuous stream of white-hot, pressurized flames; it expands in a cone-shape, up to 2m in diameter. They can manipulate its movement to a small degree; they can either move themselves or their head, or cause the stream to split and expand up to 5m wide to surround and envelop a target. On contact, the stream will cause major third-degree degree burns on whoever it manages to devour. If contact of more than 1 post occurs, it will begin to incinerate the outer layers of the victim's body, gradually rendering a victim that doesn't try to escape the area of impact, nothing but a pile of ash after 3 posts.

Name: Rasengan {螺旋丸 ~ Spiralling Sphere}
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Element: n/a
Range: Short (On Contact)
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Description: Focusing chakra into the palm of their hands, the user forcibly rotates the chakra, molding it into the shape of a ball in their hand. Once the ball is complete the rotations become self-sustaining and will continue to spin in that manner rapidly until the jutsu ends. The user may then thrust the chakra mass into a target or surface, causing significant damage. Although small and requiring the user to get in close, the destructive ability of the rasengan upon impact is high, surpassing the Chidori in sheer destructive power. The sphere is easily able to obliterate stone, as well as tear & contort metals. When used on a person the technique will cause massive damage, shattering bones in and around the area of impact, as well as causing heavy bruising both inside and outside the body, resulting in a technique with high lethality if impact is made over vital organs.





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