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Rows upon rows of well written literature, ranging from clan histories to shinobi diaries and tales, filled the footage of the Konoha Library (Konoha Toshokan). The shelves painfully stood beyond the average person's reach, and were segmented into 30ft segments. Older books, typically of people's personal accounts, were stationed foremost in the library. As one ventured further in, the books became varied and divided more specifically. This ruse detoured children from seeking refuge in the scholarly, yet free to public, building.

At the oval desk situated at the entrance a young lady always greets with cheery hellos. It made for a friendly atmosphere. As such Komaru obliged and returned the hello, before exchanging a bit of information about their day. The young receptionist had apparently not seen anyone all day; she had grown lonely and bored with the echoes which returned back to her from every breath. However she was not too despaired, as she told of a lover who would be waiting for her after work. Being sympathetic, Komaru shared some quotes of love and friendship to her - met with the warmest of reception and allowing him to consciously leave her back to boredom. Though he would have liked to talk, there were things to read - the clock had nearly reached 10 and his original intention was to have a book open by 8.

The library had been a frequent stop for Komaru throughout his school years. He was by no means unfamiliar with the receptionist, and far least with the layout. Medical books were kept toward the western wall, almost to the back but not quite. If grazed too fast, the aisle could escape one's notice.

As he passed through the aisles, crossing over at key sections, Komaru took note of the apparent emptiness. The receptionist had not been in question, but it was quite queer. Thursday was thought to be of the 'business week' and thus often saw at least three people an hour to the place. It was actually of relief to Komaru, however, as he had an attention problem. Any noise, any scent, any commotion - no matter how small - required his attention. Even the footsteps of another on an aisle over, something so casual, bugged his awareness.

The medical section was denoted with 'Rec L-N', classified under records. In specific, Komaru was seeking a book upon the nervous system; he wished to know how best to optimize his body. In training it had dawned to him that he wasn't living to his full potential - if the will was properly exercised, one's nervous and endocrine system should become a tool. What would it be like to properly regulate one's own chemical balance? Komaru sought to know, through experience. A book from the lower shelf baited keen insight: "The Human Physiology and Accounts for Action", along with a detailed diagram of the human body, deconstructed by nervous and chakra systems and their joints, on the cover peaked his interest. Komaru was not entirely sure where he wanted to begin, but any book could offer a glimpse of what he did not know.

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