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Open for anyone

Mission Name: Enter Bears! (Repeatable)
Mission Rank: D
Objective: Introduce yourself to potentially ferocious bears.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 75 Ryo
Mission Description: Terrace, a local behaviorist, needs somebody less ‘analytic’ and a little more ‘friendly’ to mingle with a local sloth of bears.
Mission Details: Though an outsider, Terrace has managed to befriend one extremely friendly cub named Koby. Koby is a quizzical little bear which possess speech, though that of a 5 year old (accompanied with the mentality of say, a nine year old). He is extremely friendly and sees himself as a friend of humans and bears. Because of this, he can overlook Terrace’s prick tendencies. Make of the bears what you will.


Mission Name: A Bearhavioral Analysis (Repeatable)
Mission Rank: C
Objective: Give an analysis of Bear behavior and language to the village Behaviorist.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 Ryo
Requirements: Enter Bears!
Mission Description: Kolby who is friendly with the village behaviorist has delivered a request from Terrace to take careful note of the Bears social behavior and relationships. Kolby is very excited because Terrace claims that it will allow better relationships between bear and man.
Mission Details: Terrace is an asshole. He is a cold analytic, the positivist kind which insist upon pure quantitative measurement. Language of any sort is carefully scrutinized. Take note of this when taking a report - it is apparent that the bears are highly intelligent and possess emotional cognition - too little a representation and they won’t get the credit they deserve, too high and Terrace may suspect emotional intervention. (Maybe bears do have language)? You get paid either way.

Mission Name: The Bear Dance
Mission Rank:
Objective: Dance with surprisingly scientific bears.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 130 Ryo
Requirements: A Bearhavioral Analysis [C-rank]
Mission Description: With the money Terrace has been giving Kolby for ‘good behavior’, dear Kolby wishes to pay you - from your immensely busy and cool ninja life - to come to his sloth’s season worship.
Mission Details: Very spirited creatures, this particular sloth partakes in intense dancing rituals thanking the order of things for working out in such a way that laws of nature could evolve into such things. They take their rituals quite seriously. To take on this mission is possibly to risk one's life: done correctly and the relationship between you and the bears will forever be strong. Fail and you may be killed. A PER and SPD of D-2 , as well as END of D-1 necessary to keep up with them. Failing to do the dance will result in outrage and reactive disrespect, possible mauling. Kolby would very much like to see his friend acclimate into the sloth.

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Enter Bears: Approved

Switch the prices of the reward for your C ranks.


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