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1 Paint the Walls! [D-Rank, Konoha] on Sat Dec 01, 2012 5:34 pm



Ashi hadn't been able to sit still since she had moved, and was trying hard not to be a nuisance. Therefore she decided it was time to go on another mission, anything to help her release all this pent up energy her happiness had given her. She still hadn't fully stopped smiling, yet, and it'd probably be a while still before that happened if it ever did.
So, not even her current mission which was nothing more then painting the walls of the Administration Building could dampen her spirits! Akai was still home asleep since she'd left rather early, so today she was doing it alone. She didn't mind though, Akai needed some rest after the last two missions plus moving that'd been done in only a day or two's worth of time.
Anyway, so back to the task at hand. Painting. 'If I were a can of paint and a paintbrush where would I be stored?', she mentally asked herself as she began to poke around a few storage rooms. Aha! Found it. Paint, check. Paintbrush, check. Ladder? Oh great, where would that be?
After poking through another storage room she wandered her way outside. 'Ah, there you are, you sneaky thing you!', Ashi thought to herself as she spotted the ladder already resting up against the side of the building.
Pouring the paint into the roller pan she got to work right away! She decided to start at the top, get the most difficult part over with. Plus, she figured it'd make the painting easier and make it look nicer because at least the new paint would drip down over the old paint that hadn't been painted yet. 'This isn't so hard..', came the thought across her mind before she came across the birds nest hidden right beneath the last balcony she was preparing to paint. Three baby birds were resting inside of the nest, but no mother bird in sight.
Ashi paused, looking around at the sky, noticing several similar birds flying nearby. "Hmm... what am I going to do with the three of you? You certainly can't stay here with me painting.", she mused out loud. She looked around again, spotting a rather high tree nearby. "That'll work. Sorry birds, but you're home's being moved." She reached inside, carefully sliding her hand up underside the bottom of the nest, and silently thanking god that it was dry. With the next snuggly in her hand she lowered herself one rung at a time down the ladder. She was fine for the first half... that was until mother bird spotted Ashi leaving with her babies. Pissed off was a bit of an understatement as that mother bird began to try and dive bomb Ashi repeatedly, pecking at her clothing and making an awful racket. "Damnit, knock it off or I'mma drop them! Damn birds!", Ashi all but growled as she quickly but still carefully descended the last half of the ladder and all but ran over to the tree.
"Well, I was going to put you higher, but your mother seems a bit angry still, so I guess you're going to be stuck here..", she muttered as she placed the birds nest on the tallest branch she could reach.
'This job is turning out harder then it originally looked..', she thought to herself as she moved away from the nest and back over to the ladder, pausing only long enough to watch the mother bird fly over to her nest and land among her babies. Ashi then turned her attention back to the work at hand, placing her hands on her hips as she tilted her head back to take in the sight of what she still had left to paint. 'Won't need the ladder pretty soon...', she thought.
She finished up with the last balcony and began to paint lower and lower until the ladder was no longer needed. She used the roller for the most part which made most of the painting fly by, and just saved the paint brush for the small or tricky aspects of the wall.
Several more hours later and she was done, covered only slightly in paint thankfully from what had dripped on her from the balcony above when she'd been below them. She took a moment of standing back, hands on her hips once more as she surveyed her work. 'Looks good to me..'
After cleaning the roller and brushes, disposing of the empty paint cans, and washing the most of the paint she could off of herself without having to actually change clothes she reported in on her mission complete.

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