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Clan Name: Monban (Gatekeeper - 門番)
Location: Kumogakure
Specialization: Kuchiyose
Elements: None

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Clan History: The Monban are not a prominent ninja clan like Senju, the Aisu, or the Uchiha. These ninja aren't very well known and spend most of their lives behind the scenes of the ninja world. The originator of the clan was a ninja of little renown from Konoha, while he did play a decently major role in the third great ninja war his achievements have mostly been lost to time or re-attributed to other ninja of the era. Monban ninja know a different tale though, long ago a nameless ninja who developed the basis of their techniques rose up from being a nameless ninja to a ninja etched his own name into the minds and hearts of all of the people around him.

Many years his children came into contact with Cloud Shinobi whose anatomy allowed them to produce an ink that was so strongly in tune with yang chakra it vastly amplified their techniques. It was this union that tied them down to the land of lightning, and it has only been in the last few years that the Monban clan has gained enough respect in the area to call Kumogakure its home. Today it is still rare to see Monban ninja ad even rarer to see one reach Jonin rank, but they are a growing clan who reveals new layers of potential with their versatility and prove to be a useful asset to their communities.

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Kekkei Genkai Name: Super Beast Imitation Drawing
Kekkei Genkai Description:  By utilizing their special chakra members of this clan have the ability to create art that jumps of the page and follows their mental commands. When any Monban would receive a contract, they instead can choose to take the Super Beast Imitation Drawing contract. Instead of utilizing blood like others do with traditional summoning, members of the Monban clan instead draw the creature that they wish to summon, creating an obvious simulate of any animal thy have seen before. This contract allows them to summon animals of all different types from frogs, to hawks, to lions. These creatures always look identical to the black and white ink drawings of their creators.

  • The Monban are known for giving life to the art they create. Utilizing the properties of Yang nature transformation they can summon creatures that don't exist into the world. Monban ninja who begin with summoning as their primary specialization and take the Kkg Contract are able to start with one free D-Rank summoned companion upon character creation.

  • Members of this clan can use suiton jutsu to create the specialized ink necessary for their summons any jutsu apped to create ink costs five extra chakra. This thick, viscous substance doesn't easily absorb into dirt and earth, as such suiton jutsu utilizing ink instead of water lose their -1 to doton techniques. They must list Kkg in the elements used section of their jutsu.

  • All Monban ninja can purchase a second contract, and once they reach B-Rank or higher that contract can be reforged up to SS-rank.

  • These ninja are contract specialists, so all of their contracts begin at one rank higher than normal. The free contract they receive begins one rank higher than normal, and their secondary contract begins at C-Rank.

  • Monban ninja are unable to rely solely on their summoning techniques, as such they learn to be versatile. All Monban ninja are able to also learn their tertiary spec at D-rank.  

-Main Branch-
Members of the main branch are a little more specialized. Their kekkai genkai gives them a few extra benefits in addition to the ones that the other members of their clan receive. Which part of the clan one is must be listed next to the clan's name on their character app. All Monban main branch members must begin with Suiton as their Primary element, Kuchiyose as their primary specialization, and Super Beast Imitation Drawing as their first contract. These ninja are bred to be talented with these techniques and can accomplish feats such as overwhelming an opponent with summons and giving life to animals out of fiction.

  • Main Branch members seem to have a natural affinity for summoning arts, and as such their all of their Kkg jutsu cost 5 chakra less. They also reduce the cumulative amount of chakra they pay for all of their summoning jutsu by five, to a minimum of five chakra expended on a given round.

  • Members of the Monban Main Branch can create their special ink that is the basis of their kekkai genkai without using any jutsu for five chakra. They can simply spit this ink from their mouth in one large glob of as a thin stream. Up 500 ml of this substance can be produced, and it can move at 15 meters/second with a maximum distance of 10 meters. At C rank this amount increases to 1 L, and at D-rank it increases to 2L. The ink can deflect a single E-rank projectile and can only be used once per post.

  • If a Main Branch member forges a second contract they gain access to the Super God Imitating Drawing contract. This contract allows the user to summon one type of mythical creature into existence from Buddhas to Thunderbirds to Sphinxes.  These creatures can be comprised of an element, and will appear to be the element outlined in ink they take increased and reduced damage from other elements as any other jutsu would.

  • Main branch Monban ninja are able to create summons that sustain themselves with their own chakra, these summons must be lower in rank than both the Monban ninja and his rank in summoning techniques.


  • As they don't have the ability to create mental chakra all Kkg Summons have 10 less chakra than other summons of the same rank. with an additional -5 for each rank above D-Rank.

  • Most Monban kkg techniques require ink to use based off of their rank of the technique being used as the size and intricacy of the drawings increase.
    D-rank: 100 mLs
    C-Rank: 500 mLs
    B-Rank: 750 mLs
    A-Rank: 1 L
    S-Rank: 1.5 L
    SS-Rank: 2 L

  • All Monban ninja have receive -10 to their chakra pool from being so heavily aligned with their bodily energy. With an additional -5 each time they rank up.

  • The Super Beast Imitation Drawing contract can only have one element aligned with it, and any summons with an alignment suffer the strengths and weakness of their alignment.

  • Monban may be slightly overspecialized, as such they only begin with a primary element and can never learn a fourth. They also only begin with a single specialty, which doesn't have to be kuchiyose. They must learn their secondary element and specialty for 1200 words, though it costs them no ryu to do so. They may not take hesitant element as a special characteristic.

  • Members of the Monban Clan can only learn Kugutsu, Iryo Ninjutsu, Senjutsu, or Seijutsu as a quarternary spec.

  • Members of this clan must begin in Kaminari no kuni, as such they can either begins as wanderers or as cloud ninja. Monban ninja who choose to join any village other than Kumo have the costs of summons and all items increase by 10%.

-Main Branch-
Being so specialized in their clan jutsu, members of the main branch have additional drawbacks,

  • Main Branch ninja cannot learn their second element until they are at least C-Rank, and they can learn their tertiary element at A-Rank

  • Main branch members need a little extra time to figure out how to fight there opponent. The first damaging jutsu they use in a thread is treated as being one rank lower for the purposes of damage.

  • Since they are not how to use them with their imitation techniques, Main branch members cannot learn or use Iryo Ninjutsu or Kugutsu even if that technique is an academy technique.

  • These ninja may also only train their secondary spec to S-Rank.

  • The members of the main branch must begin as members of Kumogakure.


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is this the 'sai' clan? As if this is the canon effectively 'ink release' then it's going to have to go through Jean / Bokuden


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