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1 Judge Jury.... |Lin|B ranked Mission| on Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:18 pm



Mission Details::

Mission name: Judge, Jury....
Mission rank: B.
Objective: Make sure the trickster spirits keep quiet from now on.
Location: Nisemono no Kuni
Reward: 3 EP
Mission description: They've been orchestrating all sorts of mayhem lately, and have escaped from prisons multiple times.
Mission details: Their hideout is a fairly obvious alcove, but no one has dared enter yet. They will attack you on-sight.

Your Targets:
Name: Korogashi (転がし, The Dog Between Your Legs)
General Appearance: A canine with pointed ears and an almost foxlike snout and tail. About 1m at shoulder height, and 3m from tip of nose to tip of tail.
Personality: Really a quite fun-loving soul, she had no idea that she was being manipulated for dastardly deeds. That being said, she also will stick up for her friends.
Motivations: Trip more peoples! Yeah! Have more fun!
Fears: I don't wanna stand still....
Abilities: Possesses exceptional Speed and Reaction Time (A), using maneuvering to knock people down regardless of her low Strength score. After the opponent is on the ground, she'll bite up to 2 inches deep, though she can crack bone. Her attacks are enough to destroy any physical restraint of B-rank or lower that's trapping her friends, after 1 post, and will pierce through armor of the same rank.
Other: Wrapping something around her torso or neck as a 'leash' will pacify her. She's taken down easily by a B-rank jutsu, though.

Name: Osakabe (部壁, the Woman Beyond the Wall)
General Appearance:
Abilities: Uses Doton and Mokuton to merge with various vertical surfaces, pulling them up like a paper screen to get a good aim using Water Release projectile techniques like Water Slicing Wave and Gunshot. Possesses few physical stats on her own, though her Reaction Time and Perception are at A.
Other: She can be captured alive by submerging her in water, or suspending her in midair; essentially, anything that prevents her from being in contact with a wall.

Name: Inka (陰火, the Shadowfire)
General Appearance: Fifteen 8"-diameter orbs of purplish-black flame with silhouetted distortions of faces visible from within the flickers.
Personality: A spirit filled with hatred; being an inibi, a man burned alive whose spirit persisted in the form of fire.
Motivations: To cause as much ruin as he can.
Fears: Being extinguished, or worse, tried and found guilty again.
Abilities: He causes major first-degree burns on contact, and moves at 5m/s passively. Each post the fire is not extinguished, the burns worsen by one stage (major 1st->minor 2nd). These flames cannot be put out except by a jutsu, or rolling on the ground for a post. If left unattended, Inka will burn, melt, or evaporate away the restraints you put on his partners.
Other: He will also burn away any sort of restraint you put on him, as mortal items are useless against him. A container from the Underworld will be able to capture him, though. He is instantly defeated upon use of a Water or Earth Release technique of B-rank or higher.

Lin had a hard time adjusting to the underworld, but she knew much about it now, after spending a couple of days in it. One, she was essentially weightless, and it made for sneaking to be a breeze. Two, the rules of gravity still applied down here, and even were a bit harsher than she had thought they would be. She hadn't gone into the light with the harbinger of death, the androgynous person that had taken her here, but instead had chosen to go to Nisemono no Kuni, or that's what they called it down here.

She had taken a mission from a couple of guards down here, they were names Singh and Funo. She didn't choose the guards' names, but they were pretty funny. She had tried not to laugh as they introduced themselves and handed her the mission. The mission: to get back the people that had escaped. All attempts to track them: useless. Lin sighed, and had tracked them down to a cave. The cave was well guarded by each of the spirits. They took turns in a particular order, it was the dog's turn first, then the fire spirit, then the woman's turn. She looked once more at the scroll that she had been given about the people and their weaknesses. The woman was weak to jutsu that left her off of the ground. The Flame was weak against doton and suiton type jutsu. She could use the woman's jutsu against the flame if she got them in close enough proximity. But how to do that? Perhaps the changing of the guards would let her close enough to get inbetween the two guards. Perfect. She looked at the scroll some more. The dog would need to be restrained somehow. Perhaps she could use a rope. She had no rope. Some sort of Jutsu. She ran through the ones that she knew in her head, it wouldn't work either. Darnit, Then... then... She would have to think of something. Oh! A clone!

Lin had no idea why they couldn't recapture these criminals, perhaps it was due to the lack of people that wanted to actually abandon their posts to chase after a pyromaniac, a dog, and a woman who could make walls and restraints from nothing. Lin sighed and rubbed the back of her neck, waiting for the eventual change of the guard, the Flame was there right now, and Lin was behind a rock, very near the entrance to the cave. She laughed silently as the woman came out and spoke to the flame. She knew what she had to do now. Jumping from her position as the woman turned her head to look out and the flame started in the other direction, Lin poked the woman in the back and waved to her, adding insult to injury.

The only time that they let their guards down was at the changing of the guard. The woman pointed and shouted, "Intruder!!" She laughed maniacally and made a couple of hand signals. Lin jumped straight up as soon as she said, 'suiton!' her plan was working out perfectly! She jumped just as the wave crashed underneath her, the woman staring daggers at the girl, Lin as she tumbled harmlessly over the wave. Lin made her own hand-signals in the air, the ones for her chakra senbon. She would have to make them fast. She knew that the next jutsu was on its way. Making the hand signs was the easier part. The harder part was hitting all of the woman's pressure points. Since she could not dodge upward, Lin threw the four five inch needles at her opponent, landing and making the hand signs for her clone as soon as she reached the ground.

The wave crashed over the flame that had rushed to her aid and was extinguished or seemingly so. It trickled down to a little flame. She dare not touch it though. The needles hit home, and the woman sank down, seemingly unconscious from the pain of the wounds that she had suffered form Lin. Lin had just enough time to get off another jutsu before the dog came barreling around the corner. It was all fangs and slobber.

The clone erupted from her and sped off toward the dog. She backed it up with her senbon, which she produced from her pocket. Throwing them at the dog, she also rushed toward it. The clone juked left as the dog tried to bite it, and Lin crashed into it shortly after her senbon sank into its chest. The blow sent it reeling, right into the arms of her clone. They tumbled and her clone was found riding the dog, its arms around the dog's neck.

"Sit and stay!" She commanded the dog, and it did indeed sit. She looked around and sighed, arching her back. The woman was incapacitated, or unconscious from the senbon, the Fire was all but extinguished and the dog had its tail tucked between its legs. All in all, not a bad way to make her appearance into the underworld. Scooping up the fire in a container that she was given by the guards to contain it, she snapped the lid shut. The fire made no attempt to get out, or to move, and she wondered if it were dead. Then she realized that she was in the underworld and laughed. Next, she left the senbon in the woman and stood her up, Looking in her eyes she asked, "Now, are you going to come quietly, or am I going to have to make you scream?" The woman's eyes lolled in her head, making it seem as though she was indeed incapacitated. It was a good thing that she had a very low tolerance for pain. Lin counted on that as she hoisted the woman over her shoulder. All said and done, she set out back to the jail. her clone and the dog following behind.

About ten feet out of the cave she smiled and looked around. It wasn't so bad here in the under-city, or the underworld or whatever you would call it. The dog, now her companion since its companions were incapacitated, trotted along beside her all the way to the jail. the dog was not really scary when it was tamed by her clone. It was a good thing that she kept it unassuming. It was terrifying when it was all fangs and slobber. Her worst nightmare, in fact, and she hoped that she wouldn't have to deal with it coming at her. She knew that it could break her bones, and she didn't want to feel that pain. . . again.

She was stopped at the gates and the guards looked at her suspiciously, "How'd you do that?" Asked one with a mattock, seemingly made from energy, or to be more specific, firey energy. He was bathed in flame and looked like the sentry from the stories of the christian that talked about the guardians to the garden of eden. The other was plain in comparison, he picked his teeth with a senbon and looked at her in a bored fashion. It seemed like he was off his guard, but he left no openings that Lin could see, and he was probably more dangerous than his companion. She wouldn't want to mess with either of them, and though she was pretty unassuming she used that to her advantage in a fight. Most people would try to take advantage of her unassuming physique, underestimating her and taking longer on their jutsu, longer on their punches, and even pulling blows on her when given the chance. It was a good thing too, because she was a lightweight in some regards.

She had captured them using their own strength against them. It was almost like what Toshi had told her. His style didn't have much strength behind it, but it used the opponent's own momentum to deal more damage. it was something else being on the other end of that. She had hoped that she could get onto the guards of the prison with this mission, but apparently she had a long way to go. All of these people would take a lot more time if they were not taking each other out. She didn't even have a way to take out the flame if it came to it. It was a very fortuitous circumstance that the woman had used that jutsu at that time in that place when she had.

"Turned them against each other." She held up the jar and the man with the firey mattock looked at the jar and sniffed, he knew that it was who they were looking for. The flames were dim, and they didn't even put off enough light to  The other man took the woman and the dog tucked its tail. It knew when it was outclassed. Lin had completed her first mission.

Jutsu seen!:
Name: Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
(水遁・爆水衝波 --Suiton: Bakusui Shōha)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: B-S Rank
Type: Offensive, Supplementary
Element: Suiton
Range: B: 15 m radius, A: 30 m radius, S: 50 m radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Water stays on battlefield for 6 posts, stunning only lasts 1-2 posts
Cooldown: May be used again after it wears off (6 posts)
Description: The user spits an abundance of water from their mouth. Depending on the rank of the technique used, the amount of water differs - 15 m radius at B rank, 30 m radius at A rank, and 50 m radius at S rank. The rank being used needs to be specified in the post where this technique is activated. The body of water is approximately 10 meters deep. The water travels at 25 m/s at B rank, 35 m/s at A rank, and 45 m/s at S rank, and decreases 5 m/s in speed for every 10 meters it travels. This is primarily used to give the user an advantage by providing lots of water for their other jutsu, but it can also be used to knock to opponent over with a wave, stunning them for 1 post if the wave is B-Rank, and 2 posts if the wave is A-rank or higher. This stun only takes effect if the opponent hit by the wave is within 10 meters of the user, when the wave still has plenty of force.

Chakra Senbon:
Name: Chakra Senbon (Kai Hari Jutsu - カイ針)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Close
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 4 post
The Guanyin clan have a need for needles. And through the ages have thought of many means to achieve their goal. With a minute amount of chakra the Guanyin are able to create long chakra needles. The user can generate four, 5" needles in each hand from their chakra. The needles are capable of penetrating up to C rank armour or defensive jutsu and through an opponent so long as they do not hit bone, in which they would penetrate 2mm deep into said bone.

Name: Reflection Clone Jutsu (反射分身の術 ~ Hansha Bunshin no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: N/A
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: The user must have some sort of physical source of DNA from the target (or of their own) to use this technique, such as a strand of hair or a teardrop. Using the genetic makeup as a blueprint, the user creates a clone of the target that is difficult to discern from the original. These clones have no jutsu, and possess no items, but are capable of using C-Rank Taijutsu and have D-3 Speed and Strength, while the rest of their stats are E-Rank. They not only look exactly like the target they are made in the image of but they also have the same chakra signature and genetics, and thus cannot be recognized as a clone unless by use of a sensory technique of B-Rank or higher, making this technique's primary use to deceive other people. The clone will dissipate after 2 posts or if hit by a jutsu/strike of C-Rank or higher.

WC: 1528

Gaining 3 EP reward :)

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