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Edo (W.I.P) FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Edo
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Medical Ninjutsu
Elements: Any

Edo (W.I.P) HhU72Pp
Clan History: Though the Edo are not of a blood line, all share the practice of a forbidden technique. The manipulation of the dead is a practice held in ill regard by most societies. It is the violation of those whom have completed life's journey. Those who practice necromancy are found dotted across the lands. The act itself, bringing back the dead, has always been an extremely risky act, and even those who don't consider themselves superstitious can be made uneasy at the sight of a rotting corpse lumbering around in new life. Some would seek these practitioners to reunite them with their lost, but all would find that there was a steep price to be paid for calling back the resting souls of the dead. That is the reason the act was made forbidden in the first place in shinobi society, often times the reanimated were not themselves, or the procedure would misfire, bringing out a mangled, disgusting creation. Most Edo live in secrecy, still tampering with the concept of death to this very day.

Members: N/A

Edo (W.I.P) Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Necromancy
Kekkei Genkai Description: Members of this clan utilize extremely unique medical ninjutsu to reanimate the dead. This kinjutsu art can bring back fallen NPC's to fight for the user, draw together ancient decaying matter from within the earth to assemble horrendous formations of flesh and bone, and they can even commune with the spirits of the dead. The ability to utilize the undead for combat can manifest in many different specializations, including kuchiyose, in which members of this clan would be able to take a "necromancy"summoning contract.

The Edo have been known to dabble in permanently reanimating the dead, but this would require a technique of SS rank to accomplish, and would need to be approved by staff just as any other technique would.

Drawbacks: Unnatural Entities: The taboo nature of reanimated beings causes them to suffer a number of additional weaknesses. They take an additional 1 degree of burns from Katon techniques. Senjutsu techniques gain an additional rank of damage against them. Fuinjutsu gain an additional turn of duration when used on them.

Elemental Weakness: Members of this clan must take Hesitant (Element) as a negative characteristic and cannot balance it.

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