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One more mission to go and then it was break time for a few days. Maybe she'd even disappear for a while to go train a new jutsu or something. Who knew. This mission sounded easy enough: Catch the Cat. Yeaaaah, for someone who really didn't care for cats? This was going to be hell. She'd rather go face and army than catch this cat. But, a mission was a mission, and she'd never tell Kenta no.
Her first stop was going to be Madam Chiasa. If she knew exactly where her cat normally hid then it'd make her job a little bit faster. Walking up to the woman's home she took pause, eyebrow raising as she took in the way it all looked. This woman had money, a lot of it. Rolling her eyes she walked the rest of the way up to the door and knocked. No answer. She knocked again. That's when she heard the grumbling sounds of what sounded like a female voice, right before the door was opened. "What do you want?"
Ashi's eyebrow raised again, and once again she had to remind herslf of who had handed her this mission. Had it been anyone else she would've just flipped the woman the bird and walked off, left her to find her own damn cat. "My name's Ashi. I'm here to help find your cat. I was hoping you could tell me if you knew where she normally tried to hide? Might help me to find her a little faster."
The woman looked her up and down closely, the sort of glance that could make a normal person squirm. Thankfully, Ashi was a lot harder to make squirm so her emotionless expression remained on her face as she simply waited for the woman to finally reply. "Well?", she asked, trying to get this over with.
"Normally up a tree, one of those with the pink flowers on them. She loves them a lot. Don't you hurt her either. I know your an Inuzuka, and you better not bring any harm to my cat! And keep your dog from biting her!"
'Don't hit her. Don't hit her.', Ashi chanted repeatedly in her mind, barely containing herself from clenching her fists. "It'll be taken care of, delicately.", was all Ashi said before walking off, Akai running over from the distance where she'd been waiting. "Alright, Akai. We've got to find this old lady's cat, and fast." Akai gave a soft whine of a sound, head tilting. "Yeah... I'd probably run from her too, Akai."
Akai didn't bother waiting as she began to sniff the ground around the woman's house, picking up both old and new scents from the cats previous attempts to escape from the woman's grasp. Finding the freshest scent Akai took off, Ashi following closely behind her. It didn't take them long after that to find the cat: trapped up in a tree and meowing like crazy. The thing looked scared to death, and Ashi knew that wasn't going to make it easy to get it down.
"Alright, Akai. This is what we're going to do. Stay down here in case she jumps, I don't want to chase her any further then I might have to. I'm going to climb up there and see if I can get her down nicely.. and no matter what happens don't maul her, kay?"
Akai gave a serious of short bursts of growls for a response, something along the lines of "I make no promises".
Ashi chuckled and just shook her head before she began to walk her way up the side of the tree, the simple academy training of using chakra to keep her feet connected to the trunk of the tree. Once far enough up she moved her way onto the branch and slowly began to approach the cat, hoping the darn thing didn't bother trying to jump: she feared it breaking its neck of Akai didn't catch it in time.
She reached forward. "Come here, kitty... come on Maybell. Lets get you out of this tree, alright?", soft, soothing voice. She was hoping to be able to coax it out of the tree. Yeaaah, no such luck. The cat was having none of it.
With a sigh Ashi reached forward, grabbing the cat by the middle. Giving her high pain tolerance she didn't flinch as the cat dug its claws deep into her hand in an attempt to get free. She didn't bother releasing it, knowing she needed to keep hold of the cat.
She tucked the cat close to her, making sure it was safe and couldn't escape at the same time, all before jumping to the ground below. She landed crouched, allowing the balls of her feet to absorb the impact. "Come on Akai, before she gets loose."
It was quick run back to the woman's home, all the while Ashi's hand being clawed into bleeding, badly. It was with great satisfaction she handed the woman her slightly blood covered cat.
"You've got blood all over her! Now i'm going to have to give her a bath! Thanks, a lot!" With that the door was slammed in her face. "Come on, Akai..." From there they ran their way back to the office, ready to turn on. "I'm finished.. and now I'm going to go find Amaya...", she said, holding up her badly bitten, clawed, bleeding hand.

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