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1 Rebuilding The Bakery[NK, Private, Mission] on Fri Dec 09, 2016 9:53 pm



Fixing the Shop:
Mission Name: Fixing The Shop
Mission Rank: D
Objective: Help to repair the smoke and water damage to a bakery that was set on fire.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 90 Ryo
Mission Description: The investigation into the source of the fire is complete, and the owner is now able to rebuild the bakery. Assist in cleaning up the water, smoke, and fire damage caused by the flames. Be ready to move damage, heavy equipment outside of the building so that it can be hauled to the repair shop, or local recycling centers.
Mission Details: Supplies will be provided when you check in with the owner. He will assign you to one room or area of the building, then ask you to move 3 large (50lbs) damaged machines to the street for pick up by repairmen or recycling pickup.

As the sun rose from It's nightly slumber, Bōei heard a faint tapping upon his windowsill. As he shook the nights sleep from his body, he groggily sat himself up in his bed and removed his covers so he could get up. He stumbled out of bed and walked over to his window where he noticed a small scroll sitting on the opposite side of the window. Bōei quickly opened the window to retrieve the scroll and discern what it was for. The scroll itself was adorned with the symbol of the Hokage, meaning it had to be of importance. He unfurled the scroll and began to read the contents to himself. “Hmmmm seems easy enough. Hopefully the shop won’t be in too bad of a shape so I won't have to do a significant amount of work today. That would be a drag…” he thought go himself lazily. “I guess I'll get myself ready to go…” he muttered to himself. He picked his pants up off the floor and put them on, followed by his socks and boots. Bōei grabbed his shirt from the back of his shirt and slipped it over his head. He picked up his waist cloth and rope belt and tied them around his waist. He quickly re-shut his window then proceeded out the front door to head to the bakery.

Luckily for Bōei, the bakery shop wasn’t to far from his house which made the walk that much easier. The walk itself was quite peaceful as the day was shaping up to be quite the beautiful one. The temperature was just about perfect as the sun was now shining on his skin, warming him nicely. The dew still resided on the flowers along the way, shining like diamonds in sun’s rays. Bōei walked rather slowly, enjoying the peace and tranquility of the open air. As he reached the Bakery, he took a quick look to examine the extent of the damage. The shop looked a bit rough, but not nearly as bad as it could have been. Slightly relieved by this fact, Bōei walked into the shop. As he crossed the slightly burnt threshold, he spotted the owner Lady Kuranai sweeping the floor of ashes. Lady Kuranai was sweet old woman with curly grey hair and the most lovely green eyes. Bōei loved her baked goods and would often come by for some when he wasn't training or on a mission. “Hello Lady Kuranai. I’m here to help you out today. How may I be of assistance to you?” Bōei spoke out to grab her attention. Lady Kuranai lifted her head from the task at hand and spoke, “Oh Bōei! How are you. Sorry I don’t have any of your favorites today, as you can see the shop isnt in the greatest condition. Thank you so much for helping out an old woman like me. The biggest thing you can do to help me would be to take the three damaged machines in the kitchen to the street so the repairman can fix them. Can you do that for me Bōei?” she asked in the sweetest voice.

Bōei nodded and proceeded to the kitchen to grab the machines. He entered to find the kitchen in shambles compared to the front of the bakery. He figured the fire must have started in the kitchen given the extent of the damage. As he examined the kitchen, he found the three machines in question in towards the right hand side of the kitchen. He walked over to them and picked up the machine on the far left hand. It was a bit heavy but nothing too serious, somewhere between 50 and 60 pounds. He carried the machine back through the kitchen past Lady Kuranai. "Good Job Bōei!" she exclaimed as he walked by. He gently set down the first machine outside by the street, turned around, and walked back into the store to grab the last two machines. He headed straight to the back to grab the last two machines. "Hmmmm I don't feel like making two more trips. Let's make this easy," he thought to himself. Bōei lifted one of the last two machines with his hands and picked up the last one with his shadow. Carefully navigating his way back to the front, he walked by Lady Kuranai once more, this time showing off his skills a little bit. "O my! You're quite talented Bōei!" she exclaimed. "Thank you." Bōei replied to here as he walked out the front door with both machines. He set them both down and walked back into the store to confer with Lady Kuranai. "All three machines are outside. Anything else?". Lady Kuranai smiled and shook her head. "No thank you. You've done wonderful. I truly appreciate it," as she gave Bōei a big hug. Bōei hugged her back then proceeded to head back out to head home.


WC: 861
Mission WC Required: 600
Remaining WC: 861-600=261

Stat Training
Speed: E-0 -> E-2 (225 Words)
Remaining WC: 261-225=36


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