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1 Out Of Lives, End Game(Hao/NK) on Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:33 pm



When his eyes would awaken he would found himself in a land that was unfamiliar to the silver haired man. His eyes shifted into focus as there was a light coming from the sky. It wasn't as radiant as the sun, but it was giving the area Sanosuke in some light for him to look through. Upon getting up from his position, his body ached as though he had done mile long sprints with weights attached. And for some reason it hurt for him to breath in the air. What was this place? Indistinctly Sanosuke's hands reached for his throat as the air was suffocating him. It scratched at his throat as though he was breathing in harmful chemicals. Something had to be done or else the toxic air might kill him.

Wind came rushing out of Sanosuke's body as he focus wind chakra around himself. It was forming a protective net of gusts that gently circle around him. It was purifying the air around him so that Sanosuke would be only breathing in breathable oxygen. Once his breathing was restored, Sanosuke could now think. From what he looked like, he was in some kind of woods. The trees were twisted rather maliciously. Where indeed was he? Sanosuke looked around to see if his belongings were around. He still had his gauntlets on, which meant he was very much armed despite the circumstances. Next he'd reach out to Navi. Navi, come in. Can you read me? Sanosuke spoke his mind out loud for his partner to reach.

There was nothing that could be heard. Where in the world was he? You died, boy. Do not let me remind you what I have done for you. Sanosuke was confused where the voice was coming from. It wasn't from his head, it was as though the source of the noise was talking to him. Who was it? That was when he realized the source of the noise  was coming from the glowing red artifact was coming from his necklace. A burning sensation was etching himself on the man's skin painfully as he pulled it away from him. When he looked down, the necklace pulsed with an evil light, and the seal of the demon that marked his blood. Akumasureiyā, that was the demon that was talking.

"Demon, you lie. Tell me the truth. How could I be dead?!" Sanosuke growled. This monster has caused him nothing but trouble since he was born. A bane to his existence. And what he had done was taken his life, after all of these years? Impossible! He refused to believe it.


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