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1 The Mail Has Arrived[Private, NK, Mission] on Sat Dec 10, 2016 6:54 pm



Mission name: Mailman
Mission rank: D
Objective: Deliver some letters.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 70 ryo
Mission description: There are three letters that need delivered to three different people across the village; Lee, Yen, and Kei. The letters are in sealed envelopes with the name and address on each one easily readable on the front.
Mission details: Deliver the letters in any order you wish. If you open the letters you will fail the mission; and they will know they've been opened.

Bōei went to the administration building to get his first assigned mission. He hoped it wasn’t something overly involved or boring but given he was a genin, he figured he would be getting bottom of the barrel d rank missions. Accepting his most likely inevitable fate, he walked into the administration building and went to the secretary handling out the handing out of low level missions. “Excuse me, My name is Bōei and I’m here to take on my first mission.” The secretary looked at him and spoke “One second kid, I'll get your assignment now” the secretary swiveled in her chair and picked up a pile of mail from the bin to her left. "Here's your assignment, deliver these 3 letters to their respective recipients. Do not open them or you will fail this mission.Understood?" she told him sharply. Bōei nodded his head and took the letters, stuffing them between his waist cloth and rope belt. "Well it's a lame mission just as I thought. O well. Have to do what I have to do I suppose. What a drag...."

Bōei turned and walked out of the administration building to set off on his mission. As he got outside, he pulled the letters out to check the addresses on them. "Hmmmm I should plan this out to minimize travel time," He thought to himself as he devised a route that would let him deliver the letters with the least amount of effort. The first place on his route was Chiyo Sarutobi in the southern part of the city. Bōei figured he would give it a slow job at first conserving his energy as his last stop was towards his house. He would sprint then but for now it wasn't necessary. He began walking quickly towards Chiyo Sarutobi house to delivery the letter. Bōei sped up his pace to a light jog, weaving in and out of the human traffic throughout the streets of Konoha. As he entered the southern side of Konoha, Bōei spotted his intended target. As he closed in, he sped up his pace to be able to simply drop the letter by the door and quickly head off to his next location, Omoi Uzumaki's house. As he passed the house, he flung the letter against the door hard enough to make a faint thud. He continued on his mission this time deciding to take the rooftops to speed up his route and get done faster so he could go home. Bōei flung himself across the roof tops, speeding along towards his next destination. "This is a real drag, but I have to get it done I suppose" Bōei sighed to himself. "Two left then home".

Bōei continued on his path towards the Uzumaki residence to deliver letter number 2. As he approached it he figured he would do the same as before and simply drop the letter off and keep moving. At that moment, Omoi opened the front door to head outside. "Omoi, I have a letter for you!" Bōei shouted as he tossed him his letter. "Thank you!" Omoi replied as he caught the letter easily. Bōei landed on the adjacent building and set off towards his last destination, Umai Inuzuka's place. "Last one one then home..." Bōei  muttered to himself with some excitement. He sped off toward his final destination rushing among the roof tops. Luckily the last stop wasn't far from where he already was so he didn't have to use up much energy going full speed. Within a few moments he had reached his final target and decided to take it a bit easy once he got to the house. He jumped down from the roof top and knocked on the front door but no one seemed to answer. "O well, easy enough" Bōei thought to himself as he dropped the letter at the doorstep. With his mission complete, Bōei lept back up to the roof tops to make his way home. "Easy money..."


WC: 715
Mission WC Required: 600
Remaining WC: 715-600 =115

Reaction Time: E-0 -> E-1 (75 Words)
Remaining WC: 115-75= 40


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