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Markus Ukari



Mission name: Old Mcdonald had a ai oh
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help the farm
Location: Land of lightning, outskirts of kumogakure
Reward: 70 ryo
Mission description: A farm(s) needs help on getting things back together, so help them manage the daily task as well as repair.
Mission details: When you get there you will either come across the farmer or the farmer will find you, the farm’s problems are up to you. Was it harmed by a storm? Attacked by bandits weeks ago? Or just your usual funding issues? You can decide to help repair and do the daily chores on the farm and decide the outcome of the farm.

Name: Farmer Mcdonald
Age: 45
General Appearance:

Personality: Old, wise and kind.
Motivations: To get his farm back up running
Fears: Losing the farm
Other: N/A

Markus found himself finally at the Kumogakure no Sato Administrative buildings, he was looking back and forth, assessing his surroundings. He looked for the room he was told to go to, a ninja would be waiting for him, he would gain his first mission, and then return once it was complete.

Markus was a Genin of the Hidden Cloud Village, he was fresh from the academy, and even more importantly fully accepted by the Raiu Clan, yet ready to prove himself. He adorned a long black scarf wrapping around his neck. Traditionaly, one would think it was to fight off the cold, however this was untrue, for Markus felt neither heat, nor cold. Nor, any physical stimuli for that matter. Under the fashion piece he wore a light sleeveless tunic, open in the center reviling a fishnet undershirt.

Just over his heart an observer would notice a dark black marking, this was a tattoo in the shape of his clans’ emblem. Markus wore white wraps around both his hands, which started at the thumbs, and wrapped up to mid elbow. Adorning his right arm, just below the shoulder sat his Hitae-ate, the band which marked him as a ninja. Along his left shoulder, one would see a lighting-like design of black ink which disappear over his shoulder and back into his tunic. Much like his arms, one would notice his legs were also wrapped, starting at the ankles and ending at some point under his black pants. He wore the traditional sandals of a ninja, a black garb which allowed freedom of movement.

Markus soon found the area he was looking for. He walked in, hoping to see or meet his Reikage. However, this was not the case, when he walked in. Someone stated his name, and handed him a scroll. Markus didn’t know who the ninja was, however he accepted the scroll. With a quick glance, Markus looked through the scroll, reading the briefing. This seemed like just the mission for him.

The mission seemed simple enough, however he had to read it twice. Before walking out with a smile upon his face. The marking stated it was a D, but from what it read Markus was expecting a C. According to the scroll, the farm was attacked four nights ago, by a group of bandits. Markus was to head to the farm, find the owners, and offer aid. Markus assumed this was so he could take care of the bandits, knocking around a few heads and making sure they would never do it again.

Oh boy, was Markus in for a surprise.

[Word Count = 437]
[Total WC = 437]

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Markus Ukari


Markus then left Kumogakure no Sato Administrative buildings, , he knew the general location of the farms, they were located just outside the villages outskirts. He decided to go a little faster than he normally would, wanting to get this mission done as soon as possible. His clan held themselves to a high regard after all, and he had no doubt it would be a walk in the park. Markus would pass his normal stops along the way, restaurants, and shops. As he ran, he heard cheers that signified the battle arena, but he ignored them. At times, he would be in the walkways, while other times he would be on top of a building, his pace however never slowed. He would glance around, passing by ninja and villages alike, some of which gave him nods or waves.

Markus soon found himself outside the farm, to his right was what looked like a grain silo, it would be the perfect place to scout the farm, and find the farmer. Standing on top the silo he got a good look. The farm seemed in slight disarray, nothing that would point him to the attackers however. The barn looked damaged, and he could see some lifestock in the distance. Glancing back and forth he finally found what he was looking for.

In the distance, next to the small farmhouse a man was riding a tractor, the man looked well into his elder years, with a large bearded of the same grey as the rest of his hair. Even from this distance Markus could tell the man was a hard worker, he seemed dedicated to his job, and did not stop the tractor once. Markus guessed it was time to make himself known, and see what he could do to help catch these bandits.

Not wanting to scare the man, he walked in the open, allowing himself to be seen, and giving the elder time to stop the tractor before he spoke up.

“Hello, I am Markus Ukari, I am the ninja assigned to aid you with your bandit problems.” He started off, the genin sounded proud, but as soon as he spoke, and looked into the man’s eyes, he realized he was mistaken. The man’s words proved his fears to be true.

In an enduring voice, which sounded grungy from years of age, and work within the harsh environment informed the genin that the bandits were already caught, by some upper level ninja, and that the boy was here to help get the farm back in order. The old man could no longer wrestle down the cattle, and get them within the fence, nor could he repair the barn on his own. He told the genin that he would be paid for the work. But, that it was just that, Good old fashion hard work.

With a sign, Markus resigned himself to the jobs ahead. He should have known, no matter how great of a ninja he was, and how underappreciated his skill was, there was no way the village would give him a mission deserving of his skill on the first go. Markus determined then to dedicate himself to finishing the work as fast as possible.

The list wasn’t long, but nor did it seem easy. He was first to help repair holes in the fence while making sure no other animals escaped. Then he would find and return the three-missing livestock, return them to their paddock before finally being required to help repair the barn. It seemed simple enough, and as such Markus got started.

[Word Count = 598]
[Total WC = 1,035]

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~~“Sacrifice is a part of life. It's supposed to be. It's not something to regret. It's something to aspire to.”~~
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Markus Ukari


Markus looked into the sky, he knew the day was supposedly cold, the wind was flowing, and the farmer kept grasping his cloak around himself. Markus smiled, as much as he had come to dislike the condition he was born with, it had its uses. He felt no physical stimuli, and as such the cold currently did not bother him.

The genin was working on the fence, he had never build anything before, always only ever learning to attack, damage, or kill. It was strange for him, and he had to be corrected many times before he finally learned the proper way to drive a post, and hammer a nail without bending its structure. The ninja however, was a fast learner, and his skill with multi-tasking seemed to aid in making quick work of the fence, he would be able to reach for a nail, focus it into position using it almost like a senbon, and strike it with one hand, while using his other hand and leg to hold the post in the desired location. The farmer seemed pleased with this method, as it was quick and simple. It also gave the genin a chance to show off his skill as a ninja.

Only once did he have to deal with livestock. A cow seemed to get a little too curious, and rub up against the ninja, causing him to drop a post on his foot. The animal was quick to run however, when it got a jolt of electricity, much like that of an electric fence, to the buttocks. This however caused the boy to laugh, and again drop a post upon his foot. To an outside observer, the entire scene would be a hysterical act of clumsiness. However, it seemed to work seeing how from that point the ninja was left alone, almost as if the other livestock now worried what would happen to them, should they get too close.

The second task proved to be harder for the ninja, he had no skill in horse riding, nor throwing a rope, however he quickly learned another solution. Charging his chakra, he would use his Lightning Release: Shock Bullets to send a projectile of electricity. It only took one zap to get the creatures moving, and from that point, seeing the spark of lightning land close to one of their feet again got them moving in the direction he wished for them to go, it was effective as far as the ninja was concerned, and used little force, he didn’t have to run, and could keep his distance.

This tactic however did not go over well with the farmer, and in the end the two agreed to disagree. Markus had gotten all the animals back, and had done it in a fast time, without having to deal with the smelly horse. however, the farmer argued that a scared livestock was of the most dangerous kind, and seemed to go on and on about how now, when the animals are in a storm he will have to calm them. Markus still felt either way, his little zaps were nothing like the full force of lighting from a storm, and as such should scare the animals no more.

With the first two tasks done however, it was time to move onto the final building. In the bandit raid, they had attacked the barn, and left section of it destroyed, or damaged. The day started to wane by the time Markus was done, the building required a lot of work, and he still did not have the hands of a builder. However, working together, he managed to get the rood patched, and boards into place so the farmer could do his repairs.

All and all, the entire job was not nearly as fun as Markus had been hoping, and took much longer than he had anticipated. However, he felt a strange sense of accomplishment. He had built his first thing, sure it was a fence and repaired building, but it was something. Even more importantly however, he had finished his first job. With that done, he was told by the farmer, that he could return to get his pay, and he was thanked for his service.

Markus wasted no time returning home, and sleeping after the long day of work.

[Word Count = 721]
Total WC = 1,756]


Mission Requirement : 600/600 WC
Remaining Words : 1,156

Training :

Strength : E-Rank -> E-1 = 75 Words
Speed : E-Rank -> E-3 = 450 Words
Endurance : E-Rank -> E-1 = 75 Words
Perception : E-Rank -> E-2 = 225 Words
Reaction Time : E-Rank -> E-2 = 225 Words

Required Words for Training = 1,050

1,156 - 1,050 = 106 Remaining Words


~~“Sacrifice is a part of life. It's supposed to be. It's not something to regret. It's something to aspire to.”~~
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