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Sonada Clan Fuuma11

Sonada Clan FAHfQ33
Clan Name: The Sonada clan (The surname of each member is “Son”)
Location: Kumokagure
Specialization: Bukijutsu/Taijutsu
Elements: Fuuton

Sonada Clan HhU72Pp
Clan History: Long ago, the Sonada clan were but humble smiths, creating tools of protection, and war. Their long, nimble fingers were well suited to that work, and it allowed them to make perfect instruments, and create surprisingly durable detailing in their work. As a rite of passage, each member would create a shuriken, with as fine fancy detailing as possible, without creating a brittle piece of useless junk. Those that passed were all put on display, to the point where the clan had a great hall filled with shuriken. Despite their natural affinity with weapons, very rarely did the Sonada clan breed powerful ninja, until the birth of Son Wan. Son Wan showed great promise, not only as a smith, but a great ninja. He had inherited a great talent for wind, which had laid dormant in the clan since long before then. During the course of his lifetime, Son Wan created a new fighting style, with this wind and his inborn special hand and wrist dexterity. The Sutāfisuto. A fighting style that was extremely unorthodox, and required immense practice. Every single descendant traceable back to Son Wan now has this ingrown wind power, Though many go on to become blacksmiths anyway. Due to the amount of Ninjas subsequently created, They moved from out of a remote town in the land of lightning, setting up a new clan headquarters in Kumogakure itself sometime after Son Wan’s daughter, Son Min became its head. Since the time of Son Min, nothing has really changed in the clan, They still produce great blacksmiths who bring the clan great wealth, and great ninjas who bring the clan great honor.
Members: Son Wan, Son Min.

Sonada Clan Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Shuriken Tai/bukijutsu: Sutāfisuto
Kekkei Genkai Description: Members of the Sonada clan are born with an extreme amount of dexterity in their fingers and wrists. When cultivated, This allows members of the clan to use their unique Tai/Bukijutsu, Sutāfisuto. This unique Tai/Bukijutsu uses Fuuton to spin fuma shurikens around the hands, to use as close range buzz saw extensions of the arms, which would normally severely damage the arms, if the user had not trained for a long time in advance. Due to the wind affinity of Sutāfisuto, It, and any jutsus that use it as a base, has both the benefits and drawbacks of Fuuton. Members of the Sonada clan start out with two special D rank Fuma Shuriken.
Note: Since Jutsu isn’t on here, I’ll put this here. It is my intention that Sutāfisuto have a “stance” before using any derived jutsu, the stance can be applied earlier, and fought with normally until that point, but you can’t just use a derived jutsu straight off the bat. Due to the stance using wind chakra to spin the shuriken, it would cost initial chakra, then require chakra over time, with additional chakra when the shuriken contact a surface, due to the extra force to keep them spinning. If at any point the shuriken would stop spinning, the initial cost will need to be payed again.

Wind Affinity: As previously stated, the drawbacks of Fuuton apply to any Sutāfisuto attack or derived jutsu, Additionally, Sonada clan members must take Fuuton as their primary element and Hesitant: Element without being able to counterbalance it with a beneficial Characteristic.
Extremely Complex Sonada clan members must take Taijutsu (Striking,They can choose from strength or speed, Sutāfisuto) and Bukijutsu (Onojutsu). Additionally, they must take the special characteristic Multitasker, and must balance it out as per normal. Members of the Sonada clan additionally are incapable of taking the special characteristics: Focused, One-track mind, Inheritance.
Bukijutsu and Taijutsu: Sutāfisuto techniques use both Bukijutsu and Taijutsu to control, thus, the rank of Sutāfisuto techniques you can perform is based on whichever is the lower of either, in a similar manner to how kekkei genkai releases are the rank of the lower of their composite parts. This is due to requiring Taijutsu for attacks themselves, and Bukijutsu for the fine control of the spinning blades.

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