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1 Stop That Thief! [C-Rank Mission][Closed][NK] on Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:14 pm



Mission: Stop That Thief:
Mission name: Stop that Thief! (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Stop the thief.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 140
Mission description: You're walking down the Market when you hear someone shouting for you to catch the thief; which you then see running away. Your job is to chase down and stop the thief, bring back the stolen goods, and then hand the thief off to the proper authorities.
Mission details: The thief is an Academy wash out who will absolutely refuse to give you his name. He has no skill minus basic Taijutsu knowledge and E3 stats, though he'll be more worried about running away and trying to escape than actually fighting you. However, if you do physically restrain him then he will likely attempt to fight you off, though it will be a pathetic attempt. Retrieve the stolen goods from his pockets so you can return them after he is handed over to the proper authorities and your job will be done.

I love the markets at night. It’s just so calm. I wish everything could be as calm as this. These calm thoughts flowed through Nayoko’s mind as he walked through the markets for another cool evening. There was a breeze blowing ever so slightly, which made Nayoko shiver a little bit, but it was pleasant enough. As he was walking down the streets toward his house, he heard a voice call out to him. He recognized it, but he could not quite place a name to the voice in the moment. He turned to see the Special Jonin that had talked to him earlier about his last mission, Shunsen Nara.

Shunsen Nara:

His blonde hair was blowing in the wind and he was smiling in a way that could only be described as smug. “Hey there Nayoko, how’s it going?” Nayoko raised an eyebrow and returned Shunsen’s greeting. “Oh hello sir! I’m alright thanks, just taking in the night air before heading home. What are you doing out and about?” Shunsen looked up at the sky for a moment and sighed. “Much the same as you. Just relaxing. I heard that your last mission went well, though you ran into trouble right? Sorry about suggesting that to you.” Nayoko shrugged, “It’s no problem, I got the job done and I’m glad I could help out. I must admit though, it was the first life or death situation I’ve been in, it was a little unnerving.” The Special Jonin looked back at Nayoko very sternly, his brow furrowed and the smile faded from his face. “Well I’m glad you did not meet an untimely end. You’re a little too young for that don’t you think?” Nayoko could not help but step back a little bit as he nervously replied. “Umm, ya I mean, dying would suck…” Nayoko’s voice trailed off as he was suddenly very uncomfortable with the turn that the conversation had taken. Shunsen Nara appeared to notice this and stepped to arms length. “Sorry about that I just…I have a lot riding on you, young man. In any case, I’m glad you’re alright. Keep up the good work!”

Nayoko nodded and, in a hurry to end the conversation, began to say his goodbyes before he was cut off by a scream. “HELP! STOP THAT THEIF!” The woman’s voice was coming from just down the street. Nayoko snapped into action, “Sorry sir! I’ll see you around!” He jumped up and began sprinting in the direction of the yelling woman. As he approached the woman he saw that she was pointing off in the direction of a human form, sprinting away. He nodded and rushed off in direction of this thief.  The chase was on, and Nayoko was gaining on the criminal. As he got closer he yelled out at the figure, and in response he was met with a barrel that the thief threw out into his path. Nayoko jumped at the last second to get out of the way, but instead of staying on the ground, Nayoko channeled his chakra into his feet and landed on the wall. He ran along that instead of the ground and very quickly began to catch up to the runner. “Alright that’s enough!” Nayoko shouted as he jumped from the wall and landed in front of the thief who proceeded to run right into him. *Thud* The thief slammed into Nayoko and fell onto his back, but sprung up surprisingly quickly. The criminal then came at Nayoko, his fists up. Nayoko, who was well versed in taijutsu, was easily blocking the boy’s strikes. It didn’t take very long before Nayoko punched him twice in the stomach, causing him to bend over, after which Nayoko sprayed a torrent of water from his mouth that then formed into a bubble that surrounded the criminal, holding him in a Water Prison Jutsu.

The thief in Nayoko’s water prison was no more than a boy. Maybe 16 or 17 years old. Nayoko shook his head while maintaining his water prison jutsu. “Alright kid, what’s your name.” The boy just stared on, looking angrily at the genin. “Come on man, what’s going on here? Who are you?” The boy shook his head defiantly. “I’m not telling you anything.” Nayoko looked up at the sky, sighed, and looked back at the kid. “Well if I can’t get it out of you, then he will,” Nayoko said as he looked behind his prisoner. The boy spun to see who was behind him, and as he did so, Nayoko dropped the Water Prison and cracked the boy over the head with his fist, sending him straight into unconsciousness. Nayoko could not help but laugh. That worked way better than I expected. He then crouched down and began looking over the former thief’s body until he found a bag containing a fair amount of ryo. Nayoko threw the unconscious boy over his shoulder and walked back to the woman who had called him to begin with. She was extremely grateful and made sure to thank Nayoko a ridiculous amount of times as he returned her bag of ryo. After exchanging pleasantries, he turned and headed toward the administration building in order to turn the criminal over to the authorities.

As he walked, seemingly out of nowhere, Shunsen Nara appeared beside Nayoko. “Nice work my man! I knew you had potential. It was good to see you in action!” He smiled a creepy smile that put Nayoko off in a serious way. “Ya um, thanks I guess. I just have to turn him in and then I’ll head home so…I guess I’ll see you around!” He began to walk faster as he approached his destination. The genin could hear the special jonin call after him as he stepped through the doors to the Administration building, “See you around Nayoko! Keep up the good work.” Nayoko rushed through the door, thinking to himself one last thought before handing over the former thief. Man, what is up with that guy. He is just so weird.

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WC: 1113

Mission Complete (1000/1000)
Unused WC: 113


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