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The administration office was easy enough to find, and though it was not that far of a walk from her place of residence, Shimada still felt the weight of fatigue bearing down onto her limbs. Akin of that to immobile stone. Whatever small amount of sleep she had garnered completely drained out of her body with each heavy step her sandals made against the ground, but in some odd thought, she considered she deserved it. Staying up late into the hours of a moonlit night for extra practice on endurance was something she was not going to be doing anytime soon.

Despite it being a cool, refreshing morning, Shimada could not bring herself to appreciate the world around her; the life that practically flourished in the early atmosphere. Instead, she trained her tired attention onto the building she pursued, and pushed into the entryway. Ruby gaze sweeping across pinned parchments and available mission listings tacked to a board. Her eyes halted on the one that caught her sharp stare, and, pausing in her fatigued musings, officially registered the mission she was to be undertaking.

Mail delivery. D-Rank material coming through.

An older woman with graying hair and sagging cheek lines handed her three letters, notified it would be the young Hattori to complete the boring – simple – mission that day. Shimada was given the usual guidelines, requirements that came with the typical job and what resulted in immediate failure, and departed with a shaky sigh. Somehow wishing it was all over before she had even started her trek around the village. Craning her neck, peering down at the first letter, she scanned the first individual it was addressed to.

“Hmpf, a Kei-sama should be expecting this soon…” Pausing, her thin lips tipped downwards into a tight scowl. “Ah, but she’s probably all the way on the other side of the village. What a drag. Just looks like I’m going to have to start with the closest person.” Shimada contemplated her best course of action, and peeling back the other letters, spotted the individual she definitely could confirm was nearest to her position. Lee-sama’s residency only a few minutes by jog. Whipping her bloody red hair around and tying it up into a high-set ponytail, clear faced, the woman took off down the road. Dodging the random child and unavoidable adult. Taking in a deep breath as she neared his dwelling, she slowed to a lazy walk before simply tossing the letter carelessly at his doorway; not in any mood to chat with the rather talkative man. She had had the misfortune of getting caught into one of his never-ending stories at the market one time, and vowed to never be held up for so long ever again.

It was sunset by the time she finally had managed to pull away from the blathering man. A memory she did not like to recall. “Alright,” grumbling, she took the last two letters from a pocket within her coat and glanced at the last unknown addressee, "Yen-sama. Good thanks I remember where she lives.” Shimada turned down the street, crimson strands flaring behind her as she picked up her pace into a jog once more. Bones jarred against the hard road. Sharply turning a corner, and making a quick left further down the block of housing, she spotted a familiar woman walking with a large grey dog. The madam she was supposed to locate, and just in time. Before the kunoichi could turn towards the direction of her clan’s compound, Shimada bounded up with forced enthusiasm. Faint grin struggling to remain perched on her lips.

It was not like she did not care for her company, but all she wanted to do at the moment was take a well needed nap. But until then, a mission was necessary. Ryo was scarce in her pockets. “Yen-sama, a letter for you.”

“Oh, how sweet of you, Hattori-chan.” She watched quietly as the woman accepted the mail from her and awarded her with a gentle smile. “I see you’re out delivering mail, huh?”

“Yeah, but it’s not quite a job I’d do every day.” Shimada, rubbing the back of her neck, mumbled tiredly. Averting her ruby eyes as the Inuzuka female’s gaze washed over her pale face. “Running around the village from house to house is not all that cracked up to be.”

“I’d say, but you’ve done me a great service. Thank you for the letter, and I’ll let you get back to work. Say ‘goodbye’, Ginmaru.” Turning to the silver dog beside her, Shimada was bestowed a deep, rumbling bark that reverberated from within the beast’s massive chest, and a high-pitched laugh from the woman. Her black hair swayed as she proceeded to turn and walk away with her canine companion. “Have a wonderful day, Hattori-chan!” Shimada could not help but feel a little happier with how the conversation turned out, and sprinted off towards the last destination.

Kei-sama’s house located far from where she was.

By the time she arrived, the sun had slowly arched through the cloudless dome of blue, nearing a couple hours before midday. Tired as she was, dark eyes threatening to fall shut at the extensive exercise, she trampled her way up a flight of stairs and in front of a quaint door. Pale hand ready to knock softly against the warped wood. Knuckles rapping, Shimada called. “Kei-sama, I have a letter for you!” Halting, the redhead leaned up against the door, pressing an ear against it in silence. She heard nothing, but tried again anyhow. “Kei-sama? There’s a letter addressed to you! If you want I can-“

“Just leave it on the doorstep! I’ll get to it later.” A feeble yet stern sounding voice tore her from her concentration, and she backed away. Suddenly remembering the startling audacity the much older woman contained. ‘Ah, I better leave this here. I have no patience to deal with that startling grandma anyway.’ Setting the mail carefully down on the step, Shimada spun on her heel and marched down the stairway back to street level. Inhaling a fresh breath of air that bore the scents of open food vendors and shops waiting for customers to rush in for lunch.

Despite hunger calling to her, sleep was deemed more important in her mind, and she staggered off back towards home. Desperate to collect a few hours of rest.

“At least that’s some ryo I’ll be collecting sooner or later. And with a good nap?” Shimada questioned, smirking ever so faintly to herself. “This day just got a tiny bit better.”


Word Count: 1098
Required: 600
Remaining Word Count: 498

Speed: E-0 -> E-2 (225 Words)
Endurance: E-0 -> E-2 (225 Words)
Remaining: 48 Words


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