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1 The Search [Iwa -> Konoha] on Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:16 am

Uchiha Susumu




The one walking down a rundown path, surrounded by nothing but forest and leaving Kumogakure behind in the distance, let out a sigh of rather boredom. He didnít find the entertainment that he wanted within the walls of the Raikageís domain, finding that the travels he went through previously were all for nothing. His body swayed from left to right, automatically, his black hair made the same movement. His eyes seemed lifeless. Not only was he hungry, but his energy completely went down the drain and his need for social interaction was bursting through the roof. There was only one destination that he could probably have some adventure in, which means that he would have to return to his place of origin once more. This time, however, he didnít travel there in the means to find something about his late father, but actually to see which events were taking place. He didnít have any bad intentions, nor did actually anyone know about his own identity, so there shouldnít pose much of a problem. These roads and environment seemed all too familiar. He walked down the exact same path not too long ago.. Actually just a few days. He still couldnít get his head wrapped around the fact that he was already on his way back, not to mention towards the village where all that shit happened in the first place. You could see his footprints in the dusty fields, not even bothering erasing it. He seemed to have no cares in the world as of now, as if he had just given up on exacting revenge for the death of his father. It all seemed futile, right about now. The people that had ambushed him had apparently disappeared, unknowing whether they were still alive and kicking, or dead and buried a few feet beneath the dirty ground, rotting away. The latter seemed a little more entertaining to himself, but there was no way of knowing for certain.

Perhaps, by coincidence, he would bump into them again during his lifetime, though the chance has proven itself to be very slim. After all this time travelling by himself, he had not gotten even one clue regarding the matter, slowly draining every little bit of energy away that he had left. Itíd be even better if Hao had proven himself to be alive, but Susumu knew, pretty much for certain, that he had witnessed his father die right in front of his own eyes. The memories flashed back across his mind, quickly shaking his head from left to right. The annoyed expression got back, written all over his face. His right eye twitched a couple of times, suppressing the memory. All of this went by him as he moved forward, the border of Konohagakure getting closer and closer within the reach of his hands. Behind him, he left the previous countries he had passed through. He didnít even pay much attention to his surroundings, which normally would just be normal for him. For some reason, he wasnít the usual Susumu, but rather seemed off-guard as if he wanted to get himself in a fight, or perhaps because he was sick of it all.

Slowly but surely, the village of Konohagakure got set within his eyes once again, looking up against the walls that were supposed to keep trespassers out and keep the villagers save. This didnít stop Susumu last time, either, as he used his chakra to stick his feet against the wall. Not right in front of the gate, however, but circling around the village one time to find the perfect spot with the least set of guards. As soon as he reached the top of the brick wall, he looked over Konohagakure once more, inhaling and exhaling his breath, as if he was relieved in some way.


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