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1 Ano |just wants to belong| on Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:17 pm




Chance, Fate
So this is where we're taken

  • Mugetsu Maigo
    On what he thinks, this one cannot guess. Excitable.

  • Hyūga Izayoi
    So brief, yet it meant so much.

Thinking of You, Wherever You Are
O cherished, reviled attachment

  • Friends?
    |If only one could have another, close|

Dissonance, Adversity
This is fine too

  • Rivals?
    |Even a merciful man has reasons to compete|

Reflection, Memory
Who knows, maybe it's already begun

  • Was that reality?
    |That face when you died but you're still alive, sort of|
    -Was attacked by an unknown ninja while on an island. Ironically died in a somewhat-unrelated drowning incident.
    -~Mutually learned the common tongue with an Underworld spirit.
    -~Had some other encounters with the recently departed... or recently arrived?
    -~Met a similar Underworld spirit, Miko.
    -~Graced with the presence of a minor Knowledge Kami, who helped him open his eyes to what he could do.
    -~Miko the skeletal shamaness sacrificed herself along with the body of Raijū to bring Ano, Izayoi, and Maigo back to life.

Please, feel free to post! I'd love to have the quirky, question-begging Ano meet any of you! His views and personality, not to mention his habits, aren't quite like a lot of others. Plus, I have only as much knowledge about him as his threads and character sheet give me! I'd be glad to chance by you, maybe even do some extended threads, just so we can both see more of who he is! I'm also open to plot ideas, so please, do share!


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