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Iō Faith. B3pI2UI

Iō Faith. FAHfQ33
Clan Name: 硫黄 {Iō} Iō Faith. TuPGaBT
Location: Kōsei Island {Scattered}
Specialization: Ninjutsu|Senjutsu.
Elements: Katon|Raiton|Doton|Suiton|Fūton.

Iō Faith. HhU72Pp
Clan History:

'Each man is a river,' - Buddha.

Miles from the land, a single island is the home of the Iō Faith. It has been said that Kōsei Island is impossible to map. Whether this is because it is of little size and significance or because there is merit in the old stories that Kōsei constantly moves are true doesn't matter much. Almost nobody knows where the little island is but it can be found, most often by those lost at sea or sojourners seeking refuge on the tail end of some pilgrimage. From above, the island appears to be a nearly perfect circle covered to the very edge with lush flora. In truth, the entirety of the island from the center to the cliffs that make up its shoreline, is a meticulously tended garden. Though small when compared with the great nations, Kōsei is of considerable size herself and is home to six Shrine Cities. From the offset mountain near center of the island, five rivers divide the island and on each section, a holy temple was erected and around them, the settlements grew.

Stories tell of Iō, the taken name a great sage who is said to have lived when the world was young. He lived in an ancient dynasty, one of several warring kingdoms. Growing discontent seeing his fellows succumb to sin, greed and violence he spent his waking moments seeking asylum from the city walls and would travel to the seaside to worship, each time for five days. It was during this time that Iō began to give lectures in the city, preaching the virtues of harmony and the futility of war and bloodshed. After many months, the sage gained a substantial following in the Dynasty's south prefecture, where he built his temple at the foot of Kōsei mountain which is said to have been a thousand kilometers high. Those warrior lords who stood to inherit the most of the ceaseless warfare took opposition to the teachings gaining momentum in the south, sending an edict from the courts that stood to exile all Iō and those who attended his lectures. The wilderness, full of beasts and killers, was no place for the many followers that Iō had amassed, but they refused to leave his side and together, three thousand exited the city walls to wander the earth.

For thirty years the tribe, unable to sustain a city without the military might of the dynasties, became nomads. Secret gardens hidden deep in the forests cultivated by scattered followers living together in groups as small as ten, united by faith. It is said that Iō returned often to the hills outside the walls of the southern prefecture to worship in the face of Kōsei mountain and while meditating a revelation came to him. At once, Iō began a great undertaking; reuniting the people of his faith. Before the scattered nomads had been reunited, one cell at a time, by the roaming prophet, the formed a band of wanderers and approached the gates of the southern prefecture, their home and rightful place. The shogun lords, now well over a hundred years old each, so the story says, one by one the lords rose to challenge Iō and one by one, he lectured each until he dropped his sword, and fell to the ground.

Upon the conversion of the last lord, the nomads returned finally to the ruins of their temple at the base of the mountain and began anew. After millennia of shifting continents, what remains of Kōsei mountain is said to be the circular island upon which the members of the Faith solely reside. Whether there are any truths to these stories is impossible to tell, many of the most ancient records of the Faith have either been destroyed, lost, or are kept stored in the deepest levels of the archives.

The Faith is overseen by a court of Eight Heavenly Kings, those who serve the Heavenly Kings are called by the Faith as Judge Kings and those who serve them are called as Judges in turn. Together these three inner circles govern the Faith and make decisions in the best interest of its people. Nearly the entirety of the Faith lives on the small island where they continue to cultivate the teachings of Iō, harmony in all things, and use their mastery of elemental chakra to maintain a pristine and vast garden. Children enter the faith from birth and are taught its precepts from then on, resulting in an unusual purity. It seems among the Children of Iō, there is no need for war.

What lost truths lay buried about the Iō Faith may yet be uncovered.

Iō Faith. Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: 層輪廻 {Sō Rin'ne - River of Samsara}

Kekkei Genkai Description:

The infinite cycle of death and rebirth is a well understood concept and it is from this mysticism, the Methodology {Kekkei Genkai} of the Iō Faith draws its name. As with the many trillions who pass through death and rebirth, so do all things in some way. The concept of continuous change plays a pivotal role in the Shinobi world as well. Even Chakra, the mystical force from which Shinobi draw, is not able to overcome these restraints.

Whether a Ninja knows it or not, they are familiar with at least one cycle. Village academies, practical experience and common sense explains to Shinobi the Cycle of Elemental Overcoming, this basic principal is an early lesson at any Ninja Academy, it teaches that certain chakra natures possess inherent advantages over others. Lesser known however is the equally crucial Cycle of Elemental Generation which governs how the elements transform to maintain the harmony of creation. Among the chief chakra natures of the Shinobi world, the change between these cycles is subtle; by switching the position of Water and Earth chakra natures, the cycle takes on whole new meaning.

The nature of all things flows into all other things; even the intangible. This is the true nature of Sō Rin'ne, the River of Samsara.

Iō Faith. WmZE6jP
'Fire gifts heat, causing currents to move the air.
Wind shepherds the clouds together, so they may create storms.
Lightning marks the earth, heralding the rain.
Water carves the soil, shaping the planet.
Earth nurtures the trees; it is the fuel for flames.'

- Translated from Book of Iō, Vol. XV

合一 {Itsugō- Oneness}
Iō Faith members begin with all five basic elemental chakra natures. The Faith is built on the foundation of harmony between elements, so all practitioners are subjected to years of rigorous study into elemental chakra natures and their meanings. Through harmony, dedication, time and faith, these Shinobi are able to access extreme versatility. All clan members elements begin at D-rank and can be trained to S-rank.

空虚 {Kūkyo - Emptiness}
Because the Iō Faith is an ideology rooted in harmony and inner peace, members of this clan find it much easier to steady their minds when affected by Genjutsu. Techniques used by this clan which break or otherwise dispel the effects of Genjutsu are able to be used as if the Shinobi was a rank higher than they actually are. This is achieved through a process of centering and as such, on a post where a member breaks a Genjutsu, they may not perform any other techniques.

層輪廻 {Sō Rin'ne - River of Samsara}

The secret methodology of the Iō Faith, the means by which they execute their ultimate discipline. Through intense study and mastery over elemental chakra, by exploiting the Cycle of Generation, members are able to change the chakra nature of elemental techniques after they have been manifested into reality. At first, this might seem like the ultimate expression of Ninjutsu but the Faith Methodology is not one which allows chakra to flow completely boundless, switching natures at will. Instead, through elemental chakra mastery and understanding, they can advance the Cycle of Generation in real time, allowing one element to flow into another along this harmonious circle. The abilities conferred by this clan's Kekkei Genkai must be unlocked gradually, through a life of study and devotion to the Iō Faith. These are no easy feats, pursuit of this mastery will not come cheap.

|| Methodology of the Iō Faith, Vol. I
Clan members begin with this level of the Kekkei Genkai at D-rank, it is the basic methodology by which the Cycle of Generation can be advanced by the Faith. By paying five chakra and selecting any jutsu the user has currently in progress, they can advance the chakra nature of that technique one place along the Cycle of Generation. Techniques affected by this change do not change their range, speed, damage or duration; but damage typing and other essential elements may change. For example, a thrown boulder Doton Ninjutsu affected by this ability would become a projectile of Katon instead, changing the technique's elemental strengths and weaknesses and causing it to deal damage appropriate to its new nature. The conversion of chakra natures is a difficult task indeed and this ability does not allow a constant flow, each time this Methodology is used, techniques affected will interact with all other techniques at one rank lower than normal. At this level, each technique can only be affected by this ability one time.

At this level the member also receives three ritualistic tattoos on the back of each hand and on the throat of the clan's symbol. These tattoos glow brightly whenever the Methodology is used to change the chakra nature of a technique. These chakra tattoos can be seen clearly through any clothing or armor worn by the user, of any kind.

|| Outer Teachings of the Iō Faith, Vol. LXII
When a member of this clan reaches C-rank, has at least one technique of each elemental nature in their jutsu library and whose elements are all at least B-rank. They obtain this level of their abilities through a long period of reflection and study in a sacred location which must be done by completing a 2000 word training thread and paying 1500 ryo. At this level, the user retains all abilities of the previous level, except they now have the option to pay an additional ten chakra to shift the elemental nature of a technique a second time. This further decreases the technique's interaction with other jutsu by one rank (Cumulative|2 Ranks total).

|| Inner Teachings, Trials of Sage Ning, Vol. V
When a member of this clan reaches B-rank, meets all prior requirements, has at least three techniques of each elemental nature (With one being at least A-rank) in their jutsu library and whose elements are all at least A-rank. To advance to this level, a spiritual journey is needed; the clan member must travel to significant places in at least three countries and at each of them must complete a 3000 word training thread, after these are completed the user pays 3000 ryo to unlock this level.

Once unlocked, the first time a jutsu is affected by the Sō Rin'ne Methodology, a clan member may pay an additional five chakra (10 total) to have the technique retain its rank when interacting with other techniques. The second use still reduces its interaction rank and still costs ten chakra.

|| Secret Inner Knowledge: Five Heaven's Path, Vol. XCIX
This level of knowledge is guarded in the secret archives underneath Kōsei, accessible only by high ranking Judges of Iō. To qualify for this level, the clan member must meet all prior requirements, be at least A-rank, must have at least five techniques of each elemental nature (With one being at least S-rank) and whose elements are all at least S-rank. This level cannot be achieved unless the clan member has the Senjutsu specialization and it is at least A-rank. A Shinobi who wishes to qualify for this level must have visited all five major nations at least one time. Once these conditions are met, the member may commence their training.

Reaching this level in the Faith requires tremendous time and personal growth, an individual must demonstrate an immense willingness for self-discovery. Additionally, they must exhibit an understanding of all cultures and peoples. The Shinobi must complete at least two social threads (containing at least twenty total posts) with at least two other characters in all major countries (4 total). Following this, a Shinobi must travel to the wilderness where he is secluded and reflect on the nature of things. The clan member will enter a deep trance and experience an inward journey where they will discover an inner garden, the specifics of which vary from member to member. It is in tending these gardens that the knowledge is cultivated to discover the Five Heavenly Pillars of the soul, the truths on these pillars unlock the next level. This training thread must consist of at least 9000 words, after which the clan member unlocks this level by paying 5000 ryo.

Once a member of the Faith reaches this level, they are referred to as a Judge. This can also be considered the first level of mastery. At this rank, the first time a technique is affected by the Iō Methodology, it does not decrease its potency at interacting with other techniques. In addition, the clan member may now pay an additional fifteen chakra to shift the chakra nature a third time, this shift incurs the interaction penalty. Upon reaching this level, a clan member may increase their chakra pool by ten.

|| Hidden Truths: Masayama's Betrayal, Vol. II
Restricted to only the highest members of the Faith, this level is an extremely well guarded secret even among high ranking Judges. To qualify, a member must meet all prior requirements, reach a ninja rank of at least S-rank and have at least ten techniques of each elemental nature in their jutsu list (one of at least S-rank). Before the member can begin training for this level, a great sacrifice must first be made; the Shinobi gives up either his eyes or his tongue, this process is irreversible.

To begin training, the member requires an act of altruism and must help another accomplish a great deed. A great deed is a major storyline of another character, major site storyline or SS-ranked mission belonging to another player, approval of criteria is at the discretion of the moderator. No ryo or prizes may be earned from these tasks and no word counts may be used for training of any kind. The Iō Faith teaches altruism, you must give to others without reward. The member must then take the seeds of a pomegranate that he has grown himself and plant a tree in each nation, each planting requires a training thread of 2000 words. The member must travel between nations as normal. By the time the last tree has been planted, the first will have bore fruit. At the site of each tree, an evil spirit will appear and must be defeated in order to harvest the fruit. At the site of each tree the member must complete a second 2000 word training thread to rid the site of the spirit, the spirit can be considered an A-rank or higher enemy NPC and vary greatly in nature.

When the Fruits have been collected he organizes the harvest according to which nations they bordered and takes them to the capital cities where he offers the fruit of the nation's neighbors to a high ranking member of the village (S-rank character or higher). Through travel and toil, this small gesture of peace between neighboring lands is symbolic of dedication to the Faith, it is a passage and a pilgrimage to prepare a Sage for the Hidden Knowledge of their faith. The final step of the training requires an inward journey which must be a 5000 word training thread along with 5000 ryo. Already, a Shinobi meeting these requirements could be considered a terrifying foe, as such it is fitting that the Hidden Truths of the Iō Faith unlock a power worthy of such accomplishment.

Once a member reaches this level they are called by the Faith as Judge King and are second only to the eight ruling Kings of Iō, as members of their council. At this level, a member retains all advantages of previous levels with one new addition; a member who has achieved this level of power may create techniques which utilize the Methodology as part of their function. Techniques applied for in this way are considered dual elemental, capable of functioning as either of two elements. Dual element techniques begin at B-rank and cannot be of lower rank. These jutsu are capable of either switching between two elements based on a trigger or after a certain time but they can only change elemental nature once as part of their innate function, any further changes come at the cost of the user's chakra as normal. Dual elemental techniques retain all strengths and weaknesses of both elements that make them up regardless of which element they are currently manifested as, both chakra natures are present in the technique at all times.


欠落 {Ketsuraku - Incomplete}
Because of the sheer time and dedication required to even begin down the Path of Iō by learning aptitude for all five elemental chakra natures, means the member must give up one of the most versatile means of Ninjutsu: non-elemental chakra. Members of this clan are completely incapable of forming non-elemental chakra. All techniques used by members of this clan must have an element, meaning every technique they use has at least one weakness no matter what. This also means they are incapable of learning the Genjutsu Specialization.

五柱 {Gohashira - Five Pillars}
The Faith is built around core precepts that one must obey to achieve the mental state required to perform their techniques or indeed, to begin even learning about them. The sanctity of freedom is one such, it views the art of summoning as a form of slavery and clan members may not make use of the Summoning specialization. At the head of these concepts are Peace and Harmony. Clan members must take (and are unable to balance) the negative special characteristic Vow of Iō -

Name: Vow of Iō.
Type: Negative.
Description: This character has taken a sacred vow, pledged their life and eternal soul to the Iō Faith. They must always strive towards peace and exhaust all peaceful alternatives before attacking another living being. Even then, they must only enter combat to defend themselves or others. In the event a threat to life is so great, they are incapable still of using lethal methods to subdue another living being. They are unable to kill, no matter what.

[b]Name:[/b] Vow of Iō.
[b]Type:[/b] Negative.
[b]Description:[/b] This character has taken a sacred vow, pledged their life and eternal soul to the Iō Faith. They must always strive towards peace and exhaust all peaceful alternatives before attacking another living being. Even then, they must only enter combat to defend themselves or others. In the event a threat to life is so great, they are incapable still of using lethal methods to subdue another living being. They are unable to kill, no matter what.

In addition to the staggering requirements for mastery of this clan's Kekkei Genkai, they also suffer the following drawbacks -

➤ Members of this clan were raised on Kōsei Island and did not attend Ninja Academy. They do not receive the Academy Jutsu for free.

➤ Must take the Hesitant: Specialization negative special characteristic and are unable to balance it.

➤ Primary specialization must be Ninjutsu.

➤ Tertiary specialization must be Senjutsu.

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Iō Faith. 2ryk94o


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This clan has many issues and is being pulled, a full list will be made shortly

4Iō Faith. Empty Re: Iō Faith. on Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:26 pm



This clan is pretty much broken in its current state so let’s start from the top: people in this clan cannot start with every element, since that means not only getting three extra elements from the start but also being able to do what SS-Rank ninja can’t even do and master all five elements. They may start with four of the five, your choice which ones, and then I want them to have no more than two specializations max. If you want those two specializations to be Ninjutsu and Senjutsu, then you can start with Ninjutsu and you can learn Senjutsu at B-Rank, full word counts and ryo costs and everything, I don't want you starting with Nin and Sen and four basic elements because that is ridiculous.

As for your drawbacks, the incomplete one is what catches my attention. Be specific about "non-elemental chakra" and how strict this bar is, because arguably, anyone can get around this drawback by turning their jutsu into an elemental jutsu. Can't use shadow clones? Make an augmented version of fire clones. Can't use the puppetmaster technique? Make chakra strings out of water. Do you get what I mean? It really takes away from the drawback's impact.

The other drawback, five pillars, needs an update because summoning has been removed as a specialization and replaced with a combination of Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu, so you can just say that members of this clan cannot take Fuuinjutsu and that would suffice.


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