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Shippo smiled as he yawned loudly stretching for the day as he got up for the day. He wasn’t sure what he would do, but there was no reason for him to just relax and do nothing. So instead he simply got up dressing as quickly as he could and he shook Tsume awake. The young pup yawned stretching and coming up to look around seeing what was so urgent that his partner would awaken him. Shippo smiled nuzzling his pup “Come on lazy pup, we have stuff to do, or training to get done. So, get up.” He turned moving out of his bedroom to the front door. His mother was there waiting for him smiling “The Hokage has charged you with a task to help the village. You are going to deliver letters today. Be faster than the regular mailman. Do not open these letters, and when you are done you will head to the administration office to get your payment. Unless you fail and in which case don’t come home for a week.” Shippo flinched at the idea of failing as well as the idea that he was basically being told he would bring shame to his family if he failed.

He took the letters and looked over each one of them finding that they were already addressed and the names were very clear to him. So, there would be no confusion, and he would be able to locate them with relative ease. He held onto the first one in the pile and stuck the rest into his pouch “I understand. I won’t fail.” He said moving towards the front door Tsume at his side. The one he picked was Lee as his address was the closest to Shippo’s own home. That would be the proper place for him to go. He tore out of the house with Tsume right at his heels as always both running through the streets of Konohagakure. This was his home and he knew the streets well so running through his home was no big deal to him or Tsume. Instead, they arrived a few blocks away where Lee had his home and in his home was a garden. Lee wasn’t hard to find as he was in his garden just working away at the plants inside of it. Shippo smiled holding out the letter “Lee-san you have a letter here!” he said cheerfully.

The old man slowly rose to his feet moving to take the letter smiling “Thank you Shippo. You have a good day now.” He said as he took the letter from the Inuzuka. Shippo wasted no more time as he pulled out the second letter and looked at where he was supposed to be going. This letter was a bit farther away, but he didn’t think it to be a problem of any kind. Instead he leapt up onto the top of the buildings running along the rooftops and skipping between the gaps between them. He didn’t mind the little challenge, but Tsume upon seeing what Shippo was about to do he jumped up onto Shippo’s back crawling to lay on his right shoulder. The top path was a faster one as there was no human traffic to slow up the moving Inuzuka and he landed first on top of the address. With a blush, he climbed down from the house landing on the pathway to the front door giving Yen a heart attack making her fall down onto her front step. Inuzuka blushed bowing and apologizing three times before he handed her letter to her in haste and rushed away to keep from embarrassing either party any further.

The last letter was to Kei and Shippo knew him well, but not where he lived. He didn’t want to miss the location and so he made his move through the streets heading to the location on the letter. He was nearly struck down by a cart full of inventory for a shop or something but with a quick move he stopped it dead in its tracks before he dropped to all fours the letter carefully in his mouth and sped off in order to get away from the angry man driving the cart. Going back onto his legs only he took the letter in hand taking a right, then a left, then a right, and a left. Finally, just before the sun was high for mid-morning. Kei was just leaving his house to do something and Shippo nearly ran into him in giving him his letter “Here you go Kei-san!” now he had all his letters delivered so he headed to the administration office to receive his payment.

Word Count: 780/600

Strength: E-1 to E- 3: 375/375
Speed: D to D-1: 325/325 (25/25 Ryo)
Total : 700
Left over 780-700 = 80 Remaining

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