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Kenta Inuzuka

Kenta Inuzuka

I mean really, when you where as ungodly fast as he was, things like distance stopped mattering. Even with his weird lung issues, he could cover hundreds of kilometers before he had to stop and rest, or take any of the medicine that Amaya made up for him, or anything like that. He was banking on the weird changes that had taken over Ashii to keep her alive (ish) during his sprints. Sprint here, sprint there; he'd marked the trail he'd take on the way to Iwagakure originally, so he was able to essentially flash to each clearing without any problems. Honing in on scent, an Inuzuka best skill. He'd marked each stop before moving on the first time, so he could just move at max speed; adjusting just quick enough to keep from impacting trees, branches, rocks, animals; but only just barely. More often than not, he or Ashii ended up with leaves in their hair, or tiny rocks stuck in clothing from glancing impacts. He was faster than he should be really; he hadn't fully recovered his former reactions and skills, so his natural speed was almost a problem sometimes.

Still, he didn't need to actually stop until the third clearing, sliding to a stop in the open space and panting heavily until he flopped to a somewhat comfortable sit; leaning back and propped up on hands as he inhaled deeply of the clean forest air. He reached for a water canteen at his hip and drained damn near the entire thing in one go; passing it to his Cousin when she was able to ask for it herself. The re-hydration was needed, and the water was just enough to keep him from cracking the mucus membranes of his throat and lungs. There was still blood in his lungs and throat, but it wasn't an amount that was going to be bothersome anytime soon.

A few minutes rest, more for Ashii's sake than his own, and they where off again. He flashed between clearings without much care or worry, moving until they where out of Iwagakure territory and into more neutral or friendlier areas. Not that Konoha and Iwa weren't on good terms, but there where other countries that had better standing. That didn't mean he was going to move any slower; if Michi was calling him home, then it was important, and he was going to get there as quick as he possibly could. He stopped a second time, for much the same reasons; he needed more water, and Ashii needed to breath and rest for a few minutes. This time, they stopped beside a river, so he was able to basically just melt into the water and hydrate for a bit, let his aching muscles and such rest and stop with the hurting bullshit, while Ashii could just lay there and remember what existence was. They stayed in this spot at the edge of the Konoha borders for a solid hour, with him just existing in the river and enjoying himself thoroughly; until he remembered what he was supposed to be doing and the passage of time being what it was, he panicked a bit and reformed himself, flashing over to his Cousin and scooping her up and breaking back into his sprinting of a run home.

Breaking into the forests of his home territory was easy, and it allowed him to slow down just a bit. There was less reason to be in a hurry, he was close enough to sense Michi's emotions and moods now, and the calm he felt told him that things weren't exploding in the village, so while he was still a blur of movement, it wasn't an invisible blur of speed carrying them along. The forest began to thin out some, and he could start to see flashes of building and such between the ancient oaks they raced through. Home, yup. Good to be home.

He pushed himself to finish his running not at the admin building; but at the little compound that his family shared. If there was a reason for him to be called home the way it was, he'd find it here. Plus, he could smell everyone within the area, and he could smell Amaya here. This was a needed meeting that could happen while he was talking to Michizuka, yep.

Well, he'd sent a message up to the admin building later. For now, he was home, and that's all that mattered.

763/600 Travel complete.


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