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1 Kurgan on Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:55 am




Clan Name: Kurgan
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Taijutsu
Elements: Lol

Clan History: The Kurgan's were a barbarian tribe from the steppes of Iwagakure. Famous in their time for their ruthlessness and lack of morality. For amusement they would throw children into pits with starving dogs, only those who made it out alive would be trained in their ways. Originally based in traditional weapons of a mace or club, they've since adapted with the times, displaying their brutal natures only when socially acceptable. Thus, in modern day the clans history is mostly left as so, a myth shared by few and believed by even less. In modern day the clans art is in boxing, the one field where it's socially acceptable to strike another with as much force you can and be regarded as a god. Physically, they have little external differences from the normal man.
Members: N/A

Kekkei Genkai Name: The Prize
Kekkei Genkai Description:
Strategic Mind Natural fighters, they're masters of sacrifice mid battle. By honing their reflexes over generations, they've managed to act on instinct in combat. When taking, blocking or countering an attack, a Kurgan is able to instantly retaliate with an attack of equal rank to the jutsu used against them, or lower, for no cost assuming they're in range.

Warriors Spirit Determined to not get held back by minor set backs, Kurgan's are blessed with a body that refuses to die, or at least goes down kicking. The user is capable of healing minor wounds in one post (small cuts, grazes, bruises, ect), major wounds in two (Large gashes, broken limbs, internal bleeding, ect) and fatal woulds in six (Missing limbs, excessive internal bleeding, destroyed organs, ect) assuming they can stay alive long enough to do so. Additionally, if one has Medical Ninjutsu trained to S rank or above healing times are halved. Requires medical ninjutsu to use, costs 5 chakra per post it's utilized.

Body of Steel Honed over thousands of years of fighting, a Kurgan's body is naturally more durable than that of a normal person. At D-B rank their bones are as hard as iron, at A-S rank this increases to steel, finally at SS rank it increases to diamond strength. This is a benefit both in the sense of surviving blows, something that is essential for a Kurgan, and for increasing the impact behind their blows. Finally at S rank or higher, the user lowers the damage of all attacks which connect with their body by a single rank.


Float Like A Butterfly Natural boxers, Kurgan's are trained in their physical prowess, but it's through strict routine. Kurgan's are barred from striking another with their legs. If one decides to ignore this law and do so, it will be at -5 tiers of strength.

One Track Mind Kurgan's are good at two things, the latter being debatable. Because of which, they're only capable of taking two styles in total, these being Taijutsu and Medical Ninjutsu. Additionally, their Medical Ninjutsu is only capable of benefiting oneself, due to their natural selfish nature. The exception of this is that the user is still able to use academy jutsu.

Disfigured Form Due to the scars that no doubt cover their body from constant fighting, a Kurgan is not exactly the prettiest sight to see, they're certainly not the kind of guy you want to see your daughter hanging around with. A result of which is the fact that all Ryo costs are increased by 10%.

Ill Minded Natural warriors, their sense of pride and battle can often overwhelm all else, leading to rather unfortunate situations. As a result, the user must take the negative characteristic Foolhardy.

Name: Foolhardy
Type: Negative
Description: This individual is incredibly overconfident in their abilities as a shinobi, to the point where they think it is almost impossible for them to lose against a foe. Because of this, shinobi with this special characteristic are unable to flee from a fight. (This is a clan drawback and cannot be counter).

I can't, I simply can't The user is unable of gaining any elements, finding strength to come from the clash of flesh rather than the heat of a flame.

Head in the Game Be it by honor, or simply a lack of understanding, the user is unable to preformed ranged jutsu with the exception of academy techniques.



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This clan is simply too strong and does too much without a semblance of balance to it, being able to counterattack at equal rank with no cost instantly, an insane healing factor and more. I'm sorry, but im simply denying this for now, it needs to be toned down a lot.


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Then tell me what values would be acceptable instead of giving it a flat 'no' with no guidance on how to limit it?



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