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1 Running Wild(Private/Training) on Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:08 pm



A small boy began running through the wilds of the wilderness as he was being chased by not one or two, but three white wolves as he made his way through the trees carefully. The wind blowing through his soft hair, his clothes flowing with folds bending to the will of the air. Pitter patter dash roll as he avoids a rock, in the meantime losing a single sock. The wolves gain on the little boy, ready to dispatch of their new found toy. He looks back and then to the front as a branch swishes through his hair, as he begins to wonder if his life was ever fair.

The dashing paws and the hungry jaws. The viscous glare and the sharp claws. Like a beast in heat, they chase to the boy who was now bare of feet. The second sock lost, a minor life's cost. He made his way jumping through the air, slipping and falling down the hill with ecstatic flair. Round and round and round he goes, the wolves give up for reasons no one knows.

Words 182

2 Re: Running Wild(Private/Training) on Thu Jan 05, 2017 5:34 am



Rolling down the hill like a rolling stone, hitting the ground maybe breaking a bone. Wondering while he falls down the hill, wondering why he just can't seem to sit still. The boy then places one hand on the ground flipping into the air, swirling around like ballerina with beautiful hair. He lands carefully on his feet as he runs so fast to match his racing heart beat. Running like crazy for no reason at all, until he found the edge of the cliff and had a great fall.

Flying through the air like a boy who does not care. Eyes wide open and excited as he falls down gliding through the air as he wonders if he took a wrong turn somewhere. The boy whirls around like a spinning top going merrily around and around in circles as he sees a bunch of tree's below and the cliff still behind him as he unseals his two kunai and throws them at the cliff surface hard, the wires holding him to them as he swings toward the cliff. He throws several more kunai in the opposite direction hard slowing him down as he reaches the side hitting his back against it as he spun a bit as the one kunai broke free as his fall began all over again, however he was not as far up anymore as he crashed into the bushy bushes of a nearby bush.

With leaves and twigs in his soft flowing hair as he looks up smiling without a care

Words 182 + 257 = 439

3 Re: Running Wild(Private/Training) on Sun Jan 08, 2017 6:30 am



The wind was howling through a cave nearby as the boy looked next to him, the rushing waves of a flowing river as the crashed with sounds of water passing him by. The small boy knew he had to be ready for the day when he would have to take a plunge in that very same river as he felt adventurous as he got up and made his way towards the cave. The howling sound so loud and melodic as the wind burst through his hair as if it was the breathe of a monster hidden within the dark hole.

As the boy walked towards the hole he wondered what it would be like to become like the wind, blowing by or the water flowing on the fly like a bird in the sky. It was then he came to realise he needed to do the thing that was running away from him, the truth of why he was here and that was the simplest of truths. He was here to do training as he crossed over the water to begin his training regime.

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Training Reaction Time C1 to C2


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