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mission details:
Mission name:Six Feet Under.
Mission rank:D
Objective:Unearth a local's "possession".
Location:Nisemono no Kuni
Reward:1 EP
Mission description:You come across a figure standing in an otherwise barren area After some conversation, you learn that the item they are bound to and must "haunt" was buried as a prank. They asked if you would be so kind as to unearth it for them, as they cannot leave the spot without it.
Mission details:Only a really twisted trickster would pull something like this. After attempting to dig up the item, you realize that it's actually protected from each side by large rocks fashioned into a box. A Doton user can probably shift them out of the way, but the rest of you will have to move them some other D-rank offensive jutsu will break 2 out of the 3 layers of rock from any one direction, but a C-rank jutsu (unbeknownst to you) will slightly damage the item that was buried. (Raiton counts as one rank higher. If you damage the item, you complete the mission but do not gain a Ryo, jutsu, or stats reward. A B-rank or higher jutsu will destroy the item, causing the spirit to fade fail the mission.

It was hard to determine when it was morning or night. It was as if time never moved here. Everything and everywhere was mostly dark and the jounin was already getting accustomed to how things were done here. He hadn't really found another option so he had to stick to whatever seemed right. The place he had now found himself in was no different from a foreign land and so he had to play by the rules. There hadn't been much to do, just wandering mostly. Good thing his mokuton worked here and so he had been able to build himself a wooden house, make furnitures and wooden kitchen utensils and he had even made a nice back yard where he grew plants and trees. Being a senju sure had it's benefits. He had dropped all about puppetry but he could still pull a string or two whenever he felt bored, the only thing was that there weren't any puppets on him when he died and making a new puppet would mean going through a hell of stress which he was not cut out for at the moment. Speaking on having things on him, he noticed that every thing that was on him at his point of death came with him to the underworld which seemed weird. He hadn't been robbed of his earthly things. There was more to this world than meets the eye.

Since there was no way to differentiate the morning from the night, the jounin just slept whenever he felt and walked around whenever he wanted to. He didn't have any duties in this new world and so he could relax every day for all he cared. Sure, he might become lazy but what was the use. He hadn't really found anyway of leaving this world and the only hope he had found was his meeting with the raikage. They hadn't concluded on anything anyway but perhaps on their next meet they would be more precise on what they intended to do together. The plants that he had grown in his back yard where giving off produce in no time due to them being grown by his mokuton chakra meaning that they would grow and produce at a faster rate than any other plant grown without mokuton chakra. Besides he hadn't found any fruit giving tree around, maybe this world's soil wasn't suitable for plants, who knows.

The jounin hadn't done much in his house today and he had been laying around to pass the time that never ceased to move. He decided to take a walk and see if anything would pique his attention. He put on black pants and topped it with a round vest that slightly passed his waist. He left his scythe where it rested and instead went out only with his ninja pouch that contained basic weapons. His head band was left at home too and covering his left eye was a black leather pouch to stop the sharingan from consuming his chakra. He left the house in no hurry and started his walk at a steady pace. He soon came across a figure that looked a bit sober. At first, the jounin wanted to mind his own business but what harm could such a figure do to him. He approached the figure who was relunctant to speak at first but later seeing that Syn meant no harm, the creature kept pointing at a spot and saying that there was an item beneath the earth that he needed to find and without it, he couldn't leave the spot. It was sad that such a thing was the main cause of the creature's gloomy mood. Anyway, why not make himself useful while he was in this world.

Having the ability to control the earth and with a soft hand gesture, the earth would split to reveal a box made of rocks. Syn would continue to move the rocks away carefully since he felt the item would mean a lot to this creature. The items seemed well guarded as the rock had layers. Few minutes later, the jounin was done and the creature jumped at the item while thanking Syn for it and dropping an amount of ryo in his hands before fading away.

Mission done: 600/725 words



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