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1 Stealing stuff...[Mission] on Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:16 am



mission details:
Mission name:Diggingmyyour own grave.
Mission rank:D
Objective:....misplace a local's "possession".
Location:Nisemono no Kuni
Reward:1 EP
Mission description:Some trickster-spirits have approached you with a pretty sweet deal. It's simple, really: steal the item a local spirit is "haunting", and make sure it goes missing. Preferably quite far from civilization, but you do you. It's all for the fun....right?
It's probably best to wait until everyone's retired for the night....they canfeelwhen someone touches their haunt. Once you get away from town, you just need to bury the thing, and your allied spirits will take care of the rest.
Mission details:There are multiple guards with D-2 Perception roaming the streets at any time of day or night, so you will want to time your escape well or plan for a fight. They each have C-0 Strength and Endurance, D-3 Speed and Reaction Time, and can use the Temporary Paralysis technique.

'He dreamed a dream in his dead sleep but he dreamed not of earth dying and elms a vigil keeping. He dreamed of birds, black birds flying in his inside, nesting and hatching on oil palms bearing suns for fruits and with roots denting the uprooters' spades. He dreamed the uprooters tired and limp, leaning on his roots- their abandoned roots- and the oil palms gave them each a sun but on their palms balanced the blinding orbs and frowned with schisms on their brows- for the suns reached not the brightness of fold. Then he awoke. He awoke to the silently falling clouds and bent backed elms bowing and swaying to the cold wind like buddhists praying their evening prayer and the earth lying inscructable like the face of a god in a shrine'
He put down the pen and looked at what he had written. There wasn't much to do around here and as one that looked reading books, he decided to write down any words that came to his minds perhaps ryhmes or poems. Whichever it was he would begin to put them down and perhaps find someone that would be interested in them. His love for reading had began ever since he felt the need to update himself on the way that the world worked. When his memories had been stolen, he had no idea who he was or what world he was in and so he was just like a newly born child who knew not the way of the world. He bought books and frequented the library, gaining information from both the old and the young and he managed to build his own network of information in various countries and villages. He had done well.

It was late at night and going to bed was a very neat idea. Just then, he felt the curtains at his window blow. The wind was abnormal and he knew that something was amiss. Someone, most likely a spirit had gotten in. He did not fear rather his heart was full of courage. It took one that had died before to not fear death. This spirit made itself visible and it appeared that it had approached him with a deal. He was to steal the item a local was haunting and make it go missing. There wasn't really anything hard about it or about how the spirit made it look. Well, taking jobs while he was here and getting paid so that he could feed himself wasn't all that bad and so he accepted.
The jounin having black pants and light shoes on, topped it with a sleeveless vest as he made his way into civilization with only his ninja pouch. There was no need for his scythe, it wasn't a hard job.

Syn soon approached a house that had already gone lights out. It was pretty late in the hours of the night too and so he felt this would be quick and easy. Still, he needed some sort of backup. The jounin created a wooden clone and placed some bit of chakra into and commanded it to stay few meters away from the house he was planning on going into though the clone was still in sight. He created another wooden clone and asked it to stay on watch outside the house. He himself went into the house and found this rare item that was caredully hung on the wall. It was a black flute. Picking it up with extreme caution and silence, the local felt it and it was as if he had some connection to the item. Being one with a loose mouth, the creature cried out loud like the wailing of a siren and soon, numerous guards were upon the house. Syn made for the door but was confronted by the approaching guards. The clone on watch had already engaged them and was fighting them off but some others managed to get to where Syn was. He was stronger than them but their numbers was a pain and he didn't have time for this. Quickly, he susbstituted himself with the clone that was few meters away from the house as he sprinted at full speeds far away from civilization to bury the item. The guards had no idea that they were fighting a clone since the wooden clone could also bleed and by the time they knew, Syn would have already buried the item far far away.

Mission done:600/749



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