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1 Doing stuff...[Mission] on Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:19 am



mission details:
Mission name:Dead Head.
Mission rank:D
Objective:Sedate the attendant to the bell tower.
Location:Nisemono no Kuni
Reward:1 EP
Mission description:A bell usually signals the civilized spirits among this realm when to cease their slumber, and when to retire from their day's work. Some trickster-spirits have asked you to give the big guy a well-deserved....break from his duties. You've been given some Sleep Dust that you can spread through the air, slip into something.
Mission details:If the sedative is delivered in a way that deals more than E-rank pain, Bonshō will realize what you've done and ring the bell for help, failing the mission. If he discovers what you were up to before you successfully sedate him, he will attack you; if you are defeated, you fail the mission. He focuses intently on the person he's talking to.

'The celebration is now ended but echoes are all around whirling like a cold whirl- wind throwing dust around and hands cover faces and feet grope. The celebration is now ended the drums lay quiet, silent, waiting. And the dancers disperse, walking with feet that have known many dances waiting for the next, walking with their hearts climbing up their feet to their places and the wine descending from their heads to settle in their bellies and the bodies turn cold. For the spirit of the dance has left and their faces become naked.' Syn closed his book and kept his pen in his pocket as he looked at the spirits in their joyful mood. They seemed to have had some sort of celebration and the way that they danced with joy, he had not seen any dance like that before in the world of the living. There was more to this world indeed and he was already feeling it. Maybe not every part of the under world was terror filled and labeled a danger zone. There was some parts that fun happened and he had managed to find himself in these parts. Good thing his wooden home was built here too. If at all anything would cause these spirits to change their ways and become evil, then he would not need to fear anything because he is Syn Itami, jounin of the hidden cloud village even though he would already be considered missing in action back in the village.

A spirit approached him in the company of two other spirts asking him if he was enjoying the festival. The familiar spirit began narrating the origin of the festival and the reason behind it. Being one so attentive, Syn listened carefully but he acted like he did not care but known to him, information was key in every world. Now recalling properly, this was the same spirit that had gave him a job the previous day which was to steal and make go missing a local's item. He had done it well with a bit of hinderance which the spirit hadn't mentioned. These jobs weren't all too different from real missions anyway, there were always risks no matter how small.
'So there's this bell that's usually signals the civilized spirits among this realm when to cease their slumber, and when to retire from their day's work. We want you to give this guy some rest. We don't want to hear that bell ring anytime soon. Here's a sleep dust that you can spread in the air around him or use it some other way. Think you could do this?' The spirit asked.

Without any word, Syn received the dust and headed towards the bell tower. This time, he would be cautious again since he did not know what to expect. He would shed a wooden clone from his body and have the clone climb up the tower. The clone possesses all of Syn's stats so climbing up wasn't a problem. While the clone went from the front, Syn gathered chakra to his legs and walked up the tower from behind. The clone got there before Syn and greeted the creature as he began making a conversation. The creature focused on the clone and listened attentively while Syn made his way up the tower silently. As soon as he got behind the creature, he blew the sleep dust his way slowly and creature who had no idea what wa happening due to him focusing on the clone's words inhaled the dust in the air and slowly dropped to sleep. Syn dismissed the clone as he made his way down the tower for his work here was done.

Mission done:600/627



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