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mission details:
Mission name:Stare into the Abyss
Mission rank:C
Objective:The well is getting polluted. This needs to be reversed.
Location:Nisemono no Kuni
Reward:2 EP
Mission description:An unknown entity is contaminating our water source...if this keeps up, we won't survive without a significant financial loss. Find the source, and make sure it causes no further harm.
Mission details:Upon traveling to the water source, you find a young boy that just can't seem to stop crying. You can either help him gather food quickly, which leads to a confrontation with anushioni(牛鬼, cow demon) as his food source, or attempt to terminate him as the direct source of the issue.
Your Target:
Jutsu List:

He stared for long, into the void as if listening to a voice that wasn't there. With a note pad in front of him and a pen in his hands, he began to write not about other things but about himself and what he had experienced one way or the other. 'Fighting an opponent is not a big task. The trick is that you have to let them know they are holding the strings. You canít play hard to get. You have to give your all, leave your wounds open for the salt to be poured in cause thatís what itís all about! Itís about being defenseless with that one person, letting them crawl under your skin cause if itís true, theyíll be the first to stretch out the helping hand. You may think that letting them hold your strings is a wicked thing but in the end, those strings that theyíre holding.. Are the stiches they use to pull you back together... It's all about convincing them. It's become a part of me, always near but never seen. Born from torment, raised on agony. Devoured my innocence, taken my soul. The demon now has control, a new misanthropic mindset. Countless days, destruction reigned. Clashing thoughts and actions like swords on a battlefield. I've become a puppet, no longer able to act on my own. Pulling my strings I bend to its will, dance to his tune, aged and tattered, It has no use for me.'

He listened as his inner voice kept speaking like he was in some sort of trance and maybe that was exactly what it was, a trance because he seemed to have no control of himself at the moment except he found a way to snap out of it. 'I look around and see nothing, only fading memories of happiness. The smile once upon my face, Washed away by tears of sorrow. A puppet today, A puppet tomorrow. What if I one day die and become a human puppet, to an unknown master. I pray he is worthy of me. I didn't know, I was your puppet On a string. You tossed me, turned me, made me swoon to your every word. I didn't know I was your puppet until you cut the strings, and I fell face-down Into what I thought was love. No, I prefer to be my own master. Being controlled by someone else is worse than I thought. The easiets thing, The easiest thing, I shall make my dancing puppet. Dangling by my string. It will dance for me. Moving only when I want, smiling just for me. Dancing by my whims, fake smile and eyes blink open. Creepy wooden limbs. It will smile on my demand. Wooden original, though it will be- dance on my command.' All that he had written were statements he had once written when he once practiced the arts of puppetry and he remembered this as soon as he snapped out of this trance and began to read what he had writeen down with his own hands. They still pertained to his life somehow and he knew this.

He closed the book and picked up the bhuddist book he had gotten from the book store two days before. His wounds from the slit mouth had healed and he was very fine this time. He wasn't uncomfortable in any way and he just hoped that things would remain this way. He opened the book and flipped unto another one of it's pages and to his surprise, what was writing on this page was about a puppet that would follow the ways of buddha. Today, I shall write down my plans for the future for what my father once was, I shall make. For my father was a bhuddist, his staff, the shakujo, shall live forver and shall be wielded by a puppet I shall make in my father's form. The puppet shall hold the Shakujo and make this wish for all sentient beings, he gather together a great assembly of enemies, and show the Buddha's true path for I shall control him. With this shakujo shall he destroy anyone who crosses my path.
From a pure heart in the past, my father gave the Three Treasures. Now emanating a pure heart he shall give the Three Treasures. In the future he will purify the heart of humanity and give the Three Treasures.
I pray that all my puppets become one day attain true human life and listen to me as their creator, to the extent that all their carvings shall be closed and they shall have skin.
I vow that they shall be perfect beings and perfect their generosity with great mercy and compassion; perfecting their morality with great mercy and compassion; perfect their patience with great mercy and compassion; perfect their energy with great mercy and compassion; perfect their meditation with great mercy and compassion; perfect their wisdom with great mercy and compassion but even with all these qualities shall they squash their enemies like flies.
For the benefit of all beings, I wish for a change of heart in the harmful beings of the world: the cruel and wicked people; the devils and evil spirits; the fierce animals, poisonous snakes and insects. I wish that all these beings hear the sound of the Shakujo, abandon all harm, emanate the Heart, act with myriad skillful means, and quickly attain enlightenment or I shall command my puppets to instill the fear in them so they might do so..
All Buddhas of the past have abandoned errors and taken hold of the Shakujo. Buddhas of the present and those now becoming Buddhas take hold of the Shakujo. Those who become Buddhas in a life yet to come will take hold of the Shakujo. For this puppet itself shall become a bhudda and carry this shakujo.'

The book carried so many mysteries and stuck in this underworld for who knows how long, Syn would have no choice but to uncover each one of them. The jounin closed the book for the time being and walked into the bath to wash his face. He ran the tap and the water that came forth was terribly colored. Surprised, he walked outside and checked the tap there but the water coming forth was polluted too. He saw that few people were having the same issues and he moved closer. They were all puzzled as no one seemed to know the cause. Then somebody suggested that the issue would be from the main well. Without wasting anytime, the jounin headed for the main well and upon getting there after a while he saw a young boy close to the well. All of a sudden, he felt the difference in the atmosphere like something was corrupting it and he didn't need his sharingan to see that this was coming from the young boy. Immediately He knew that a gentle approach was what was required. The young boy looked at Syn with sorrow in his eyes and explained that he was hungry. Syn sighed and began the search for food for the young boy. The sooner the boy, the better for all of them. On his search, he was confronted by a demon that was part cow and part spider and this one wasn't the happy type. The demon charged for Syn but it's speed could not match that of the jounin. Without his scythe, he had only his ninja pouch and the fan of the slit mouth on his person. As the demon came forward, Syn swung the fan in it's direction and dust together with debris arose to cloud the vision of the demon. In that moment, Syn had gone beneath the earth and left a wood clone in his place. The cow demon resumed it's charge and lodged it's horns in the torso of the clone as it appeared.
Syn then re- emerged from beneath the ground and few meteres from the cow.

Whistling to the cow, the demon turned and now headed for Syn. Few inches to impact, Syn caused earth spikes to rise forth as the skewered the demon and caused it to fade away. Good riddance. The jounin now knew that he need to always go out with his weapon. He succeeded in gathering food for the boy and the young boy gladly collected it and thank Syn as he made his way back to his cave. The water then regained its purity and everyone was content.

Mission done:1000/1442



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