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1 Pest Control: Tree Trimming [Mission] on Sat Jan 07, 2017 1:17 pm

Raishi Kanetsu


Darkness. An all consuming darkness embraced the formless whisp of a man, its tender whispering silence the only solace he could latch on to in an otherwise devoid existence. There he was, both floating and freeform in the void, eyes both closed and open, as he tried to recollect his existence against the darkness' powerful surge of forgetfulness. Who am I? he thought to himself plainly, as his journey through the void continued. He knew no memories. He knew not life. So what was he in this infinitely conflicting space of reality?


A distant whisper echoes and cuts through the detestable silence that the man had now be accustomed to for an eternity. That voice...I know that voice...the man thought, a spark of life attempting to rekindle the flame that was his life. Again, he hears the whisper, and again, and again. And all of a sudden, he both stopped moving through the devoid space and shot through the dark reality at the speed of light at the same time. Raishi... he thought to himself, trying to recall, trying to remember what that word meant to him. Was that who or what he was? What did it signify?


He heard it once more, but there was a change this time. He could feel his otherwise nebulous being begin to take shape, and change. He could feel the energy gained from just that distant whisper, fill his body. He could feel the rejuvenation of life. I need to know, he thought to himself, utterly curious about the source of that voice. He sped towards it desperately hoping to not only discover himself, but to also rediscover what that voice was. As he sped towards the source of the whisper, pictures began of an irrefutably different reality began leading his path. A reality filled with colour and sound. Filled with emotion. He could see all sorts of indescribable things. Terrifying creatures of all shapes and sizes, men with bodies of ink, and those who seemed to be conduits of nature. It was all strange and exhilarating for him as he saw these things, and it drove his need to see where the voice was coming from. As he sped along the road, he couldn't help but notice that to a certain extent, he was familiar with most of the images. The creatures there, the constructs of stone, even a hardened looking creature with miniature mountains on its face. These are memories...

There in the distance was a minuscule speck of light, the source of the whisper. As he neared it, the man instinctively drew out his freshly formed limb, and reached for the light source. Then all went white.

There he was in what looked to be a baby pen. It seemed to be a poorly lit room, and the child couldn't help but feel a wave a sadness engulf him, as there was a sickening tension in the air that frightened him. Hearing heavy footsteps approaching, the infant began crying, his defensive mechanism for undisclosed danger. He felt the menacing shadow of the individual over him, but suddenly felt a warm, caring sensation, as the hooded individual picked him up with trembling arms, and cradled him.

" son. I swear to you, we will see some day, but for now, you must be strong. Be strong for me!"

Even as a baby, he could feel the massive sadness that emanated from this all too familiar woman's voice. As she lifted him up and spoke to him, the child could see that the quaint hut he was accustomed to was now tarnished; there on the floor, were a bunch of dead bodies. Heat could be felt from the scorched bodies as the woman carried the baby across the room, to the now damaged door that would be the exit. The woman turned around once more to look at the chaos she had left, before run into the dark night. Once more, the child was swallowed by darkness.


The undeniable voice of Iwayama wailed in Raishi's ears, its unfaltering gruffness stirring him fast awake. After rubbing his eyes automatically, Raishi proceeded to stand up and try and figure out where the pair were, and what exactly had happened to them. To his right was Iwayama, his trusted companion, who looked more uncomfortable than he usually was. Or perhaps I'm reading his face wrong.. the shinobi thought."Where are we?" he asked lazily without actually expecting an answer as he looked around at his surroundings. They were in an indescribably dark forest. But it was not that the darkness was as a result of a lack of light, no. It was already established that there was, in fact, no actual source of sunlight. Nevertheless, the forest had an eery aura about it, as if it held all the world's darkness. Or even absorbed all this Land's light.

"I have no idea," Iwayama said, himself in awe of their current situation, "Do you remember that mysterious old man we had asked directions from earlier? And he led us to the Hebidō? Yes, on our way back, we came across him again, and he'd asked for some of our findings as payment for his 'services'. Since we had not found anything, we had nothing to give. This angered him, as he was convinced that we did, in fact, have relics, as he called them. Turns out he wasn't a man at all, because as we tried convincing him, he suddenly latched out and proceeded to swallow us whole one by one. You were the first to go." The rhinoceros sounded extremely tired, and frankly, Raishimaru couldn't blame him. "Soo... you're telling me we died? And this is the afterlife?" he asked, again not expecting an answer. Iwayama merely grunted. the young Kanetsu was actually glad that he couldn't recall this crazy event. The White Snake Sage, the mysterious appearance on this strange island, now the afterlife? This really was their most bizarre adventure yet. And our last... he thought sadly.

The pair continued through the forest in silence. Every twist and turn, there were more and more creatures, their strangeness increasing exponentially. Eventually, they could see in the distance that they would be shortly exiting the forest. As they approached the forest outskirts, they noticed an array of warning signs around the forest trail; some in ink, some scratched onto the ground, and even some in what seemed to be blood. What are we in for? the young shinobi thought alarmingly. Now at the border between the outskirts and the forest itself, Raishi couldn't help but notice an old man figure in the distance. You're kidding me.. he thought as he ran to the small man, and then realising that it was the same man that had given them directions on the island, and that, according to Iwayama, had devoured them. "YOU!!!" Raishi shouted as he approached the man, ready to give him a hard punch to the face. Iwayama charge behind, preparing to run through the man.

"Well it took you long enough," the man said distastefully, looking impassionately at the pair as they approached, before clapping his crooked hands. Although not a loud, destructive clap, this clap somehow made both Raishi and Iwayama lose all ability to control their own limbs. Thus, both crumbled to a halt at the small man's feet. "Since you decided to be greedy children with the directions I gave you, I brought you here to inhibit you from enjoying the physical pleasures you would have gained from those relics. Instead, you will be here in the spirit world, and will pay me back by doing a few chores for me. Just a few 100m from here int eh outskirts of the forest, is Furutsubaki, a tree spirit that is a real pain to me and all those that inhabit this realm. Your job is to get rid of it."

Helpless on the floor, both Raishi and Iwayama held back the urge to argue their case. Since they had already lost once in the Land of the Living, they saw no need to try and argue once more in the Land of the Dead. And we have no idea just what this creature is capable of.. Raishi thought to himself, annoyed by the uncomfortable position he had fallen in. "Sure we'll do your chores for you, but on two conditions. Firstly, please let us have control of our bodies back? And also, how do we go about defeating this Furutsubaki?"

With a nod of the creature, the two felt the intangible weight off their shoulders and began standing up. "Furutsubaki is a tree spirit with a large blossom as its central point above-ground. It has innumerable thick vines and thick tendrils which it uses to siphon and drink the souls of those that stray into its domain. Needless to say, avoid its vines. But because it is a tree spirit, it is weak against Katon based techniques. Lastly, it has a central pod located 15 meters underground, which you must destroy to make sure the weed is no longer a problem. Now, get to it." With that, the creature vanished into thin air.

After long deliberation and Iwayama's complaints, Raishi thought against the task and walked the way they had come. He would face whatever consequence the tiny creature planned on throwing at that upon realisation.

Mission Rejected
Training: Reaction Time B to B2 1593/1500



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