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1 dream land. |private| on Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:56 am



Three days mulling around in the sand, these slums were starting to become familiar. Bare feet flattening grass the most out of place sound for this part of the city, in fact, there were a lot of things looking out of place lately. Throughout roughly a quarter mile radius, a particular area of the city was looking greener than usual. Thin palms gripped for the sun, casting long shade on narrow streets and baring sweet fruit. Patches of defiant grass, from above, appeared to be brushed thinly throughout this quarter growing by the day. The one responsible was the nomadic Senju, the boy wandering the streets in bare feet who had taken up residence on the street during his stay in Sunagakure. Where he went, the forest was never far behind; the type to avoid home sickness at any cost, the boy brought his family with him even here to these lifeless dunes.

Early morning looked like the tail end of heavy rain along a single street. Over night, the Senju nomad watered his plants, emerging gardens three days cultivated, some already producing edible fruit. He was already becoming popular with the children who enjoyed his miniature rain clouds pouring over the streets and bountiful harvests, just a teaser of yields still to come. It seemed some were leaving him offerings in return for these lush wonders, bread and blankets he didn’t bring had found their way into his belongings over night. He was delighted for the consideration but felt somewhat uneasy, he wondered if the people in the slums were religious about these sorts of things. In the forest, he met sages who worshipped the trees as gods and he supposed it was possible that people in the desert might give them some significance in their own accord. It didn’t matter, he supposed, he would continue to make his garden here until he moved on. He had yet more to learn from the desert before he could leave.

The path he walked, towards the far end of an alley way, the soil turned red. Thick roots of the first trees planted had dug deep into the ground, pushing clay beneath up and through the sand. At the end of the alley were two trees, each stretching at least fifteen feet high, which took root among thick grass and auburn soil. To the side of the trees was a deep trench filled with water where desert lilies grew. Lazily, the Senju wandered towards the water, hands stretched out and then trailed them smoothly to the left. Responding to his will, the earth moved with him. With his hands he sculpted an arc before stopping and creating a second basin. He turned his gaze over his right shoulder and beckoned with his hand, the gesture causing a response in the soil ingrained into the trunk which sprung forth as a single playful limb to pluck an amber fruit from the tree branch and drop it into the boy’s hand.

Yui dropped to sit down in the soft grass and by the time he touched dirt, he had devoured most of the sweet fruit and he spat the seeds into the grass. He let out a sigh and dropped backwards to look at the sky. Endless blue with no clouds, framed by the edges of his canopy, put him at peace. The private thicket here in the desert, his oasis, made it feel like he wasn’t so far from home. It seemed what the desert lacked in life, it made up for in perspective. Nowhere could Yui imagine, was more unique than this never ending sand scape. He closed his eyes and imagined the branches of two trees interlocking to form a cradle. The cradle made the perfect base for a ship and he imagined tall sails. In his mind the dunes were a sea, as easy to move as the water. There in the comfortable shade of the mid afternoon, Yui found himself fast asleep. Experienced outdoorsman and Shinobi, the Senju would awake at the drop of a hat in response to almost anything, but for now he was lost in the haze.


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Ryu Myugan


Special Jounin
Ryu sat in his chair at the bar or rather lounged across it. The bar was closed while the owner was away on some family matter so he had left it in Ryu's care. After all it was the home base of the Jackals. His blue eye stared up at the skylight above him and to the blue sky above that seemed to defy the air conditioning unit clanking in the window in the back. It was a piece of crap but it still ran. A couple of the boys were playing cards and laughing over a bottle of whisky off to the side while another sat at the bar watching TV. It was a fairly relaxed day at least. It was too hot out for fighting and no one had bothered to come at them since Ryu displayed some jutsu prowess. Most of the east end gangs didn't have ninja training. Just thugs with weapons and nothing else to do. Hell, the rest of the group under Ryu didn't have a single jutsu amongst them. Still loyalty and numbers had a purpose. At least for the time being he would consider them loyal. They flew his colors and followed him into any fight he picked but he wondered what would happen sometimes if a fight was picked with him he couldn't finish.

For now he just sat there lounged across both arm rests staring up at the skylight while he twirled his Kunai. A knife he had taken off some dumb kid that claimed himself a god before attacking him in the dunes. The kid had not proven up to the title. Still his blue eye shifted to the door as it shifted letting light into the dusty old bar. Another one of his guys, a bigger fellow they nicknamed Mellow had returned with juice and snacks. They called him that because for all his size the man was rather docile. He fought for them though which counted as a point for the guy in Ryu's mind. Still he moved to the table quietly as the door shut behind him and sat down. Passing out the drinks and snacks before he began to talk in an excited voice. It seemed for even the big quiet man something exciting was happening. Ryu would stop twirling his kunai and raise an eyebrow as he listened in. "Yeah for sure. I touched the tree, it wasn't a mirage. Way too detailed. They say some prophet kid is doing it. Bringing plants and water to the slums. Just south of our territory too!"

That much had peaked his interest. Somebody was bringing in resources and ones rare to the area. Even if the western parts were preoccupied with their territory dispute the eastern gangs would make a move on it for sure. The dumb ones would go after the water and fruit. It only took one smart one to try and take the prophet kid. He himself had no interest in kidnapping and extortion but he knew others didn't share his ideals. Quietly he rose from his position and placed the kunai in the back of his belt before slipping out the back quietly. Let the men play their games. He was gonna go check this out and maybe toss a prophet a warning for his own health. It wasn't long until he was outside and heading south out of his territory. For now he was walking down the street. It was hot out for the day and the air felt dry as usual. He was wearing a simple pair of jeans with a hole in each knee that partially covered a pair of boots. His belt held a single kunai on the small of his back. For a shirt he had a simple wrap with most of the chest open revealing some prison ink stretched across his shoulders and side. Over it he had on a thin black jean jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. A tie and a necklace hung loosely around his neck. On each hand was a fingerless glove with rags tied around his wrists. The symbol of a jackal displayed on each rag. His hair was tied back with a wrap holding most of it in. His blonde hair a little long and unruly as it caught the breeze easily. Still his blue eye would scan around him as his purple eye was hidden behind an eye patch. He wasn't comfortable with having mismatched eyes as he thought it too likely someone would accuse him of having stolen a dojutsu. More Drama he didn't need.

Still as he rounded a corner he suddenly was walking on grass. It took him a moment to stop staring as he closed his mouth. The shit was this? How was the world green here? It defied logic. The sun was brutal and the soil was so far beneath the stone and sand it took time to dig up. No way this just magically appeared. And yet, here was physical proof of it. Kneeling down he touched the grass with his bare fingers before following the trail of it with his eye into an alley. He would rise to his feet and quietly follow it until he noted a young boy next to a stream...holy gods running water on the surface....Still he barely entered into the alley when he sighed audibly and pulled a cigarette out of his coat sleeve and popped it into his mouth. Sparking it to light with a small burst of raiton charge. Puffing on it before speaking out to the young man. Possibly the prophet they spoke of. Didn't look like he was around here. Not with bare feet.

"Yo, kid. You gots any idea the fuck all this is?"



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