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Symbol:Torii RBkUZoI

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Clan Name: The Torii clan
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Genjutsu
Elements: None in particular

Torii HhU72Pp
Clan History:
The Wanderer:The Torii clan was once not a clan at all, But a single man. This man is revered as a wanderer god these days, but in those days none had ever heard of him. He wandered all over the developing ninja world, and got a bad reputation for having flings with women all over, his charisma and almost otherworldly charm brought many a fair lady to his bedside, and he then left without a trace, leaving many single mothers in his wake. Soon, after finding out how numerous they where, they all banded together to raise their children, all golden eyed girls and boys. No matter the village, many gathered together to create what was originally somewhat of a Pseudo-clan of women and their kids. When those kids grew, they unlocked the secrets of their promiscuous parent's eyes. Originally thought to be a gate into another world to commune with gods, The "Torii" clan as they called themselves, soon learnt about the genjutsu type properties of their eyes, and began developing not only their eyes over lifetimes, but also their guardian Deities.
The eyes and clan growth: As the clan grew with people and more ideas, a true home for the clan was born. A place that any of those scorned by the Wanderer god could come. Despite appearances, there where still many very serious about unlocking the potential of the eyes, and some even left to find the god. Those who did, learned his sage arts and the true power of the Murakugan, the Nine gates of god. Of course, it was kept secret even from most of the people of their little hub. Over time, that little hub grew into a place now known as "The Village hidden in the path of the Traveler", and while not an official village, it was what the Torii clan called home. After many generations of perfecting and keeping their dojutsu a secret, the leaders of the town began telling their young ninja to go out into the world, and do the good they where meant for, as bastard children of a "god".
Murakugan joins the world: While initially untrusted, considered nothing but flirtatious vagabonds, slowly the golden eyed people of the Torii clan managed to find their places in villages all over. Their people are of all ethnicities, but no matter what Torii you know, there are a few things you can be sure of. A heart as gold as those eyes, and the drive to do anything they can to be accepted in the wider world. Of course, they're not exempt from pride, and often get into fights with village snobs.
Even if they grow up in a village, no Torii ever stays long. There isn't a single member of the clan that can resist the road.

Members: The Wanderer god.

Torii Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Murakugan
Kekkei Genkai Description: Murakugan is the gate to the field of gods. Murakugan is a genjutsu that less fools your opponent, and more grants the use of a Guardian deity to the user. Use of the Murakugan begins with the user conjuring a gate of dark red fire and sending it in a straight line at an opponent. Should the opponent pass through the gate, the eye and it's genjutsu activates. Both the user and victim experience a change in scenery. Their current battleground becomes a grassy plain for as long as the genjutsu is maintained or until the target breaks out (Traditional genjutsu release cant be used, but should the user or victim's chakra be distorted suddenly, the genjutsu is broken.) And the victim becomes able to see and be harmed by (and harm) the user's guardian deity.
Guardian Deity:
This "Deity" changes from person to person, and can appear to be almost anything, but it is always mythical or divine in appearance and nature. The deity applied for as a pet on creation of your character (or gaining the eye) and is always a combat pet. The Deity can be humanoid in nature and have a weapon built in with it (for example in a deity that takes after Odin or Poseidon), but that weapon is considered one rank lower than the Deity itself. While the genjutsu is active, the deity is a combat pet for all intents and purposes, however damage it takes is applied to the users chakra instead, since it's a manifestation of the Dojutsu's power. Techniques that hit the Deity affect the deity as if it was hit by the ability, and the user of Murakugan loses chakra equal to the technique's cost +5(+1 more for each rank above D your Deity is.). The Deity starts at D rank must be trained like a pet through using the power of Murakugan on yourself, Training also has the additional cost of 1000 (+500 more for each rank above D your Deity is) Ryo. (Training of course does use up chakra passively).
Should the user of the Murakugan be under the effect of a genjutsu and know that, they can perform Murakugan:Reversal, which does not change the iris to a green color, but still changes the pupil into a red gate. It essentially summons the user's deity into the genjutsu for as long as it is active. Cannot be used in a genjutsu where the user is completely powerless, however, such as Tsukiyomi.
Nine Gates of God
The upgraded form of Murakugan must be practiced after obtaining sage mode, when fully learnt, the user can activate Murakugan: Nine gates of god. The user gains any abilities their Deity has and gains attributes of said Deity, based on it's rank. In this form, the Murakugan's Green iris changes to match the eyes of your deity, but the red iris stays. Additionally a red outline around the eye forms.

Murakugan activation:

Name: Murakugan Activation
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Supplementry
Element: N/A
Range: 15 meters, "Gate" moves at 7.5 meters per second and is 2.5 meters wide, and 5 meters tall
Specialty: Genjutsu/Dojutsu
Duration: 1 post for projectile, Maintainable if the projectile "hits"
Cooldown: Duration x2, Shares cooldown with Murakugan: Reversal and Murakugan: Gate of Self
Description: The user performs the boar > Horse hand signals and pays 15 chakra (+1 more for each rank above D your Deity is.). a gate made of intangible dark red flame is sent in a straight line from directly in front of the user, visible to all. Should someone pass through the center of the gate, the Dojutsu activates and begins taxing 5 (+1 for each rank above D your Deity is) chakra per post from the user. The area around the user and victim seems to change to a perfectly flat green meadow, and the user's Right pupil becomes a bright green color, while their iris appears to be a crimson gate. The victim is able to perform any action, as is the user, and neither are capable of perceiving the world outside the genjutsu. Additionally, while the genjutsu is active, the user gains use of their guardian deity as a pet. This genjutsu can not be ended by the academy Genjutsu release, but can be ended if either receives a C rank or higher blow from outside the genjutsu, or should either's chakra be sharply disrupted in another way, such as via Chakra Reverse pulse.


Name: Murakugan: Reversal
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Supplementry
Element: N/A
Range: Self/"Summon"
Specialty: Genjutsu/Dojutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Duration x2, shares cooldown with Murakugan activation and Murakugan: Gate of Self
Description: Can only be activated while under the effects of a genjutsu and aware of it. The user performs the boar > horse hand signals and conjures their gate of intangible dark red flame on the ground for the cost of the hostile genjutsu +5(+1 more for each rank above D your Deity is.) chakra in front of them and their deity rises out to assist them within the world of the genjutsu for 5(+1 more for each rank above D your Deity is.) chakra per post. Cannot be used in a genjutsu in complete control of an opponent, such as Tsukiyomi.


Name: Murakugan: Gate of Self
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E
Type: Supplementry
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: Genjutsu/Dojutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Duration x2, shares cooldown with Murakugan activation and Murakugan: Reversal
Description: The user performs the boar > horse hand signals and activates their eye while looking into a reflective surface, placing themselves under the effects of the genjutsu. While under these effects, the user may train their Deity and teach it jutsu. This technique must be learnt first upon obtaining a Murakugan, the user must perform a fight against their Deity as an npc in order to win it's respect.


Name: Murakugan: Nine gates of god
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Buff
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: Dojutsu, Senjutsu
Duration: maintainable
Cooldown: Duration x2. Cannot be use at the same time as any other Murakugan derived ability.
Description: The user infuses his eye with senjutsu and imprints the fire gate onto his body, becoming one with his deity and gaining effects based on the deity. Base cost is 10 + 2 per post for each rank your deity is above D, with additional cost based on any of the following boons it can grant based on it's type. For example a sea dragon wouldn't be able to give you fur or keen smell, and a mystical wolf/okami couldn't give you scales or gills. When applying for this jutsu, list all of the traits it will give you and the combined maintaining cost.
Possible Deity traits and cost:

Available at Deity rank D: All cost an extra 5 per post
Deity ranked claws
Deity ranked horns
Fur (granting +1 resistance from suiton but -1 from katon and derived elements)
Needing to not blink (Reptiles/snakes. Could have it's uses.)

Available at Deity rank C: All cost an extra 5 per post
Enhanced smell (+1 rank to reaction time to smell-based stimuli, and the downsides that could bring.)
Enhanced hearing (the same but to hearing)
Non-Prehensile tail
Eyes able to look separate directions without effort
Deity ranked -1 scales

Available at Deity rank B: All cost an extra 10 per post
Webbed hands/feet
Prehensile tail

Available at Deity rank A: All cost extra 15 per post
Deity ranked weapon (still need bukijutsu of the appropriate type. Granted from humanoid-type deities that would use weapons.)
Deity ranked natural armor (Such as shells, scales.)

Split focuses: Torii clan members have much more to train than your standard shinobi, and must take genjutsu as their primary specialization. Additionally, Torii clan members cannot learn a fourth element, and must learn senjutsu in order to learn their third.
Eye over matter: Torii clan members focus almost exclusively on their genjutsu and Dojutsu through early life, as such their secondary specialization starts at D rank and primary element starts at C rank. They cannot take the "Elementalist" or "Trained" Positive special characteristics.
The mind is stronger than the sword: Torii clan members take +1 severity in damage from taijutsu and bukijutsu, and their taijutsu/bukijutsu attacks class as 1 stage lower for being blocked and blocking techniques/strikes.
Pride before the fall: The Torii clan pride themselves on Genjutsu, and while it is their major strength, this is also a downfall. Enemy Genjutsu effects last twice as long and cost +5 chakra to dispel.
Children of the Wanderer god: The Torii clan are naturally claustrophobic and lose 20 max chakra while fighting inside of a building or cave. Additionally, they must start as wanderers.

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(Traditional genjutsu release cant be used, but should the user or victim's chakra be distorted suddenly, the genjutsu is broken.) - that's not how genjutsu work, genjutsu are done by putting 'your' chakra into the chakra system of the opponent and controlling it to create hallucinations or illusions.

So, this eye is pretty much not doujutsu. And i think we already have a guardian summoning eye with the demon eye that was made. >.> So one that summoned a guardian would be getting pretty close to that eye, with the whole 'eye is a portal for my summon' thing.


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